We Shall Pay No Price, Bear No Burden

I stumbled upon the image below recently. See if you are able to discern any carefully veiled subtext. You’ll have to look closely.


Wasn’t that subtle? Certain babies certainly are expensive. Especially when considered in lieu of all the excitement and virtue that may be acquired in their stead. This drove me to reflection. Perhaps I myself shouldn’t perpetuate the familial chain forged and defended by forefathers through the millennia. It may be best (for Indian orphans at the least) to eschew the bonds of loving children and grandchildren behind in favor of the more spiritually satisfying forms of expensive cars and foot-ball tickets. Yes, those are what a man seeks by his side at life’s conclusion. At any rate, I thought the matter at least worthy of additional research. The results of which were illuminating.

Every image below accompanied an article cautioning potential parents on the exorbitant costs of reproduction. There’s a pattern to these images of children too burdensome to bear. Though it lies just beyond the capacity to perceive.

Smiling now, but wait until braces.

Smiling now, but wait until braces.

Wouldn't you rather be reading 50 Shades of Sterility?

Wouldn’t you rather be reading 50 Shades of Sterility?

Do these parents look happy to you?

Do these parents look happy to you?

Milk is expensive.  And who needs a little bastard nibbling on your teat?

Milk is expensive. And who needs a little bastard nibbling on your teat?

Children require Gold Eagle pillows.

Children require Gold Eagle pillows.

More greedy slurping, when you could be in Monaco.

More greedy slurping, when you could be in Monaco.

Always screwing around

Always screwing around

Not as cute as a Testarossa

Not as cute as a Testarossa

There's your Saturday night, shmuck.

There’s your Saturday night, shmuck.



Says it all

Says it all

Get ready for all cash high chairs

Get ready for all cash high chairs

Look at this Nerdbert

Look at this Nerdbert

Abandon all hope

Abandon all hope

Like a Georgia negro:  only interested in sundown and payday

Only interested in sundown and payday

Grasping hands...forever

Grasping hands…forever

There are many more, but I’m already soured on the prospect of parenthood. It sounds like children are such an expense. And who’s going to pay for those schools in Haiti if not me?

Are there perhaps any social construct models that are cheaper to rear?

Why yes!

Why yes!

Thank goodness. How much do those children cost?

Only pennies a day!

Wow, that sounds like a real bargain. What oppressive people would be so callous as to cultivate their own exorbitant offspring, when the world already brims with those more needy and economic? It’s an easy call, frankly.

Ferrari here I come

Ferrari here I come

Though these are the type of helpful and well-intentioned comparisons that would greatly aid in the formulation of public policy. For instance, the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector estimates that Obama’s immigrants will cost American taxpayers two trillion dollars.

And while we benefit enormously from dilution and dispossession, it’s a valid exercise to consider what other baubles or revelry we might enjoy as alternatives. For two trillion dollars, America could do any of the following…

* Carpool 10 million new Ferraris
* Set up 158 million African villages with clean water wells
* Build over 58 million new schools in Haiti
* Purchase livestock for 398 million communities in third world countries
* Provide nearly three billion micro finance loans to people around the globe
* Take 75 million trips around the world
* Buy over eight million average American homes with cash
* Earn your MBA 25 million times without taking out loans
* Shoot and direct 199 million films
* Hire Anna Kendrick (whoever she is) for 33 million of your birthdays
* Breed and train 66 million horses to compete in the Kentucky derby
* Buy over eight million private tropical islands
* Attend 664 million Super Bowls
* Buy a round for the bar 10 billion times
* Rescue and treat eight billion puppy mill dogs
* Open 66 million orphanages in India
* Provide surgery for eight billion children with cleft palates
* Climb Mt. Everest 58 million times with a friend

I have to concede, these lists have convinced me. I knew we received a great benefit from immigration–the particulars are a bit hazy–but I had no idea we could have any of these instead.

Drinks at Everest are on me!


36 thoughts on “We Shall Pay No Price, Bear No Burden

    • Fortunately, I’ve had no occasion to experience the business end of divorce law. But my honest advice to a young man is to not overweight that concern. If you find a girl who makes you smile even when she’s not around, don’t let the prospect of divorce stay your …umm hand.

      Obviously many marriages don’t work. That may be you. It may be me. Though nearly everyone survives and I only know a small percentage who have been truly spackled by the experience.

      But if you meet a pretty and personable girl who’s been reasonably judicious with her favors and seems to return your affections unreservedly, I’d say marry her and have a houseful of kids. I think (almost) anyone would find that route far more nourishing to the soul than a lifetime of hollow bar conquests.

      • Must it be so black and white? Marry and a houseful of kids versus bar trollops? Perhaps a religious wedding ceremony, no legal contract, the house in your name, and a trollop here and there. Perhaps swinging.

      • You’ll probably run into some friction with the trollops, though plenty of couples are apparently fine with swinging. I guess that one depends on whether you as a husband can bear to offer the wifely quid for the quo. Though I can’t imagine the practice is much for marital longevity.

        The ceremony without the contract is an interesting offer, though you’ll be legally common law at some point anyway, presumably.

      • You can make sure the house is in your name, you can have a pre nuptial agreement. If you are a Christian, I think having a religious ceremony with out legal contract would be.. difficult. It is possible you could go to a other country and do it maybe?

        But as for Christians “swinging” should never be a option – I do not want to judge, but it is strange? What man would want to let another man have his wife? Not only does it go against biology and what a man SHOULD want, it also invites drama about paternity of children. And no woman who loves you enough to be a good wife is going to feel comfortable with suggestions of swinging. I would say invest in a “swing” instead if you must “swing”. LOL. and keep it between just the 2 of you – as God designed marriage to be.

        The marriage laws currently are risk for men – they are not ideal and they have deviated from Christian definition of marriage, but I am sure 2 people can still make it work.

    • “Perhaps a religious wedding ceremony, no legal contract, the house in your name, and a trollop here and there. Perhaps swinging.”

      Lolz. Get over yourself. Look I grew up in California most older people I know got divorces. Probs had partly to do where I lived, but divorce is just a risk you have to take.

      Marriage laws are horrible obviously. But if you want to have kids then it is necessary. No decent woman will have more than one kid with you if you are not married. Dont you want to provide the Aryan race with a future brah? I did the player thing for a couple years…and it gets boring. Couldnt imagine making it a lifestyle.

      Get married believing it will work, but in the back of your mind know it probs wont. As long as you have white kids and get them raised well you won even if you get divorced later. Take it away Ernst:

      “Today only the person who no longer believes in a happy ending, only he who has consciously renounced it, is able to live. A happy century does not exist; but there are moments of happiness, and there is freedom in the moment.”

      • One must consider what the rest of the tribe is doing. If the rest of the tribe is committing suicide, then what sense does it make to act for the good of the tribe?

      • Having a family is for your own good too. Blood legacy…closest you will come to surviving death and the fastest way to find meaning in life.

      • I feel you. Look if I wasnt a only child I would settle for being the crazy uncle, but I if dont knock up some girl my name and blood line ends.

        “Believe me! The secret of reaping the greatest fruitfulness and the greatest enjoyment from life is to live dangerously. So get married in 21st Century Murka!” -Nietzsche

  1. Wow, just wow. They aren’t even trying to be subtle anymore, are they? It isn’t just the left, either. There are plenty of SEC-Mericans on board with this crap. My exorbitantly expensive burdens go to pre-K at a local church. This small congregation has a full time staffer devoted to their missions in, you guessed it, Africa. This dopey gamma male has forgone child-rearing to bring Jesus to the poor, benighted savages of someplace or other. I am sure eventually he will sponsor some of them to come here, to praise Jesus in the USA and suckle at the government teat. Those pews won;t fill themselves, after all.

    • I’ve seen multiple examples of that exactly.

      We weren’t for sure if we wanted children of our own, but felt called by The Lord to do something for others.

      That was spoken once to me directly. And the “something” was to cease their own lineage so as to secure sufficient resources for the adoption and upbringing of Africans.

      • I am not religious, but if I was I would think that Satan himself has infiltrated many of the Christian churches. Their “theology” is sick, mal-adaptive and ultimately suicidal.

  2. The vibrants from my elite university are making their way into prestigious non profits and law schools. They are verily facebooking and tweeting that it is time to destroy the world that white supremacy has built. What an interesting decade it will be.

    • They will be shocked to learn (the hard way) that what replaces Western supremacy will not be multicultural paradise, but cynical and brutal Chinese realpolitik. It is funny that during the recent Ebola outbreak (which is still raging, but has oddly left the news cycle), it was the West that supplied the aid to our poor African brothers. The Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, etc, gave nary a peep. Hmmmm. Maybe, just maybe, non-Western peoples don’t share our beliefs, particularly regarding human equality and the universal brotherhood of mankind.

    • Yes, seeing as how that it’s the world that white supremacy created that they are parasitic on, I’m afraid that they are in for a rude awakening. They wouldn’t be the first people in history to saw off the branch on which they were sitting…

  3. I’ve been through divorce court, and while I guess I never really recovered, I don’t regret it. I don’t have much of a retirement to look forward to, but I have sons who are now young men, and I would gladly have suffered anything for them to be here. My vicissitudes are paltry by historical standards. It should be obvious that the men of the West were forged in the crucible, but when we become lotus-eaters, everything falls apart (luxuria saevior armis, and all that).

    The mind-fuck that has defeated us is the idea that ease and safety are the ultimate prize. We spend our vigorous years toeing the corporate line and slaving to make our masters rich, paying our earnings to import and breed our dis-possessors. For what purpose? To spend a few decades of effete decrepitude in a boring suburb making the rounds of visits to doctors’ offices to relieve us of a slight but debilitating dryness of the palate while eating cake.

  4. The obvious concern: if whites fail to reproduce, who will pay for the vibrants’ cows, wells and orphanages in the coming decades?

    Lawgic Status: Trapped.

  5. To the point a few have made on “but for us, what?” Look at it from their perspective. Would you rather eat steak with someone you despise, or dog food with your chums? Precedent should lead us to expect their choosing B consistently. Were we a sane society rather than an open-air asylum this would be heavily discussed.

    Though C is obviously the course presently being pursued. I.e., Have someone you despise pay for and provide steak to you and your chums, then spit in his face as he returns to clean up the dinner mess.

  6. It;s ironic that you should be discussing this in the context of food. Because it seems to me that we will not get any traction towards solving our racial/cultural problems until the entire house of cards falls flat. Nothing gets people motivated and in the streets like a good ol’ famine…and as long as there is the possibility of personal safety and comfort at the expense of the overall destruction of your race, culture, history,and posterity, too many of us choose the former… “is it better to rule in hell, than serve in heaven…”

  7. Here’s the shaggy, swarthy, tattooed, hoodie-wearing sensitive type who created that propaganda. Call him Ismael:

    “My name is Ismael. I live and work in Austin, TX with my lovely wife and equally lovely cat. By day, I’m a mild-mannered graphic designer. By night, a passionate disciple of the PC.”

    So at least he’s not a hypocrite on the procreation tip. His own contribution to the future is nurturing a “lovely” feline. And when says he’s a “passionate disciple of the PC”, I can only assume he refers to political correctness, which is to say the march toward the bright, shining Rhodesian future city on the hill.


    • “gone with the wind” is coming to the SJW house of cards: sweet tears will taste so sweet as the white christian south (and their brothers who came west after the carpetbaggers dispossessed them) treats them to long-delayed revenge. they will discover that “shoot, shoot, shoot the Boer” will not play here.

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