Every two years the rapidly transforming American population shambles from their homes, catches trains from Guatemala, and rises from graves to vote for one of two establishment parties. The battle to attract a majority of each inner city precinct’s 714% voter turnout is intense. To this end, every candidate offers a raft of quickly forgotten promises.

Though some precious few political commitments are inviolable. To their exclusively white constituency, Republicans vow: We will do nothing for you. The solemnity with which this is both uttered and observed has moistened many cheeks. But the Democrats have a pledge of equal honesty to the legacy Americans they so long ago turned against: We will grind you to pulp…and defecate on the remains. In an environment so rife with glib dissembling, it is these two forthright positions around which so many rally.

Utter indifference or implacable hostility. Alas we can only select one.

If time permits, I’ll update and analyze returns later. Those inclined may offer observations, anecdotes, predictions, or general ridicule in the rectangles below. You can even comment more than once…it’s America!


9 thoughts on “Electioneering

  1. So far, Georgia’s 58% native-born statehouse just scrawls in “Republican” five minutes after the polls close and that’s that. I don’t know for how much longer. I can only pray we at least get enough upper-tier mestizos who really do pay comp premiums and taxes.

    I swear the phenotypes are getting so exotic around here I’m expecting to see bones thru people’s noses.

    • In hindsight it would have been wise for the drafters of the constitution to have added something like…

      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively

      That way the people of Georgia could have made sovereign decisions about their dispossession.

      But no one can think of everything. And besides, how many divisions has the constitution got?

      Speaking of divisions, prepare eagerly for John McCain as chairman of the armed services committee. We have so many nukes just sitting there doing nothing.

  2. I am so naturally disinclined to like democracy, I felt a little guilty voting this morning. But I’m down in Florida, and things get pretty close down here. I’d hate to think if I and everyone else who was “game theoretic too clever by half” did the same thing, we’d end up with an insane homosexual closeted Democratic at the helm again, so I did what I felt was right.

    • I always vote. Anyone in a jurisdiction with a semi-favorable fringe party on the ballot should do the same. We have only the establishment parties because no one votes for anything other.

      Though I suspect we’ve long since crossed the “change via ballot” rubicon.

      • As someone said a few years ago “America is at that awkward stage – it’s too late to work within the system, and too early to shoot the bastards…”

  3. I was just reviewing the gallery of undead incumbents in tonight’s senatorial races…

    The aptly named Dick Durbin at a spry 69
    Mitch Mcconell at 72
    Lamar Alexander, 74
    Thad Cochran, 76

    These desiccated mummies are actually running for additional six year terms at ages when most non-sociopaths are bouncing their fully adult grandchildren on their knees.

    Though I suppose those tenures will be nothing if, in 2018, then 85 year-old crone Dianne Feinstein decides to challenge her co-ethnic, Methuselah, for longevity.

    It all makes me wonder…why? Are these men even capable of doing hard justice to taut-bodied DC call girls? Is Feinstein? I can only presume the heady musk of obsequious sycophants drawn to the trappings of power must be an irresistible intoxicant.

  4. “Are these men even capable of doing hard justice to taut-bodied DC call girls?”

    Ha! That’s classic! They don’t do anything “hard”, especially work…because if being a Senator at 85, was anything like work, they would have run away a long time ago.

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