When shall we three meet again…in thunder, lightning, or in rain?

1) Twice deported colonist comes out of the shadows to murder the cops Americans won’t murder. Non-vibrant funerals to follow.

2) Democrats move to regulate political speech on blogs. Kakistocracy shifts to horticulture.

3) French Calais a “lawless jungle.” Many thanks to the far left.

4) Rifts form in the Americans and Israelis united for Israel organization. Republicans await direction from Mr. Adelson.

5) An African family of six exercises their constitutional right to live in America at their sole discretion. Suffers racial quaranfiling as a result.

6) Legacy Americans down to 58% of electorate in Georgia. Always eager to help liberals advise republicans to jettison.

7) Here it comes. Brown dawn.

8) Most wealthy in America are jews and hindus. That ole white privilege, she ain’t what she used to be.

9) Open borders economists flummoxed by proliferation of poverty in Britain. Politicians regard destitute bigots and say let us eat steak.

10) I must admit, this sentence offers a concise summation.

And because I have a heart as soft as a marshmallow, here’s to the most beautiful time of year.



4 thoughts on “When shall we three meet again…in thunder, lightning, or in rain?

  1. Yes, cognitive dissonance is the pinnacle of intellectual achievement.
    Like putting a bullet in your brain is a grossly inefficient way to kill yourself.
    Breathing air and eating food is the wrong way to live.
    Truth and reality are mutually exclusive.
    Out is in.
    Down is up.
    Eggs and chickens are begotten by omlets.
    Hate is love.
    Pain is pleasure.
    Well then history must be in the future, and what has been is yet to occur.
    I relish the flavor of what I have not yet tasted, for I exist in spite of my opression.
    To deny me meaning proves my relevance.
    The end is just the beginning.
    Rising up will eventually go down.
    There is no darkness without light.
    There is no dawning without a night.

  2. Thanks for the pretty picture. High IQ, right…. hopefully the high IQ Hindus in command of the Future American Nation will preserve this beautiful forest better than they have in their own country.

    Anecdotal story1: despite all their shortcomings and not necessarily super high IQ ( in Hindu standard) the French Kings were very sensitive to the preservation of the Natural Environment. Being aware of the cost of the marine wood-fleet in term of deforestation, and of the long time required for trees to grow, they enforced measures to balance deforestation and planting of new trees. The policies were set for the incredible time-frame of a Hundred years! Basically they were planning their decisions for the wealth of the great or great great children of France.
    We will see if today’s high IQ, diversity and blah blah blah-based policies, can beat that.

    Anecdotal story 2, it’s an English (I believe) joke to mock the French:
    V day finally comes, the Brits:” Phew, Gentlemen, we are lucky to be not as smart as the French. They immediately understood that the German military was vastly superior to their, and accordingly surrendered to an inevitable German victory. But we couldn’t understand that, so we kept fighting…”

  3. Oh, I don’t know why but I confused the ‘most wealthy’ and the ‘highest IQ’ in America.
    Well, I have no doubt that soon or later, a ‘scientific study’ will demonstrate the highest IQ in America are Jews and Hindus. So I am just commenting in advance.

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