From Russia with Love

I’m beginning to warm to this Putin fellow. Russia allegedly funding Europe’s entire dissident right.

Marine Le Pen has admitted that her [far far far far far] far-right Front National accepted money from a Russian bank, amid growing evidence that the Kremlin is backing [pro-European people] anti-European parties across the continent.

Le Pen said that her party had received a loan of €9 million (£7 million) in September from the Russian-owned First Czech-Russian Bank, but insisted that the money would have no impact on her policies.

“We signed with the First bank who agreed and we’re very happy about it,” she said. But it is “ridiculous to suggest that gaining a loan would determine our international position,” she insisted. “These insinuations are outrageous and offensive.”

According to recent opinion polls, the National Front is now France’s most popular party.

Russian loans have also been extended to Greece’s [nazi nazi nazi nazi] neofascist Golden Dawn party, Belgium’s [extremist] Vlaams Belang, Italy’s Northern League [of bigots], Hungary’s Jobbik [haters] and the [intolerant] Freedom Party of Austria, The Times reports. All of these parties except Golden Dawn were invited to observe Crimea’s vote on joining Russia and all offered their support for the annexation of the south-eastern Ukrainian region.

The loans to the National Front from the Russian-owned bank occurred amid “growing evidence of a secret Kremlin campaign to buy influence in European politics,” The Times says.

French politician Bruno Le Maire, a former cabinet minister who is running for the leadership of the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement, said that it was inconceivable that the loans would have no impact on Le Pen’s attitude to Russia: “You are always under obligation to your creditor,” he said.

France’s National Front has “long struggled to raise the cash needed to match its political ambitions,” France 24 reports. The party’s treasurer Wallerand de Saint-Just said that the loans would be used to finance campaigning expenses in the lead up to the French national elections in 2017, for which the party would need approximately “30 to 40 million euros”.

Last month, Vincent Jauvert claimed in the French weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur that National Front leaders had been in regular communication with the Russian ambassador in Paris, Alexander Orlov.

“The Kremlin has been betting on the National Front,” Jauvert said. “It considers the party able to take power in France and potentially reverse the course of European history in favour of Moscow”.

A separate piece elaborates on Front National’s difficulty finding financing.

Front National, which has surged in the polls, with leader Marine Le Pen now a serious contender for president, explained they took out the loan from a bank owned by Kremlin ally Roman Popov, because the party were denied a loan from European lenders.

“What is scandalous is that French banks aren’t lending,” Le Pen told French daily newspaper Le Monde. “We asked everyone for a loan, lenders from Spain, Italy, the US, Asia and Russia,” Le Pen added.

The party has been vocal in advocating pro-Russian policies in France, with Le Pen famously proposing the abolition of the EU creation of a ‘pan-European’ union to include Russia, but not Turkey, during her presidential candidate speech in Paris in 2011. She has also criticised the suspension of a deal to deliver French-built warships to Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

If any pro-corporate conservatives have stumbled in, let that digest for a moment. No French banks would lend to the most popular party in France. Global big business is not your friend, it is not your ally. It is a means of turning nations into feedlots.

Though returning to Russia’s sponsorship of the European right, it’s unclear whether this results from affinity or strategy. Perhaps Putin sympathizes with the efforts of his continental kin and is viewing the world through a wider lens than that limited to mere borders and flags. He may be acting in the strategic interests of a people; this rendering him conceivably as modernity’s Martel. Though the bitter laments of Russian nationalists would tend to belie that titillating possibility.

More likely is that he sees European nationalists and anti-EU organizations as a tantalizing wedge to drive against the plainly intended NATO encirclement of his country. I’ve often considered whether powerful foreign actors might eventually provide substantial back-office support for American or Euro dissident movements who are treated with equal belligerence by their own hostile governments. Whether Putin and Le Pen share congruent political ideologies is less important at the moment than the fact that they share implacable enemies: the globalist left and the neo-cons…though I suppose the conjunction is fairly superfluous there.

Equally interesting is the tendency of those who choose poorly to persist in the inclination. I’m thinking of the radical jihadis like those populating ISIS. Colonizing elements of these groups in the West have offered conspicuous support to Ferguson’s Black Entropy Movement.

ISIS supports Ferguson protesters: Islamic militants pledge to send over “soldiers that don’t sleep, whose drink is blood, and their play is carnage”

* ISIS fighters in Syria post tweets declaring support for Ferguson rioters
* Urge protesters to embrace Islam and carry out acts of extreme violence
* Uploaded hand-written note vowing to send militants to the Missouri city
* Said rioters must first declare their allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Obviously the ululators are attempting to reap recruits from the discord and dolts that consistently emerge in rich abundance from American diversity. And I’m sure some harvest is forthcoming. Though strategically I can’t help thinking they’ve lashed themselves to the anchor here. These are precisely the sort of optics that make John McCain’s eyes roll backward in ecstasy while necessitating a change of his depends undergarments. For ISIS ❤️ Ferguson is the sort of image that sends white conservatives fleeing into the comforting arms of Mr. Neeyoh Kahn. This ultimately resulting in $billions$ of laser-guided munitions landing on many towel-wrapped heads in the sandbox. Not to mention unquestioning US allegiance/obedience to a certain neighboring ethnic nation-state. Neither of which seem like strategically sound results from the Allahu Akbar point of view. Though ideally, the eternal Byzantine conflicts of that entire area would be wholly outside the sphere of my nation’s concerns.

And so we have former Soviets subsidizing European self-determination, and former future astronauts being courted from 6,000 miles away by 12th century fanatics on 21st century gewgaws. It’s a far far far mad world.


17 thoughts on “From Russia with Love

  1. And so we have former Soviets subsidizing European self-determination, and former future astronauts being courted from 6,000 miles away by 12th century fanatics on 21st century gewgaws. It’s a far far far mad world.

    Verily I ululate for this beautiful sentence.

  2. Nice post as always but I’ll play devil’s advocate and come to the aid of business. I think a bank would be delighted to make money from a right wing party, if they could see a return on investment. Unfortunately, they would be walmarted as racists by politicians, media, academia, Pussy Riot and Occupy goons. The cost in bad publicity outweighs any profit. Putin, being head of a government already at cold war with the above, can only gain prestige.

    • It’s a valid point, though one beginning to be severely outweighed by the other end of the scale. The position of eschewing business with “extremists” loses vast credibility when the subject is the most popular political party in your country. I’m certain the democrats would love to freeze out republicans by dispatching their drones to demand cessation of business with them. Though there’s just very little traction to be gained from that. And the almost certain possibility of alienating a very large cohort of customers.

      Also, surely French banks aren’t so myopic as to not consider the possibility of a Le Pen presidency, and the (hopefully ruthless) retaliation from her administration.

      I’m more inclined to think they refused business with her less out of cravenness, and more from competitive malice. She wants a nation, they want a market.

  3. So much to cover here but I’ll focus on one point….”French politician Bruno Le Maire…’You are always under obligation to your creditor,’ he said”. And by contrast the rest of the Western World are debtors to the Goldman Sachs of the world…what might THEIR expectations be? Hmm… from the folks who came up with the usury credit concept….obligations…I’m drawing a blank… Gee I wonder if any of the current political policies both foreign and domestic being implemented by the West might have some connection to their “obligations’? Nah…they wouldn’t do that. But those goddamn Nazis and racists, they’re being manipulated…

    • tsnamm, if you could site specific obligations towards “these people”, other than normal paying back loans. I have had many loans from banks. I haven’t been coerced into any other obligations. If you don’t pay your debts then yeah you can get into trouble.

      Companies compete against each other in a free market. How this market is regulated or not depends on governments which can tax or give tax breaks, regulate building codes, emissions; even who companies hire. Governments now are so heavily involved with supply and demand that they distort markets. If a company cannot make a profit it goes out if business. Ergo, it must be super-sensitive to political winds. Lobbying is becoming a major cost of doing business, not to mention potential lawsuits.

  4. You’re welcome to keep your head in the sand…Trying to compare a home loan to an individual to build a garage for instance, to International governmental finance, is appes to oranges at best. However it’s well documented that the IMF, World Bank, various investment banks, NGO’s,etc. meddle in political outcomes regularly ( i.e. the Ukraine, Greece, Hungary, just to name a few ); and most certainly expect certain behaviors to be met, far beyond “paying the money back”.

  5. See “redlining” in the US in which banks were forced to increase loans into vibrant areas in the 90’s…banks aren’t free economic agents they are pushed to promote the vibrancy when the overlords say they must. Right (very, very, very, very, very far right) wingers are probably on every terrorist watch list in the country.

    • Exactly. The subprime crisis morphed into a “banking crisis.” How? Clinton/Bush (especially) encouraged lenders to make loans to minorities in order to close the “housing gap.” GSEs (fannie/freddie) bought the loans to the tune of +$1trillion. The msm went into overdrive blaming bankers for packaging mortgage-backed securities forgetting that the moment a mortgage was made to people who don’t pay their bills the risk was leveraged to the taxpayer. If anything, the bankers were able to spread the bubble throughout the world and lessen fallout in the USA.

  6. and they all got bailed out on the taxpayer dime, while they were all busy bundling and marketing the toxic debt as “investments”…so everyone “wins” except, the taxpayers…overwhelmingly the white legacy residents of the US…is it any surprise that some of the biggest donors, supporters of the left in the US are banking & financial institutions?

  7. Putin backing the FN, ISIS backing Black Nationalists – they can see which way the wind is blowing, and it’s not blowing in the direction of the Left’s multi-kulti usury-fueled wonderland. Putin and ISIS are a lot of things, many of them bad, but stupid they are not…

    By the way, there’s no need for the FN to get defensive about taking Russian money. I don’t remember any of the leftist “Peace” (i.e, surrender) groups of the 1960’s – 1980’s being embarrassed at being on the payroll of the KGB, which they most certainly were.

  8. Those who, like Carolyn Yeager, understandably lambaste Putin for his ostensibly anti-Nazi rhetoric and initiatives and his endorsement of “Holocaust” orthodoxy, would do well to bear in mind these behind-the-scenes international pro-Aryan gambits. In addition, Putin’s seemingly limp-wristed anti-Nazi stance and blather is almost necessary when war-itchy American neocons and globalist gay rights puppets are constantly comparing this nationalist leader to Hitler.

    “This ultimately resulting in $billions$ of laser-guided munitions landing on many towel-wrapped heads in the sandbox. Not to mention unquestioning US allegiance/obedience to a certain neighboring ethnic nation-state. Neither of which seem like strategically sound results from the Allahu Akbar point of view.”

    Not a coincidence. ISIS, a U.S.-Israeli intelligence creation that never existed until the CIA spent it into credible bogeyman status for American TV and radio, never attacks Israel, one might note, and only exacerbates the sectarian strife that furthers Israel’s geopolitical objectives of dividing and weakening every potentially formidable counterbalance to its hegemony in the region. See this:

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