A Yearning

Has a civilization ever been so prodigious in its manufacture of verminous traitors? It’s a difficult question to answer since any in potential competition have long since ceased to stain the planet’s surface. Though we can take justifiable pride in knowing that nothing in recorded history compares with the conspicuous turncoating of our age. Choosing examples from the din is made difficult by sheer surfeit of choice. Though one dough-faced deserter warrants special mention. The Prime Minister of Pakistanis in Britain, David Cameron, has now publicly stated his demand for a “British Asian” prime minister. See here.

David Cameron in a particularly alien guise

David Cameron

David Cameron has said he wants to see a British Asian Prime Minister in his lifetime. Mr Cameron made the remarks at an awards dinner in central London where Sajid Javid, the Culture secretary who is widely tipped as his successor, topped a power list of the most influential Asians in the UK.

Mr Cameron told the GG2 Leadership Awards: “Let us think big about what Britons of all backgrounds can achieve. “When I hear ‘sir’, ‘your honour’ or ‘right honourable’, I want them to be followed by a British Asian name.”

To cheers he added: “One day I want to hear that title ‘Prime Minister’ followed by a British Asian name.”


Earlier Mr Cameron had described Mr Javid, who was in the audience, as “brilliant” during his 10 minute speech, which celebrates achievement among Britain’s Asian community.

He said he was “incredibly proud” of Mr Javid “the brilliant Asian man who I asked to join the Cabinet”, adding: “Doesn’t it say something that in two generations you can go from coming to our country with so little to sitting around the Cabinet table. That is the sort of country we are building in the United Kingdom.”

Mr Cameron said: “In Britain today there are still too few people from ethnic minorities in top positions.

“The absence is glaring in the boardrooms of the FTSE250, in the Chambers of the Houses of Parliament, football managers’ benches, on High Court judges benches, and in our fighter jets, our naval ships, our armed battalions around the world and I am clear this has to change, not to tick boxes, not to fill quotas but to realise our full potential.

“Britain will only be the best it can be when all its people are able to be all that they can be.”

Mr Cameron said his Government had to “remove the barriers that stop people getting on”. He pledged it would “attack prejudice in all its forms” and he wanted to “celebrate role models”.

Mr Javid said: “Culture is more than a privilege. It’s at the core of who we are and how we define ourselves.

“If you’re not engaged with our cultural life, you’re not engaged with our national life. And in 2014, too many Britons are culturally disfranchised.”

The Bromsgrove MP, a former managing director at Deutsche Bank who was grew up in Bristol, has been tipped by some as a potential future leader for the Conservative Party.

The father of four, whose father Abdul arrived in Britain in 1961 from Pakistan with just £1 in his pocket, turned to politics to “give something back” after reportedly earning more than £20 million during his high-flying banking career.

How about that? A multi-millionaire Pakistani banker wants to give something back to the British public by ruling over them. That’s the sort of altruism that white Britain lacked. And so exemplars had to be imported from the original source.

Giving back in Pakistan

Giving back in Pakistan

This yearning for alien rule seems to be quite chichi these days. You probably recall recently Netanyahu begging for an Arab Muslim successor. Or Mr. Nieto demanding that stationary of the Mexican presidency be changed to Chinese characters. Then there was King Abdullah last week lamenting the absence of Catholic bishops in his cabinet. Or gracious Liberia demanding that a white man head the next convocation of cannibal warlords in that country. Except that whites aren’t even eligible to be citizens there. A fact that the End Apartheid Now media seems strangely reticent to publicize. Ahh well, the point is that everyone on Earth is wanting someone different from themselves to rule over them. It’s a longing as ancient and natural as fetishized interracial cuckholdry. That’s how normal it is.

And in a piece of news not at all unrelated, have our Christian readers been advised of the Virgin Mary ice statue fashioned from frozen vaginal secretions? No? Reportedly, “The scent is a mix of different women, of different origin and is a tribute to the freedom of being a free woman, exploring your sexual desires.” So you see, it’s not at all a profane insult, but rather a tribute to the nexus between Christianity and femininity.

And would you like to know why there will be no similar tribute to Islam or Judaism in the form of YHWH or Allah sculpted in melting diarrhea? Because such tributes would result in either the end of a career or the end of a life. Whereas the mocking of Christianity results in a cheek turned for the seven billionth time. And as you consider that, wonder at the odds of the current pope beseeching the synod to consider a non-Christian successor. They’re all God’s children. And one day Francis wants to hear that title ‘Pope’ followed by an Arab Muslim name.

You can almost smell it from here.


4 thoughts on “A Yearning

  1. It may be a while before that glorious day arrives when Britain is ruled by a Pakistani. But in the meantime, the Government could at least ensure Pakistanis are appointed to positions of authority and prestige – how about officer in charge of Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorism squad, or the head of Child Protection Services, for instance?

  2. So when they say an Asian PM do they mean the Right Honourable Fu Manchu (Brobdnington on Surrey) or Her Majesty’s loyal servant in the faith Sheikh Khalid (Islingtonabad-cum-Thames)

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