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Well I suppose it’s about to be Hide ya kids, hide ya wife time in Missouri. Though I don’t completely dismiss the possibility of an indictment. The pressure to hand one down must be immense. Going forward, such antique notions as technical legality will recede to more vibrant legal concerns. It won’t be words on paper but races on the panel that decide your fate. Imperiled liberals will become as eagle-eyed about “good jury pools” as they are presently of “good schools.”

Though that debased scenario is one for the future–late January at the earliest. For today I was more intrigued by the deluge of comments concerning the imminent Ferguson decision. At the Washington Post they were washing in at a stream of consciousness rate. And from the almost dadaesque verbal kaleidoscope, enough pattern emerged to cultivate a few insights.

The liberals marched in columns bearing their most vaunted talisman at the fore: racist! Obviously my inclination was toward ridicule, but after hundreds of comments I became more interested in an anthropological perspective. Why is this concept above all others so sacred to them? And given that it plainly is, why do they not hold non-whites to even a sliver of the standard? Lastly, what could be going through their minds to offer this hoary denunciation for the billionth time? Obviously they find force in the j’accuse even when repetition has rendered it an ambient drone.

And of course their tribalist black allies, hardly liberals by any consistent definition, were present to make the usual claims of white misconduct that I suppose Jesus himself must suffer to hear daily in the afterlife. But through the din one will notice two distinct sets of roles and expectations that answer, to my mind, some of the questions above.

Blacks, and as a general rule other non-whites, seek to enforce standards of behavior on out-groups. Their logic apparently being that if brother attacks brother it’s a family issue. But if outsider attacks brother, it’s war. This explains the sheer nonchalance toward black/black violence. It’s their issue, and others needn’t worry about it. This in stark contrast to when a white fells a black, where we see violent repercussions and literal para-military posturing. Blacks have standards and expectations for the behavior of others more so than themselves. And are furious when these are breached.

Whites have evolved an entirely different norming scheme: they patrol in-group behavior, and establish standards for it exclusively. For white liberals this means NO RACISM. This being a non-negotiable expectation for conservative peers (their in-group whether or not they care to admit it). In contrast they do not similarly discipline out groups, viewing them as wholly outside their purview. If brother attacks brother it’s critical business for everyone; but if outsider attacks brother it’s a random act of youth robbery gone wrong. This distinct compartmentalization is what induces cries of hypocrisy from quarters such as these, though is shrugged-off by liberals as wholly outside-of-scope. They enforce in-group behavior only and become goggle-eyed at infractions.

Similarly, white conservatives still largely reserve their heaviest rhetorical ordnance for the liberals who they view as having breached their own evolving in-group standards. Increasingly this standard includes survival as a people and, by necessity, the enforcement of expectations on out-groups. This driving a further wedge with their SJW peers 👯.

Taken in total, I find these distinct schemes to be quite infelicitous. To occupy the overlapping space of scrutiny rather than gambol in the open represents a cramp in any man’s style. Though one that will ultimately be sorted out. In the meantime though, enjoy the show tonight.

It’s on!


40 thoughts on “It’s On

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if the riots go down or not. I’m feeling no, sometimes it feels like blacks have lost the old pillaging spirit. (Zimmerman (PBUH) felt like a bigger deal to me, but nothing happened. Though that lacked the real local police angle we have here, which feeds into black fantasies of oppression more directly.) I wonder if this riot-reduction is related to increased incarceration. Maybe you need some more of the worst of the worst still on the streets to get a real riot going, even if plenty not especially hard blacks become involved eventually.

    If riots do occur I’m curious as to just how well the media will be able to excuse them. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that the AIDS epidemic was caused by Ronald Reagan and Christianity. (This trick is maybe not so important from a practical standpoint, but for sheer audacity it is truly astonishing.) The second biggest trick, though, was convincing the world that the Rodney King riots were proof of just how malevolent the police were, rather than, say, how utterly criminal and uncontrollable the black underclass is. Cause the natural response seeing some “youths” cracking the skull of some random white dude is not “those fascist police bastards!” Yet this is precisely how it’s viewed, though no doubt more than a few people express rather less generous perspectives in private.

  2. Whites still behave as a race as if they are tending/ animals. You accept bad behavior from your puppy (at least initially). You accept your pet goat might eat the laundry (or random items) if it gets out from its enclosure. It is a subconscious supremacy over your pets. Whites have this subconscious supremacy over all other races/tribes. It is of course born of winning the war over other races/tribes in the past and stays with us today especially amongst women. The most liberal whites amongst us (again generally women) will tend to coddle the animals they take care of (think female dog owners with uncontrollable dogs) while the more conservative whites amongst us (generally men) will discipline and teach their pets to behave in a correct manner or face consequences. Whites exist along a bell curve from liberal to conservative in terms of political belief and it is of course entirely reasonable to assume genetics, hormones and brain neurochemistry are fractionally responsible in deciding where on the bell curve you sit (along with life experiences). At some point though the dog becomes too much for the single lady and has to be dealt with (biting the hand that feeds it).

    The question then is two-fold. 1. When do liberals feel threatened enough that their perception of the other races changes. They are not “pets” anymore to care for. They have become dangerous and threatening and the enemy !! A shock to liberals of course. Not to anyone else.

    2. When white men respond, will we have the ability to respond as needed? Will our capability and resolve still be there? In western countries when many of our women are fat carousel riding sluts, you wonder if things are worth saving except for your own skin.

    I think the white race will survive. I certainly hope so. The white race has given the world science and technology and mozart. Africa?

    In the end any true conflict will be won by technological prowess.

    White men already see the enemy for what it is. You can live side by side with the enemy as long as you dominate it. Women on the whole are clueless. It is genetic. Women are frankly wombs. They will fulfill their destiny by mating whether it be with a white male or the new race that takes over the neighbourhood.

    Giving women the vote in the west was a mistake. Each “family” should get one vote. And a family is a family headed by a male, not a single mommy. A productive unit. A unit that is a net payer of tax. You do not get to be a “decider” if you are not a producer.

  3. Comments along the NY Liberal Times article on the outcome are amusing. And deluded. Which cop (white or black) goes to work looking to shoot someone. FFS. No logic. If you weigh 300 lbs, act aggressively, and even approach a lone cop in anything but a very careful way. WATCH OUT. It is common sense. IQ is low in the ghetto though (proven fact). Now, natural selection, has spoken.

  4. Definition of irony…[negroes] looting a “beauty shop” in Ferguson…typical…outrage means theft…whatever…this shit never changes with these animals…

  5. It looks like Ferguson’s Little Caesar is tonight’s version of the QuikTrip that went up in smoke in August – the most conspicuous symbol of the city’s ongoing Tyroning Inferno.

  6. As reported Elsewhere, St. Louis setting up safe zones for white citizens during “civil disobedience”… They have been told to report to local shoe stores in the work boot section, barring that go to the nearest library… have been told it works like kryptonite…

  7. No, those five Missouri shooting victims had it coming – you can tell by looking at them. It’s not like they were just turning their lives around or anything.

  8. A body was found in a vehicle last night very close to where the cholesterol crooner expired.

    Interestingly, “police are currently calling this a suspicious death until further evidence is examined.”

    That’s probably prudent. Discovering fresh corpses in the wake of burning this bitch down should be viewed askance by astute investigators.

    It reminds me of a true story I once heard on the radio while driving. A human head (sans body) was discovered occupying a jug in some residential garage. I always remembered the impressively circumspect pronouncement by local police: “Foul play has not been ruled out.”

  9. Steve Nash–apparently a basket-ball performer of some repute–unburdened himself on the Twitter of this cryptic query:

    Disgusted by decision in furguson. Racism is learned. Accepted is systematic suffocation of education and opportunity. What are we saying?

    Shit if I know.

  10. More from the Twitter contrivance:

    A heavily muscled, prognathic, tennis-playing transvestite calling himself “Serena Williams” opined on the ferguson conflagration as follows:

    Wow. Just wow. Shameful. What will it take???
    11:25 PM – 24 Nov 2014

    Another ten-week cycle of Dianabol would be my guess.

  11. I am stunned reading the Washington Post piece, they really view their world in the context of a race war. Now they are deifying Brown showing his hip hop which is very bad and which will write a review of what a disaster.

  12. I haven’t erected a Twitter machine at my house, but someone who has should advise Mr. Nash that they also are disgusted by the millions he acquired performing bouncy ball just because he is white, when that role should have justifiably gone to a Person of Color.

    We don’t just want to hear his impotent wailing. Let him put money to mouth and donate some reasonable eight figure sum to a legitimate black advocacy organization…like the Department of Justice, for instance. That should at least partially assuage his disgust, and ours too.

  13. Considering he’s a Canadian, he ought to STFU, but that’s another story…besides I think his countrymen have their own “human rights” issue when it come to Muzzies expressing their “opinions” of Canada’s policies by shooting soldiers and police…

  14. While there are millions of white Nashs, I’m trying to think of a prominent black analog. One who is passionate about #whitelivesmatter. No one comes to mind.

    And it speaks again to the in-group/out-group tribal dichotomy. Michael Brown was plainly an inveterate thug who would have likely made many other lives either miserable or short. But to the Steve Nashs of the world, the entire issue may only, can only be addressed through in-group harangues. Whites, you must care about this dumb, criminal, violent brute who would have slit your throat as soon as look at you.

    Because to Nash, correcting whites is the only tool available. It’s like trying to mow the yard with a hammer. He just pounds the Earth furious that the grass isn’t getting any shorter.


    thought this was an onion article. a georgetown student is unable to criticize his muggers because of his white privilege and opposes greater police presence on campus.

    He’d probably get laid even more from the incident and his response if he had been beaten or dead…yes, dead and refusing to criticize the oppressed is how a liberal womyn likes her man.

  16. There are very few indeed…as far as Nash is concerned, I assume working in the NBA “colors” his opinion as well…but a majority of Canadians are much further down the PC/cultural Marxist dead end than we are, having received a much more stringent indoctrination in both. Now that they are receiving their “fair share” of cultural enrichers, lets see how long it takes for them to face the philosophical contradictions posed by reality…

  17. Kak,

    check out 1:01 08/15/14 Free$tyle Big’Mike Luh Vee (first song) on Mike Brown’s soundcloud station @

    “I only like white men on my money (inaudible), I ain’t racist really but I’m black and proud. Those who were last shall be first whites on the bottom”.

    So he is a black supremacist or a black supremacist or a black supremacist?

    My wealthy canadian associates surprised me in their hostility towards Asians and Muslims back in 2008. maybe they are exceptions.

  18. It won’t just be the sober deliberations of vibrant juries in the future that deform the legal system. Imagine when your fate rests upon the conscience of diverse witnesses. Will the certain prospect of permanent residence in prison for an act you did not commit turn you a whiter shade of pale? It’s coming.

    Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was face-down on the ground when Officer Darren Wilson “finished him off.” Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy or admitted that they did not see the shooting at all.

    An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown was not struck by any bullets in his back.

    Prosecutors exposed these inconsistencies before the jurors, which likely influenced their decision not to indict Wilson in Brown’s death.

    Their inconsistencies began almost immediately after the shooting, from people in the neighborhood, the friend walking with Brown during the encounter and even one woman who authorities suggested probably wasn’t even at the scene at the time.

    Johnson also declared on TV, in a clip played for the grand jury, that Wilson fired at least one shot at his friend while Brown was running away: “It struck my friend in the back.”

    Other eyewitness accounts also were clearly wrong.

    One woman, who said she was smoking a cigarette with a friend nearby, claimed she saw a second police officer in the passenger seat of Wilson’s vehicle. When quizzed by a prosecutor, she elaborated: The officer was white, “middle age or young” and in uniform. She said she was positive there was a second officer — even though there was not.

    Another witness had told the FBI that Wilson shot Brown in the back and then “stood over him and finished him off.” But in his grand jury testimony, this witness acknowledged that he had not seen that part of the shooting, and that what he told the FBI was “based on me being where I’m from, and that can be the only assumption that I have.”

    The witness, who lives in the predominantly black neighborhood where Brown was killed, also acknowledged that he changed his story to fit details of the autopsy that he had learned about on TV.

    “So it was after you learned that the things you said you saw couldn’t have happened that way, then you changed your story about what you seen?” a prosecutor asserted.

    “Yeah, to coincide with what really happened,” the witness replied.

    Another man, describing himself as a friend of Brown’s, told a federal investigator that he heard the first gunshot, looked out his window and saw an officer with a gun drawn and Brown “on his knees with his hands in the air.” He added: “I seen him shoot him in the head.”

    But when later pressed by the investigator, the friend said he had not seen the actual shooting because he was walking down the stairs at the time and instead had heard details from someone in the apartment complex.

    “What you are saying you saw isn’t forensically possible based on the evidence,” the investigator told the friend.

    Shortly after that, the friend asked if he could leave.

    “I ain’t feeling comfortable,” he said.

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