Oh to be Young Again – 1

I don’t envy young people in the West. Their formative years spent subject to relentless maladaptive indoctrination, their history and heritage constantly disparaged, and their future sold out for moral preening and corporate profits. It is difficult to imagine a generation that has been more betrayed. Thus it’s equally difficult not to grant some latitude to those struggling to feel their way through the maze of the zeitgeist in the dark. It should surprise no one to watch many, even with best intentions, stagger down hopeless paths. Some shamble so far astray as to be comical…others are close. We’ll discuss examples of both.

First, the latter…a spot on the cobwebs called Young Conservatives. As you might ascertain by the title, it is a site dedicated to upholding liberal ideals. Though, as a long series of articles will attest, the author(s) have become increasingly vexed that liberals themselves don’t adhere to their stated principles. In fact, these YCs are beginning to note with unmistakable accuracy that liberals really aren’t anti-racist at all. This being a great disappointment to those who have devoutly followed their enemy’s advice. Here is a typical example.

Black Ferguson protesters are getting a lot of help and support in their “demonstrations” from folks of other races, which is something you’d think they’d be grateful for as it shows solidarity.

That, of course, would require them to set aside their own prejudice and racism, which apparently they have no plans of doing. Brown supporters released a sheet of “rules” for white protesters joining their cause, which to me seems a bit “racist,” yet no one is saying anything. You have to see this to believe it. It’s unreal.

-Please refrain from taking up space in all ways possible. Remember that you are there in support of black folks, so should never be at the centre of anything.

-Refrain from speaking to the media. Black voices are crucial to this.

-Stand behind black folks or between us and the police.

-If you see a cop harassing a black person, come in and engage. (chances are they are least likely to arrest you)

This proves racism is alive and well, and it’s not just a white issue.

I mean come on, “stand between us and the police?” So you want to use non-black folks as human shields to protect you from law enforcement? Can you imagine what happened if white protesters asked non-whites to do this? The riots that would ensue would make what happened in Ferguson this week look tame in comparison.

The site has many pieces of this same guileless tenor: Hey guys, I thought we were all supposed to not be racist? And while this is obviously naïve, it’s also a mere hopscotch away from: Hey wait, every other group is unapologetically racist…and I’m the mark who’s being taken for everything. One small step further and a new extremist is born. But returning to the article now for some Q&A.

Why not show that you’re serious about ending racism by locking arms with whites and making it clear you stand for unity, that you believe in Martin Luther King’s philosophy of looking at the content of a person’s character, not their skin color?

This is probably one of those rare irenic opportunities for this writer and those at opposing liberal burrows to lock arms and laugh in great mutual gales. No, they are not interested in standing for unity with whites. They are interested in demonizing whites, demoralizing, and dispossessing…as a first stage.

And stop quoting that philandering, plagiarizing, preacher. What are you, some kind of conservative religious fundy? Furthermore, no one has the time or ability to evaluate the content of a person’s character. How many interactions do we all experience in a given day? What a ridiculous notion to presume the feasibility of performing character vetting at each. Are we obliged to review their Eharmony preferences? Conduct a Vulcan mind-meld? My God, it’s so ridiculous I feel pain at the sound of grown men repeating it. Those five 20-something black men certainly look suspicious–and possibly dangerous–but one can’t judge by appearances, so I’ll go interview the group to ascertain their moral fiber before making a final decision.

I hate racism. I hate it with a passion in all of its forms. There are amazing people in the world from all walks of life who contribute in positive ways to our lives on a daily basis. This is something that should be celebrated.

We hates it! Though excruciating to read, we all understand such qualifiers. For a white man to discuss race candidly requires he perform this sanctifying ritual of hyperbolic denunciation.

Has, for comparison, the author of that piece ever penned statements such as:

I hate racketeering. I hate it with a passion in all of its forms.

We could pose the question, along with innumerable other entries from the criminal code, to get a sense of just where racism rates in the obligatory hate continuum. But it’s an extremely embarrassing exercise for a sober adult, and I feel badly for men put into positions that compel them to perform it.

Will the day ever come when people of all races stop this kind of nonsense and just focus on treating one another respectfully as fellow humans?

No. And this realization must be the most difficult for YCs. They have labored mightily to embrace the philosophy of their opposition. Now painfully beginning to comprehend that it was never anything more than a ruse. Though the lament in learning is keen, and they can’t help but keep asking: won’t you please stop attacking us for being white? No, young conservatives.

The answer is no.

Part two to follow.


40 thoughts on “Oh to be Young Again – 1

  1. Color me naive, but for all my life until about five months ago, I believed (and wanted to believe) that integration would work. In the service I met many fine blacks, and the only thing that mattered was the color of their uniforms. So, I understand the poignancy of these YCs’ impending disillusionment. Truth hurts, sometimes. As for my brothers in arms, I’ve since realized they represented the top few percents of the black population. And we have to make policy on the whole of a people, not on the exceptions.

    People my age have failed the young in another way besides teaching them a racial fantasy. You mentioned “sober adults”. Even (especially?) among our own people, we oldsters have failed to raise our children to be adults. Ethnic challenges are merely the first to be dealt with. We have work to do to salvage our culture, even beyond ridding our collective conscience of white guilt.

  2. Beowald. Exactly. You “can not” judge a culture based on individuals. You must judge “the whole”. Among every culture there are achievers and good peaceful people but if “on the whole” the culture wishes to destroy, replace or enslave your culture, well…….invite them into your country !! Mass immigration that is what we do in the west !! because our own feminist ladies with their film studies degrees wont have enough kids. Who will pay the taxes !! Don’t like mass immigration? Does your limbic system genetically and neurochemically honed and optimized through 1000s of generations of struggle and survival make you feel uneasy. Well I guess you simply need reprogramming. In the west, welcome to “diversity training”. ISIL has its own form of diversity training of course.

  3. Uprising, you are right to mention immigration. Blacks are dangerous, but hispanics are an existential threat to America. They really could carve up the lower 48 in a few decades–as they’ve said they intend to.

    Worldwide, whites are a minority. We need to start acting like it.

  4. Beowald:

    Its funny. I was all for integration UNTIL I went in the service. I spent 8 years active, 5 years in the reserves. What I noticed was all the heavy lifting/thinking (fighter pilots, infantry, nuclear technicians) were white and asian. Hispanics could perform middling tasks effectively with the appropriate supervision. Blacks were useless. Not only that, but the vast majority of disciplinary/quality control issues were black in origin. Furthermore, when I caught a white serviceman f***** up, his response was usually shame and embarrassment. Blacks responded with anger and indignation. Some really, truly did not understand why falling asleep on watch was a bad thing, and it was racist for me to discipline them. A few years of that, and all the “I have a dream” crap fell to the wayside.

    • NR: I’ve seen plenty of that, too. You are probably more realistic than I was. Or maybe I just had deeper indoctrination. Besides, I really have worked with a few black officers of real intelligence. If only they weren’t such rare exceptions.

      Speaking of heavy lifting, have you heard about all the women failing their physical strength components of combat training? Why, whoever would have expected that?

    • Wade’s Troublesome Inheritance. It didn’t effect a full conversion, just made it intellectually possible to re-evaluate a lifetime of experiences. Somewhere along the way a Google search led me to an interview of Wade by Jared Taylor. “Who is this Jared Taylor?” I asked. Now I know.

      This came in sequence after discovering most of the other polished facets that make up the dark enlightenment blogosphere. Once you start questioning conventional wisdom, you can get carried away. I’ve been a PC-hating anti-feminist for decades; I’ve been skeptical of democracy and commercialism for years; now, I can say I’ve been an HBD realist for months. It’s both horrible and liberating.

      The horrible part is seeing the dangers that were never clear before. La Raza really does want to carve up my country. The liberating part is freedom from white guilt. Ultimately, it’s exhilarating to realize how much my people have given to humanity. We have much to be proud of as a race,

      • HBD truth is just one of several red pills a person can take. Wait until you find out the truth about the “Holocaust” from people like David Cole.

  5. I don’t think you older gents have any idea of how bad it is. If you did, you wouldn’t be blaming the older generations. You were all busy working and building careers while hardcore ideologues were invading the universities on a mission.

    It’s bad now. The rot has set in, there is no more conservatism on campuses…there are bastions of conservative thought but what the Kakistocracyblog.wordpress.com offers would be deemed hate speech by most conservatives on campus both ideologically and due to self preservation. I think it will get worse before it gets better.

  6. I do resent the “man up” type motivational speeches from the older generations.

    Marriage? You can be divorced and stripped of everything in a moment for being the man you assume would keep a woman.

    Move out of the house? My peers who stayed at home for several years and saved money are now buying their own homes while I am destitute in a major city. Perhaps I will go further economically but it seems that those who stayed at home and saved are well on their way to family formation and buffering against the latin onslaught, which is something the older generation advocates.

    The elite college-graduate degree track is necessary because it will provide legitimacy in the ideological battle to determine the nations future…but MOST people who pursue that track will be forced into the marketplace for economic survival and will bear a great burden of debt as opposed to if they had stayed at home, learned accounting or HVAC at community college, and entered the workforce.

    You can easily go two or three hundred thousand dollars in debt to get an elite law degree, and you won’t necessarily make partner. You won’t necessarily not have a nervous breakdown. Same goes for medical school.

    This why I am verily in sales.

    • From what I read, young women are a serious problem. And though it’s easy to tell you to marry a virgin, where do you find one with only one head, two eyes, and no smallpox scars? As for living with your folks, there used to be a show on TV called The Waltons. Three generations in one big house–no problem.

      You and other young white men are the ones who will likely have to pick up the pieces that my generation is now dropping. We were the most spoiled children in history. Our parents wanted to protect us from what they’d experienced in WW2 and the Depression. In doing so, they allowed us to become narcissistic hedonists. We are not much like the Americans who settled the West or went to the moon.

      Still, despair is not helpful. We may some day recover the courage of our ancestors. A big obstacle is that most white people of whatever age have been brainwashed. That’s why I think this site and others like it are important. One by one we are waking up.

      I do hope you can marry and have lots of white babies. There have to be some good women somewhere, maybe in the churches. Best of luck.

  7. I do not see how anyone could agree to become legally married even to a virgin. This has nothing to do with the spiritual union but with the legal union which puts all power into the woman’s hands.

  8. Where are the white virgins indeed.


    Forget the diseases, abortion, alpha widowhood, and walking baggage. Chief among the risks of marrying a well-used woman is a 4x greater chance of divorce.

    Social conservatives are often described as hateful and misogynist for railing against promiscuity, but the statistics don’t lie. Marriages in which the wife was a virgin have an 80% chance of succeeding, while the figure for brides who have had 15 or more premarital partners is just 20%.

    SOLUTION? Who knows. Where are all the white babies going to come from when all the young white women are brainwashed to ride the cock carousel in their 20s (so their n is high, not virgins that is for sure) and then “really start” their career in their 30s etc. Time for a family?

    Cultural mores existed for a reason. The baby boomers I must agree F’ed everything up.

  9. Charles Murray’s book “Coming Apart” is an eye-opener if you haven’t read it btw and looks at the US and how the white population (only) has changed over the last 50 years. Charles Murray co-wrote “the Bell Curve” 20 odd years ago of course.

  10. That was a great call out on the difficulty of judging the content of a person’s character. We often do and can make even snap judgments of a person’s character, mood, intentions, etc., just by reading his face or body language. Yet sometimes you just have to prioritize the situation and your vulnerability, even with people you know, and this judgment seems inherently one based on prejudices and biases drawn from SO-CI-E-TY, experience and the advice of trusted friends and family (where can I go? what should I be weary of? who should I rob?). This seems a bit too complicated for me at the moment, but examining this issue may go a long way in undermining a lot of the bs about privilege and microaggressions (lol – google recommended “nonaggression”), besides providing a more wholesome and satisfying understanding of human interaction.

  11. Just a note on the heretofore nonexistent comment policy.

    * Violence is endemic not only to the human condition, but largely the living one. This certainly isn’t going to change in the future. Though for purposes of this place, we can observe, describe, or predict. But we won’t be advocating.

    * No hoary racial slurs…be creative. We will though accept the hoary anti-white slurs of “racist,” “bigot,” and “supremacist.”

    * Except where analogous to current events, let’s leave the discussion of WWII to other sites.

      • We used to play this drinking game in college where drawing a certain card prompted a “category,” and the first person in the circle to whiff on the subject had to take a hearty swig. Someone proposed “slurs for black people,” and we went around and around, laughing til we cried, but no one could be stumped. After maybe a hundred synonyms, the efforts crumbled into a mix of emphatic Nigerian-sounding surnames and vigorous tongue-clicking. More bellowing guffaws, then we finally called truce and all chugged down our cans of light beer after the longest volley of “categories” ever.

        Just imagine that “president” is now a racial slur in impolite company! Who wants to grow up and be that anymore?

  12. Is there anyone more clueless than a young, white, conservative? They just don’t get it. Those idiots in Ferguson don’t care if you have memorized the works of MLK. They don’t care if you are “really into Rap”. They don’t care if you “can really relate to the African-American experience”. They don’t want to be your Cool Black Friend. They don’t care about any of it. You are white, and therefore the ENEMY. Got it, MLKCons? Yeah, there are some exceptions to this, but probably fewer than you like to imagine, and you certainly aren’t going to find them grabbing 40’s out of a smashed convenience store. You may not like it, Hell, I don’t like it, but that’s reality, and it isn’t going to change anytime soon. Someone needs to give these kids The Talk…

  13. Well I guess I’ll take this opportunity to begin my posting career on my new favorite blog.

    I am young westerner myself (early 20’s in Murka’s mountain west), but I have no idea about the conservative mindset. I grew up an ultra liberal, became disillusioned, then went full fascist.

    It’s really all about temperament. So while my ideas changed from leftist to rightist my radical temperment did not. Conservatives have a cautious go along get along temperment. This makes them useless to change things. We need fanatics…so look to flipping liberal than pushing idiot conservatives to places they are afriad to go.

      • Quite. No one knows the nooks and crannies of the idiocy of the liberal mindset better than a former liberal. They are verily filled with rage due to their years of mind f(copulating).

        Lifetime conservatives seem to think liberals are “very smart people who are a little confused”

        Former liberals know that liberals hate conservatives…so once they become conservatives the hate is turned back on their tribe who now hates them.

    • If you want an example of idiotic MLKonservatism in action, check out the new article in “The Federalist” about Ferguson. The (white, female, putatively “conservative”) author tacitly blames whites and militarized police for messes like Ferguson, without suggesting that black behavior is any part of the problem, and only mentioning in passing that the black-white incarceration gap is “partially” caused by the fact that blacks commit more crimes. And when I got to the part about “we’re small-government conservatives, we should be concerned about abuses of police power, make common cause with blacks, etc. etc.” I couldn’t help but laugh. She wants black power protesters to be Conservatism, Inc’s Cool Black Friends! Simply beyond belief.
      Here’s the link – for entertainment purposes only…


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