Elections Have Consequences

Except when democrats lose. And then what are you gonna do? Really, what are you going to do? That is the question, the unfortunate crucible, that this con law professor (sans the con) will tonight put to the new Republican congressional majority. I’m sure most of the caucus very much wish such a galvanizing issue would not emerge so promptly. They would much rather settle in to sinecures and secretaries and do the Chamber of Commerce’s bidding in peace. But as fate would have it, their value (or not) to furious constituents is going to come into rapid relief.

None of this should be any surprise. Obama’s African pedigree was always fated to blossom into its BIG MAN bloom. Notions such as “Separation of Powers” were never anything more than the feeble attempts of (very) old white men to stifle vibrant ambitions. And frankly he’s been more generous than Idi Amin, who assuredly would have dined on Mitch McConnell’s organ meat by this point. Obama plainly told the republicans what he wanted them to include in an immigration bill, and they declined to provide it. And so, as that scrap of paper the tea baggers are always yammering about directed in these situations, the president simply enacts the legislation he desires by fiat. That’s how it was intended. Charles Taylor would have had Boehner and his lieutenants executed. So you can see Obama’s genteel restraint.

Beyond that though I have a question for readers here who are parents. If you were forced to leave the country where you were illegally residing, would you A) decamp by yourselves leaving your minor children behind as wards of the state, or B) resign yourself to say “the gigsay is upsay, alas” and pack up the kids to leave? Some of us live a cloistered existence, though I don’t know a single parent who would consider abandoning their children. The family stays together. But did you know that the moment an Amerind becomes a U.S. citizen, they are physically anchored into the dirt and can not leave no matter how great the effort? This is something the non La Raza racists don’t understand. If one member of a family is a citizen, then they must remain behind if others are ushered out. That’s why deportations TEAR FAMILIES APART. Some must go and others must stay. Do you actually think Spanish speaking mestizo-Americans could just re-cross the border and live in Mexico or Central America with their parents as 100 generations before them did? Of course not. They wouldn’t fit in at all. The mere idea is barbaric. This concept only works going south to north, you dim bulbs.

And so I will carefully watch Obama’s presentation tonight to verify that no families will be ripped apart by the rethuglicans. Physically or otherwise.

Updates to follow upon contingency of mood.


4 thoughts on “Elections Have Consequences

  1. One of the torn apart families Obama will take care not to mention.

    Wilkerson elaborated that after a “normal day at school,” Josh failed to return home. Her son had offered a ride home to another boy, Hermilio Moralez, an illegal alien, who under the DREAM Act would’ve been granted citizenship. The illegal alien took the ride, but then punched Josh in the face until he went blind and kicked him until both his liver and spleen ruptured. Josh was then strangled to death, tied up in a field, doused with gasoline and burned.

  2. And so we learn that elections do have consequences. Elevating to peak power one who is not of your own, and in fact bears great antipathy and resentment toward yours, was surely one of the most fraught moral peacocking displays in history. I rather doubt we’ll see a Muslim Arab Israeli succeed Netanyahu. And for this reason.

    The one positive (and perhaps this has always been a necessary prerequisite) is that whites in droves will begin to slough off their unrequited affection for America and its fallen institutions.

    I may as well say it a dozenth time: there is no rule of law; only the law of rule. This notion is now percolating to the surface of many self-respectable minds.

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