A God from the Machine

I’ve seen several plaudits for Gregory Hood’s piece A God to Damn Us. And it is outstanding in a manner he makes routine. Though not so much that I’m inclined toward full agreement.

Even liberal Whites ostensibly motivated by vacuous concepts like “human rights” can’t help but be impressed by those who possess actual strength of belief, especially from Third Worlders immune from charges of racism or cultural imperialism. Of course, many of these Third Worlders actually are racist or imperialist, but that reality is easily ignored by liberals who insist on viewing them as agency free moral mascots. Yet the fact that some Whites (even former Army Rangers) are willing to dedicate their entire lives to serving the Other and literally renounce their own identity at the moment of death testifies to something deeper than simple egalitarianism. It’s a kind of ethical exhaustion–liberal Whites are weary of the moral responsibility of existence and survival.

The very absurdity of our culture (if we can even call it a culture) shows that many Whites are looking for a way out. They actually seek escape through foreign occupation. To be occupied is to live in a world where meaning and cultural context is provided by a foreign people. You can be a religious minority (or an atheist) in a majority religious society and be “free,” but power, narrative, and taboo are ultimately in the hands of someone else. The same goes for being a racial minority or sexual minority.

This feeling of occupation is what underlies the fury of most minorities towards their host societies, no matter how well they are treated. To most people, being a minority is alienating–even if no one is specifically insulting you, you recognize you exist at the sufferance of someone else. However, to many liberal Whites, this feeling comes as a relief. In a kind of parody of Christianity, powerlessness constitutes a certain moral authority because it removes the possibility that you can inadvertently oppress someone else. It’s the only way to be free of White guilt, as even charity is just an expression of privilege. To the egalitarian mind, freedom really is slavery.

That’s smooth, insightful, prose to savor like the finest spirit. And it may be accurate. Few have accurately mapped the misshapen topography of the liberal mind, least of all liberals. So we won’t be getting any intelligible answers from them. Though premised on personal intuition alone, Mr. Hood’s thesis seems a bit off-center. Contra his contention, I don’t detect in liberals the lassitude born of relief that his theory posits (and throughout I am referring to white liberals. Non-white liberals are almost unanimously not-subtle tribalists in a fleeting marriage of convenience with the quislings of their enemy).

I detect instead, even where the local minority, a glittery-eyed zealotry that Islam itself must envy. Though, of course, they would deny this as quickly as muslim rape on a BBC television panel. For none seem capable of accessing the logical observation point that reveals how congruent with fundamentalist religion are the beliefs and behaviors of these enlightened (often) atheists. It is almost as though every man is wired to worship, and those choosing God for the attention seem to be the moderates by comparison.

And so while liberals are obsequious to Others, and plainly terrified at the possibility of giving them offense, their native state of aggression is no less–simply directed now in concentrated form toward their own people. Perhaps this enmity results from a fury that peers haven’t adopted their ritualized posture of submission. If so, then my notions wouldn’t conflict with Hood’s. But my sense is that they are motivated less by the need to bow than the need to win. And the fact that self-obliteration is the ultimate prize is odd only in that it does not dissuade their zeal, but rather bolsters it.

Liberals are messianic. They view whites as irretrievably wicked and see their removal from power as a necessary, but not sufficient, act of atonement. I don’t think they are seeking relief from civilizational responsibility…ending the injustice of white civilization is their responsibility. And they approach it with deadly earnestness. And therein is the large part of why they have succeeded. They are passionate. They are believers. And they are on the side of the angels. They are Tikkun Olam made flesh: repairing the world by leaving it.

Of course these convictions will be tested by events as surely as with adherents to other faiths. Just as Christianity’s pews now often lie fallow, so challenged will be liberalism. Some will experience their own Road to Damascus Ferguson epiphany and renounce liberal religion–possibly even alighting upon a venue such as this. They will be reviled as apostates by those left behind. I can assure the devout that such crucibles are approaching. You’ll forgive the tautology, but faith is easy when it’s easy. When the only costs of conspicuous moral vanity are high taxes and the search for “good schools.” But man’s relationship with his diverse God is tested in adversity. When those fewer good schools begin to orbit out of financial reach and weeping public school children greet a man’s arrival home from a salary-pressured job Americans used to do. When crime and societal dysfunction seep into your own declining property value neighborhood. When a random youth robbery gone wrong impacts a loved one. When the go areas eventually become smaller than the no-gos. There is where faith will be tested. Many will fail.

There are over seven billion souls on Earth. Only a tiny decreasing fraction of whom are white liberals. The notion that their religious worldview and its precious pieties sits firmly entrenched upon The Right Side of History is perhaps one of the most sadly comical misapprehensions of modernity. Liberalism is dying. The only question is whether it can complete its final grim chore. And to think, not even a virgin awaits.


9 thoughts on “A God from the Machine

  1. The rise of UKIP in the UK suggests liberalism and the embrace of multiculturalism is dying. Just look at the outcry over the 3 letter tweet.


    Furthermore, the genocidal tendency to feminism, advanced degrees and infertility (only a finite number of eggs my lady) is also amazingly starting to be discussed in white society. It amazes me. Will logical and reasoned thinking prevail?


  2. I guess the question is…who’s babies? White children, or some mulatto mongrels?…because quite obviously from the liberal mindset, miscegenation is the pinnacle, especially white womyn with mud sharks… simply reproducing begs this follow up question, as a generation of Brazil-like mulattoes does us no good at all.

    • Have to admit the taxing agency is very courteous and efficient though. Anything to maximize the moolah. Would be fun to compare the internal revenue services in Scandinavia and Somalia.

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