The Hart-Celler Rubicon

Is America burdened with a President that heads one of three co-equal branches of the federal government…or with an emperor? The former is reputedly obliged to obey and enforce written laws, while the latter enjoys the latitude of fiat. And just because some withering scrap of paper indicates a preference is not a determining factor.

In reading speculation of Obama’s post-election (naturally) executive immigration edict, many are anticipating a move of breathtaking scale. Something along the lines of 1965–in hyper-drive. And though my question is quaint, pedantic, almost pointless it still percolates to the surface: Under what authority? Under what authority may a president simply renounce law that he finds chaffing to his designs?

Though this naive query is nothing more than the antique remnant of my goyishe kopf percolating to the surface. One has the power that others cede to you, whether by force or personality. And if Obama orders tattered borders removed, and congress recedes, the court agrees, bureaucrats obey, and citizens merely sulk…the law is established. Documents will have absolutely no comment on the matter.

And so I begin to wonder if there exists a bridge too far. One would think overt hostile invasion would offer quite a trigger. Historically it has. Though we are pacified, declawed, and distracted beyond any historical precedent. Perhaps it may yet if Obama chooses thermonuclear national annihilation. But even if he does something on the order of explicitly open immigration, who will do what? And as you cast about for answers to that question, attempt to determine exactly then what are the contours of his authority? Imagine also for a moment if rightists could ever comprehend that power doesn’t emanate from paper. When in power the right makes rules; the left makes population. Do those nominally on our side ever pause to wonder which is ultimately more effective?

Keep breathing while you wait.

Jeff Sessions sees the world turned upside down.

Zuckerburg remains engaged in his typically garish Brown Dawn masturbation.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


4 thoughts on “The Hart-Celler Rubicon

  1. The ghost-shirters will be still quibbling about the Constitution after the last Central American has moved to the US. As for the population at large, probably the greatest chance of waking them up would be if all television broadcasts and all sporting events ceased for six months. That might help concentrate their minds.

    • It won’t happen, though I hold vague hopes Obama will go full African in a couple of years and decide, like his dark continent kin, that eight (years) isn’t enough.

      There’s no logical reason it would induce potato chip-Americans to action when explicit invasion does not–though I believe it would.

    • You’re right that sports are one of the most insidious forms of mental poison Americans guzzle voluntarily on a regular basis. I see the tradition of neighborhood groups of kids getting together for informal baseball or basketball games as a fundamentally different phenomenon from televised spectator sports. The former fosters community, interpersonal skills, and fitness; the latter, on the other hand, encourages obesity, happiness in mindless postracial spectacle, and blind allegiance to a certain color of uniform. Professional sports are the perfect metaphor for multiculturalism. You’re not supposed to support a player based on who he is or what relevance, if any, he might possibly have to you or your life. You’re just supposed to recognize that he becomes a part of the favored team as soon as he puts on the right color of uniform. Who cares if he comes from the Dominican Republic?

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