The Defense Mechanism of White Supremacy at Work in Your Mind

That is to say, Happy Thanksgiving pilgrims. It’s a good holiday and a better sentiment. Convening with family and friends, reflecting on our blessings, and getting foundered while watching skirmish lines of armored Africans perform choreographed grappling. It is a time to reminisce on pleasant memories, and a time to form new ones. Though to hew to the occasion’s name we truly should pause to offer at least silent gratitude for those things we cherish–for unless what you hold most dear is a redwood or rock formation, they are both fragile and fleeting.

I am most thankful for the (possibly well-feigned) affection of my family and the camaraderie of a small cadre of friends. I’m thankful to be able to provide a roof and food for the former, and amusement for the latter. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to see and do most things I’ve found of interest. And I’m thankful to have known legacy America. Though you each have your own stories and no need to hear mine.

But since it is the season, I’ll mention a topic that we all have in common: this flyspeck venue on the Internet’s periphery. “Thankful” is a bit too rich a term, though it would be accurate to say I am pleased and flattered that you have chosen to alight here, whatever the duration.

This applying particularly to that intrepid one percent of the readership who comments. Guys like Rob, Toddy, and Anti-G were waiting in line here on opening day, and have contributed a great deal since. Then came–among others I’ve enjoyed and apologize to not mention–IA, Phall, Aggy, Calculus, Jack Bolling, Insurrectionist, Tsnamm, and Hate’s own Roger Ebert (minus the obese black wife we presume) ICareReviews. Though, as with all blogs, we’ve also seen some valued commenters drift away–their insolence not to be soon forgotten. Finally, we welcome newer commenters such as Mr. Roach, dastardly rake, Uprising, and Hel.

Thanks to all for stopping by. I appreciate your contributions.


3 thoughts on “The Defense Mechanism of White Supremacy at Work in Your Mind

  1. Thank You sir…you provide a cerebral, yet excellently cynical intellectual p.o.v. I heartily endorse! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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