Patrons Piss on Pinocchio Press

I read recently where Google now generates more in advertising revenue than the entire print media industry. A 2012 version of the article is here, and has been updated since though I fail to locate it given meager effort.


And though Google is certainly no friend to the readers of this site, it’s a fascinating trend that is not wholly technology driven. Many newspapermen like to assuage their bell-tolling grief by embracing a fatalistic “it had to happen” lament. People, particularly those of more recent vintage, want their news and opinion delivered electronically. And what could print do against this? Unfortunately for them, that isn’t the whole story. For not only did their means of delivery become antiquated, but also their content. Milquetoast mainstream liberalism has been the only permissible perspective for newspapers across the country (including those handful of nominally conservative) for generations. The same with magazines, excluding fringe editions that attract no material sponsorship.

While editors of these outlets hew tightly to their received wisdom, huge swaths of the market no longer accept their Pravda monopoly. Diversity, Vibrant, Youths, Teens, and Random Act of Violence are now acknowledged terms of derision. Ones that, to my own personal amazement, this industry continues to obliviously deploy. Do they ever deign to read their own electronic comment sections? The ridicule in race-related articles will usually commence by the first or second entry. The original article doesn’t even function as a medium to communicate information, but rather as a clay-pigeon. A lump of dumb transparent propaganda, briefly wobbling airborne with no other function than to be fired upon by the exasperated readership who are increasingly having none of it. Of course when this fire becomes too accurate or intense, editors routinely shut down the range with the now ubiquitous: Comments are closed. This uttered with an impenetrable lack of circumspection. Those were just thousands of comments by hate-filled racist extremists. Nothing to see there. This followed a quarter later by shocked anguish at disintegrating financials. It’s almost as if the public no longer trusts these outlets. And almost as if they can’t comprehend why.

And so media consumers continue to move in two intersecting directions. Away from both paper and the pap printed on it. More are seeking outlets that speak candidly about the world on display from their own senses. And more want to be able to discuss what they see in terms outside the sliver of publicly acceptable discourse. In short, people gravitate to sources they trust.

A brief closing anecdote: My local newspaper recently called to market a subscription. The salesman stated his terms…$25/month (or some such) for full delivery.

I want more than $25/month.

ummm, sir, actually it would be you paying us.

Oh. Well that’s out of the question then.

But sir, how will you remain informed?

How indeed?


3 thoughts on “Patrons Piss on Pinocchio Press

  1. My aging grandfather is stuck living in the suburban outskirts of a negrotropolis, which is down to one remaining major print newspaper. Well, that paper decided to adjust its strategic aim through supply-based consolidation and leveraged group expenditures: namely, they dropped their print circulation to four issues per week. Ahh, but these editions would feature more content, so there was no need to drop subscription prices!

    Ever the agent for emerging market opportunities and evolving infrastructures, my grandfather instead decided to take a bi-daily stroll down to the corner store to chat with the clerk and pay a few coins for his papyrus palliative. Nowadays however, he needs a walker to move around and forgoes the newspaper altogether. LOL!

  2. The trouble is, what happens to these commenters when they go into the voting booth at election time? They have the same privacy they enjoy when ridiculing MSM’s treatment of race on the Web, yet they vote for the same worthless politicians as if they’d swallowed the Narrative, hook, line and sinker. I can’t understand that.

    • I haven’t voted in 23 years. But I can understand whites who look at the party of negroes, government employees, bluehairs, Jews, deviants and Jewish deviants and the party of people who at least look like them and voting for the latter.

      If Hillary Clinton somehow ends up on the ballot and the Republicans run somebody other than a Bush or Good Old Mitt, I may bestir myself to vote.

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