Examining the Electoral Cadaver
Our blog buddy, Anti-Gnostic, opines that the Republican victory is at least partially attributable to the fundamental conservatism of life. And though life in the physical plane is quite conservative indeed, I’m inclined to believe the white scramble from the Democrats was a manifestation of a more primal element: fear.

I think somewhere in that logically inaccessible part of the brain that keeps us alive by flight or fight, a signal is being sent. Few would admit it and fewer understand, but we didn’t survive through the millennia by being utterly oblivious to plain threats.

And aside from those fantasy-land inhabitants of still unraided Northeastern whitopias, it’s a signal that the least devout self-eradicators are apparently finding difficult to ignore. Though as we know, they will exert a yeoman’s effort in the trying.

And that’s really the entire existential question. Will whites collectively emerge from their narcolepsy and maladaptive pieties before the left can swamp them irretrievably? It’s going to be a hell of a race to the wire.

The Parties
Vox Day had a well done piece on the rapid ongoing political partition in America. In the South, the Democrats have simply been extirpated. In contrast, leftist ticks find far more receptive hosts in cooler, northern climes. Though it is unproductive to limber the cannons for another rhetorical civil war. Northern and southern whites are going to hang together or assuredly hang separately. Unfortunately those ensconced in fleetingly undiverse habitats seem congenitally incapable of grasping this principle, until a vibrant hand is grasping their neck. It’s a myopia that a great many of their children will come to keenly lament.

So what awaits for the great American political parties? Both are obvious disasters, both morally and even strategically to their own self interest.

The Democrats
At some point the party metastasized from liberalism and little guys to rank anti-whiteness. They can wail and flail to the content of their black hearts in digesting this election, though that fact is it’s core. They have become so openly hostile to whites, that increasing swaths of those on the independent frontiers are beginning to unmistakably notice. I see no possible gambit from here but for the party to simply double-down on their race hate and attempt to win elections through sheer numerical conquest. Their chore is simply to import more “minorities” than whites who are absconding. And given that only about two-three percent of the world’s population are white liberals–thus with a 50-1 resupply inventory–this strategy does not seem overly difficult to execute.

Though there are fundamental problems beyond that. What exactly are the core mutual interests of the left’s coalition? Let’s compile a roomful of epicene white liberals, flamboyant homosexuals, jewish supremacists, mexican revanchists, and black perma-malcontents. On how many issues are they actually in harmony? All of one: Evil Whyyytz! And without any other unifying elements, instability within this political jalopy is going to be unavoidable. The inclination to lunge for the necks of ad-hoc allies at perceived slights is going to be huge. If there were no concern for the results, I’d say it’s all going to be hilarious.

The Republicans
Everyone knows their dilemma. The only people that vote for them are being demographically replaced, and the party can’t say a word or do a thing about that dynamic for two reasons: 1) Raysis, and 2) Mr. Adelson said so. And so without jettisoning either their constituency or its two limiting factors the party will ultimately perish as predestined by math. They can not convert more whites to their cause than democrats can import non-whites to theirs. Thus either whites or Adelsons are going to go. And since La Razas steadfastly refuse to conform to party fantasists, and remain strictly non-natural conservatives, it may be the party itself that has to be jettisoned. For an organization that pursues jewish money, white votes, black and brown crumbs, and corporate welfare is one that has no alignment in any aspect of its existence. And certainly no natural constituency beyond the Technology CEO Council–half of whom almost certainly sponsor Democrats regardless. It is a party absolutely begging for reform or cannibalization.

And probably the most grating is how relatively easy their salvation. Give American workers some protection and dignity. Stop being such unrequited corporate whores. Defenestrate the Neo-cons and their lunatic war lust. Deport illegals. End ridiculous birthright citizenship. Stop dysgenic welfare incentives. Hey, maybe even consider the right of free association. In other words…support and grow your constituency rather than your opponent’s.

What an idea.


11 thoughts on “Forensics

  1. Another soon-to-be-former white liberal. That insistent back-of-the-mind trepidation that the “peaceful protestors” were anything but has evolved and been refined over many thousands of years.

    It has a purpose. It is your personal alarm system.

    It works to keep imbeciles like this breathing. Next time I’ll wager he’ll heed the warning.

  2. Bravo, buddy. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Republican dilemma articulated so clearly. Let me know if you’re ever traveling through Memphrica, TN so I can buy you a drink.

  3. From the Bureau of Not Even Close.

    But if Republicans have been so completely wrong about everything, why did voters give them such a big victory?

    Part of the answer is that leading Republicans managed to mask their true positions. Perhaps most notably, Senator Mitch McConnell, the incoming majority leader, managed to convey the completely false impression that Kentucky could retain its impressive gains in health coverage even if Obamacare were repealed.

    But the biggest secret of the Republican triumph surely lies in the discovery that obstructionism bordering on sabotage is a winning political strategy. From Day 1 of the Obama administration, Mr. McConnell and his colleagues have done everything they could to undermine effective policy, in particular blocking every effort to do the obvious thing — boost infrastructure spending — in a time of low interest rates and high unemployment.

    This was, it turned out, bad for America but good for Republicans. Most voters don’t know much about policy details, nor do they understand the legislative process. So all they saw was that the man in the White House wasn’t delivering prosperity — and they punished his party.

    Will things change now that the G.O.P. can’t so easily evade responsibility? I guess we’ll find out.

    Of course this is Krugman and so must be viewed as shtick, though even as an SNL skit it’s comically obtuse.

    See Kentuckians re-elected McConnell because he fooled them into believing their “impressive healthcare gains” wouldn’t be lost in his presence. Do you realize Carlos Slim actually paid someone to write that?

    Also the precious realization that people actually want opposition parties to “obstruct” policies that are injurious to them. Who could imagine? Krugman never mentions jewish “obstruction” of the Palestianian right of return. How could they be so obstructionist?

    But I’ll concur with his assessment that “most voters don’t know much about policy details (or) the legislative process.” Particularly those voters Krugman and his cohorts are determined to import by the millions. Though somehow I suspect that’s the kind of ignorance he can well tolerate.

    • Of course, the NYT should be read for entertainment purposes only, but Krugman is so out of touch, it’s actually unreal and somewhat creepy, like watching a schizophrenic talk to people who aren’t there. Simply amazing.

  4. The amount of illogic spouting from the mouths of progressives is outrageous…the statement from Democrats ala Harry Reid and the media, that the message from this election is that the voters want them to ” work together”…so when they controlled both branches of government, both houses of Congress, and they could essentially do whatever they wanted as per the “will of the people” ; they didn’t need to work with anybody or moderate their message. “I won the election” I believe BHO told the Republicans at a White House meeting during his 1st term. So this election that replaces that monopoly of power/policy was required to bring in people who disagree with that policy and ran against it, in order to work together to implement that repudiated policy for the people who don’t want it…yeah…that makes sense…

  5. Not to worry, George Will has a hard-hitting list of six things Republicans must do in order not to waste their victory (hat tip to

    Abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    Repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

    Repeal the Affordable Care Act’s tax on medical devices.

    Improve energy, economic, and environmental conditions by authorizing construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

    Mandate completion of the nuclear-waste repository in Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.

    Pass the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act.

    Who says conservatives are out of touch?

  6. An alternative raft of legislative proposals from the Vdare piece mentioned by Rob.

    The Anchor Baby Loophole Act of 2015
    Legislation that declares—as Congress has the power to do—the children born in the US to illegal aliens are not citizens of the United States.

    The Deportation Act of 2015
    We are told, over and over, that we can’t deport all 11, 20 or however many millions of illegals there are. But a GOP majority could pass a bill mandating goals of deporting some of them, say one million, an entirely achievable goal. (Obama, if he wanted to, could already do this without passing any laws.)

    The Build-A-Fence Bill of 2015
    Mandating actually building a fence—one that works, and voting the funds for it. Previous fences have been mandated, but then Congress cut the funding, like Senator Cruz tried to do with Obamacare—see Defund Obamacare? The Border Fence Was, by Patrick Cleburne .

    The Official English Act of 2015
    Outside of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the official language of the United States is English, and while governmental entities may choose to communicate in foreign languages, they can’t be required to. They might also put in a “Civil Rights For English Speakers” Clause which says that employers can’t require American workers to speak Spanish—the kind of rights that the Government of Quebec insists on for Quebecois workers.

    The Moratorium Act of 2015
    While we’re waiting for all those people to be deported, we need to freeze legal immigration. (Last night, Ed Rubenstein reminded us that “although Main Stream Media commentary never mentions it, monthly job creation must be set against approximately 90,000 new workers who arrive every month under current policy.”)

    The Troops On The Border Act of 2015
    Congress probably can’t actually order troops to the border—the current Commander in Chief, after all, is on the other side—but they can officially recognize that the Army has a role in defending the border—as it does in Mexico–because civilian agencies who’ve been doing this seem to have let millions and millions of illegals past, and there’s a crisis.

  7. The new Republican senate should dismiss Obama’s attorney general nomination out of hand. Holder was quite enough, thanks.

    A confirmation would offer a customary lesson in demoralization to their fleetingly enthused constituents.

    This is an area where republican/conservatives never play hard ball. And certainly not when raysis ordnance may be lobbed onto their position. But people are growing increasingly weary of that hoary charade. And so how invigorating if they were to simply say “no.” The impotent howls from tick-tock Timmy alone would be reward enough.

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