Message Received

You almost have to appreciate the glib disingenuousness of homo politico. Whatever an election’s results, the message is always the one they wanted to hear.

I’m reminded of that cinematic masterpiece, The Man with Two Brains. Wherein Barack Martin appeals for guidance to a portrait of his late electoral wife.

Honey if you feel there is anything wrong with my importation of the entire third world into your subdivision, just give me a sign.

This followed by smoke, gales, lightning, crashes, and a long anguished howl.

Any kind of sign. I’ll keep on the lookout. Meanwhile I’ll just put you in the closet.

And so into the closet legacy America goes until it realizes that spinning around on the wall every two years isn’t sufficiently demonstrative to impart its displeasure.

So to the electorate Obama says I hear you. It’s more Mexicans you want.

Though the president isn’t DC’s only perceptive pol. Former senate majority leader elect Harry Reid takes the public’s temperature exactly: The message from voters is clear, they want us to work together.

One has to admire the preciousness of that statement. Like a man found guilty of murder trying to avoid the gallows with: Your honor the message from the jury is clear, they want no one else to die.

I wonder how well the callow, youthful McConnell has diagnosed the public mood? He plans to push forward on areas…such as energy, trade agreements and corporate tax reform.

See this is a man who gets it. He knows what animates his base. Americans are furious about the lack of progress on trade agreements and corporate tax reform. You can hear it on the streets and around dinner tables. There is anxiety in the air. A low murmur of discontent, building quickly to crescendo: GET PAN-ASIAN TARIFFS AND CORPORATE TAX RATES LOWERED…NOW!!!

Let this assuage all concerns. Republicans understand exactly why they were just elected.


5 thoughts on “Message Received

  1. If there’s no action by Republicans on Obamacare and illegal immigration, this will be their last election as a coherent political party (assuming they are one now). A new, American Nationalist party will form, and 85-90% of Republicans will join it. Personally, that’s OK by me.

    • Would that it were so. This idea that we’re all about corporate tax cuts and free trade, as if those matter more than who our neighbors and coworkers (and co-parasites) are is so beyond reason and the experience of everyday life for all but the megarich.

      • As I believe I commented on your site back in 2012, Mr. Roach, a socially conservative party that embraced immigration restrictions and some mild protectionism would sweep to victory in this country, getting 65-70% of the white vote. It’s only a matter of time before someone figures this out. But, like you, I’ll bet that it isn’t the Republicans…

  2. I’m mildly curious as to how 2014 is going to differ materially in lessons and aftermath from the 2010 midterms. I haven’t heard of Timmy Wise penning a tick-tock paean to white eradication, though I also haven’t looked.

    Though I agree with TC that there is an enormous electoral open field for a candidate/party who in any slight manner took the concerns of the white middle class to heart.

    As I ridiculed above, just look at McConnell’s initial reaction: more cheap Asian competition for dwindling manufacturers and lower corporate taxes? This will inspire whom exactly outside the Technology CEO Council? The dogged deafness of Republicans is quite remarkable.

    Either a renegade within their ranks is going to remake the party or an upstart competitor will cannibalize them utterly. As an example, note the following popularity graph of the Spanish “We Can” party.

    • It’s actually scary how stupid and corrupt the Republican party is. What’s even scarier is that they are still marginally better than the Democrats…

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