He Coulda Been a Contender

If America had been burdened with something less than an utterly corrupt media, it would have been interesting to hear a reporter ask President Obama the following innocent question: How are you teaching your daughters about their white heritage?

Michelle and I…
very proud…

As has been asserted previously in these pages, practically no mortal man is capable of ruling a petri-dish empire like the US to the satisfaction of its many disparate constituencies. That even blacks are comically vexed at Obama is more an indictment of the country than the man. Because the termites of the left have assiduously gnawed it to a void, what remains increasingly has no core, no dominant culture, mores, or standards of behavior. It is all electrons and no nucleus. Instead of a nation, it has metastasized into competing tribes in the same geography. With all tribes competing but one. And as such there is little conception of common good among any. Rather all issues are zero sum. And all goodies are spoils.

What have you done for us specifically? is the question to which each tribe demands a response. And Obama, like all others, obsequiously caters. He was not the change they had been waiting for. Because what messianic liberal whites elected, in a hope against dope, was for a christ-figure black man to absolve their original sin of whiteness. To tell them they were welcome in his Kingdom on Earth. To above all, please, please, please not call them racist. Other groups, unsurprisingly, had differing designs. Blacks expected more gibs and hispanics more colonization. Meanwhile, reminiscing conservative whites wave their flags and chant patriotic pablum as if the incantations will return the country their fathers were too craven to bequeath.

Of course none of these groups are now happy.

But I’d like to return to a what-could-have-been for Obama. What if he had not been merely a more genteel Jesse Jackson, surrounding himself with a coterie of career cronies and a black panther in the Justice Department? What if he had been the president his famed 2004 speech suggested? What if he had still ruled as a doctrinaire liberal, but removed the racial hook from whites’gaping mouths? What if he had come out against racial preferences and hourly accusations of “raysis?” What if he had truly embraced the concept of a colorblind, by the content of your character “One Nation?” What if he had actually sought to earn that Nobel peace prize both at home and abroad? What if he had simply told whites that they were valued, had a home, were no longer blamed, were vital in America’s great mosaic (blah blah)…I do believe he would now be history’s most revered American statesman across the political spectrum. And probably could have ruled without serious opposition.

But obviously Obama delivered nothing promised by that speech. And race relations have deteriorated during his tenure. Perhaps we should be grateful whites weren’t provided the redeemer of their desperation. For the notion of electing black presidents to heal the racial rift seems now to be a very quaint one indeed.

And while presiding over this increasingly fractured polyglot clusterfuck is a practical impossibility, I still can’t help but wonder at what might have been for a sincere Obama in that brief leg-tingling moment when a nation turned its idiotically rapturous eyes to him.


2 thoughts on “He Coulda Been a Contender

  1. LOL. Yes, as old dead white Shakespeare said, “There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.” Of course, old Bill was referring to actual men, not creatures like President Obola.

    I’ve got a similar ‘Casey at the bat’ story which I trot out fairly regularly. You are probably well-read enough to be passingly familiar with the US Episcopal Church’s devolution into this.

    When all this was originally brewing–the nomination of an openly practicing gay man to the bishopric in the US and, earlier, female bishops–the Archbishop of Canterbury +Rowan (Williams), an old Welshman known to be sympathetic to tradition, could have nipped this Gramscian snowball in the bud. He could have told the US hierarchs, from the authority of 2,000 years of Church teachings, that they were out of communion and don’t bother showing up to Lambeth. The tide would turn as renegade parishes and dioceses started winning their lawsuits and the Great Purge of this venerable American institution would have begun. Liberal bishops would be deposed or suppress their Marxist urges, under threat of loss of income. Parishes would swell as the old liturgical forms took hold and the church would be for families instead of a creepy redoubt for old Wiccans and their gay friends.

    Now, the current Archbishop won’t even hold another decennial synod as his former Communion fractures into history. All because +Rowan failed to step up.* There’s an obvious moral for us here: if, in our little lives, there comes a time to step up, we should step up.

    But more often than not, nobody has our backs, we’re too busy earning a living with too many people depending on us, we really do fear the boot coming down or being drawn and quartered by a black mob, etc. I have no answers.

    * – Customarily, the Archbishop of Canterbury makes a visit during his tenure to his former hierarch, the Pope of Rome. +Rowan duly invited himself after all this and Il Papa (the great +Benedict) kept him cooling his heels in the lobby for an hour before coming out to meet him in public (no private audience) and tell him in diplomatic Church-ese, “Get your shit together you stupid old fairy.” In the rarified air of sovereign diplomacy, it was quite a smackdown.

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