Millions of Women Not Raped by Bill Cosby, Possibly Billions

Before any honest discussion of the recent Bill Cosby revelations may proceed, it must be acknowledged that a huge number of women on Earth, perhaps even a majority, have never been raped by him. This is what his detractors and accusors have, in their hysterics, failed to mention. As of this writing, the only allegations to have surfaced are the following:

Janice Dickinson.

Linda Traitz.

Joan Tarshis.

Andrea Constand.

It’s possible new accusations will continue to emerge, though ultimately fewer than 1,500 women are expected to come forward. Yet we don’t even know if a single allegation is true; these people may all be bigots. But what we do know is that most women have never even been touched by Bill Cosby.

And so the discussion shouldn’t be about the countless women that one man didn’t molest. It’s about larger tectonic friction.

It’s about what happens when the irresistable rape culture meets the immovable legacy of slavery. When oppression of women meets oppression of blacks. Sexism vs. racism. Narratives in the night, exchanging glances. Scrambling for top victim, what were the chances?

Natural laws demand that two glass ceilings can’t occupy the same space. We all probably know which one will ultimately crack.


15 thoughts on “Millions of Women Not Raped by Bill Cosby, Possibly Billions

  1. “But what we do know is that most women have never even been touched by Bill Cosby.”

    Well, let’s not rush into any rash statements here, shall we?

      • To be fair, given the recent SJW hysteria about “rape” (defined as any sex a woman regrets afterward) I really have no idea who is guilty here. Seeing as how Cosby was rich and famous in the late ’60’s, and used to hang out at the Playboy Mansion, and also given that inter-racial coupling was more cool then than it is now, I do find it hard to believe that Bill Cosby had to resort to rape to score with young, white “actresses”. But who knows, for some people, it’s part of the thrill, and maybe Cosby is one of those sickos. It’s Hollywood, who can even guess?

      • TC, imagine the honestly intended phrase “to be fair” preceding a leftist discussion of subjects we often take up. Though I agree with you, there’s no telling what happened with any of this. However, the quantity of accusations is taking on its own quality.

        Overall, I thought it interesting to speculate that the “most aren’t” formulation wouldn’t fly in this instance.

  2. I agree, and of course this case has particular entertainment value, because it’s always oddly amusing when two SWPL/liberal pet groups square off, like “older black icon vs. rape victims” . Because all good little liberals know that “Blacks are not prone to rape white women! (you racist!)”, and they also know that “Women NEVER lie about rape! (you sexist!)”. The poor bastards want to be on both sides in a case like this, and they can’t. So they start adding up victimology points: “let’s see, Cosby is a man, that’s a minus one, but he’s Black, plus two, his accusers are white, minus one , but they are women, plus one and a half points, but one of them is blonde, minus one point, but one of them COULD be Jewish ( wonder where her parents were in 1944?), plus two points, but didn’t Cosby tell blacks to get their sh*t together a few years ago, possible Uncle Tom, minus two, but he grew up under Jim Crow, one and a half…”

    They really think like this, I’ve seen it in action. Personally, I think that black trumps woman in this case. I mean can liberals stand to be on the opposite side of Whoopi Goldberg?

    • Outstanding comment. The tacit liberal point system is a subject well worth ridiculing in its own right.

      There’s objective truth. And then there’s hierarchy within The Narrative. Which do we imagine liberals are presently struggling to ascertain?

      Though as I’ve mentioned before, narratives nearly always trump truth when measured by the metric of moving opinion. And so I think we are often foolish to search for and alight exclusively upon the latter. Being right while dead seems a somber consolation.

  3. Start watching at about 4:00 for the collective GASP at 4:30. Then keep watching the remarkable display of “why does race matters?” from those for whom race is paramount every other hour of the day.

    This is how the “rape culture” will be reconciled to diversity. With fulminations. “Outrageous!” “You’re spreading lies!” You see there were no muslim rapists in Rotherham. And “Most rapists are white men!” That’s how much race doesn’t matter. But even in Nigeria?

    It’s all a grueling display of raw tribalist denial: Dindu Nuffins in a brown British accent. A display that only floats on the applause of blank-faced white drones clanging their palms like wind-up organ grinder’s monkeys.

    My God what that island has become. Sweden better remain in a full sprint; Britain isn’t conceding fastest self-eradication to anyone.

    • `This is enraging. So many logical inconsistencies. I will not explain completly my opinion on the whole clip, it would be long.

      But shame on them, there are women and children in their countries who truley need this voice. The vast majority of Europe does not need it. Entitled, dramatic, making mountains from small hills, denying logic and fact.

      Also very not respectful to the man speaking. In her parents country, do you think she could speak that way? Of course not. Yet she abuses and dis respect the very country which granted her such liberties.

    • It would be interesting to know the relevant percentages here. Are immigrant men overrepresented or underrepresented among rapists? In any event, the outrage of the crowd suggests they wouldn’t hear such facts–unless the data miraculously fit the narrative.

      I could not finish watching the video. Dawkins says religion is a poisonous meme, a virus of the mind. I know another.

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