I have previously opined on the business opportunities soon to blossom in the moat development and maintenance industry. This will occur as more and more people, in descending order of social strata, come to realize that this anticipated function is no longer being performed by the state.

Before our descent into the periphery of post civilization, it was understood that people would pay for politicians and factotums within the state apparatus to perform certain functions in the interests of those who elect and employ them. One of those functions was to dig and maintain figurative moats. Boundaries. Defenses. Things that separated what we have and what we create from those who want to destroy or steal it. Things that furthered our interests and maintained our unique culture. Things that assured us of continuity knowing that our children would inherit the countries built by our fathers. In simplest terms, we gave them a cut of our sweat so that we could generate prosperity rather than having to stand on our porch with a rifle. We worked for them; they worked for us. Symbiosis.

You may have noticed that’s not quite how things have evolved. One can only presume that three trillion in federal taxes, $1.6T in state, and $1.1T in local just can’t stretch to buy trenchers and crocodiles these days. And as this realization seeps slowly into the receded ganglions of the American public, many will begin digging their own by any means possible. One example is described in the following article..

Wealthy Suburb Proposes Split From City, Prompting Calls Of Racism And Inequality

Baton Rouge, La. (CBS HOUSTON) – A petition calling for the creation of a new city in a wealthy white suburb of Baton Rouge has divided the city’s residents in a debate about race and public education.

Currently part of the East Baton Rouge Parish, more than 18,000 residents of the St. George suburb south of the area have signed a petition to split from Baton Rouge, BBC News reports of the ongoing controversial proposal. But stark divisions in race and wealth have prompted many to accuse the move as simply an abandonment of the poorer, black sections of the city.

Advocates for the new so-called city of St. George say that they are simply looking to improve the quality of their local public schools and to more directly control the placement of their taxpayer dollars. According to the Baton Rouge area Chamber of Commerce, the median household income for the proposed St. George city is $30,000 higher than in the city of Baton Rouge, with the rest of the parish relying heavily on tax revenue from such residents.
“Race unequivocally has nothing to do with this,” Saint George spokesman Lionel Rainey III told BBC News. “They’re just trying to create a city. The goal is to create a city here, which would be a sister city to Baton Rouge.”

“What they’d like to see is their tax dollars kept local,” continued Rainey. “And representation here local. But more important than that, they want the opportunity to change the public schools in this area and to stop families from leaving this area. Because middle class families are leaving more and more and more every year.”

Advocates in favor of the proposed St. George city say they need less than 2,000 signatures to hit the goal of 20,000 signatures that would enable them to place the independence vote on the ballot. “We’re in the home stretch now, whenever we reach 25 percent of the registered voters we can then bring the issue to vote for people in this area,” said Shane Liles, who is going door-to-door in favor of the Saint George campaign. Liles said that there are plenty of great school systems surrounding the St. George area, but none within its limits. “Living where we do, there’s only a few options: You can either send your kids to private school and pay tuition, or you can move.”

But the significant racial and financial divide between Baton Rouge and the proposed St. George city has angered many Baton Rouge residents with accusations of a return to segregation. The new city would be 70 percent white and 23 percent black, compared to Baton Rouge, which would be 55 percent black and 40 percent white.

Fighting against the proposed city is the “Better Together” campaign, with member Celeste Reynolds and others canvassing neighborhoods to express their opposition to St. George’s split from Baton Rouge. “The St. George breakaway would have some very serious racial consequences for the city of Baton Rouge, issues like segregating the schools,” Reynolds told the BBC. “We just don’t think it’d be right for the wealthy, predominately white part of the city to break away from the less privileged, majority black part.”

“You cannot simply abandon the poor because you may have the power and the muscle to do it,” said East Baton Rouge Parish School Board member Domoine Rutledge. “80-plus percent of our student population are poor. When you have a very high concentration of poor children – regardless of race – it’s increasingly challenging to get those children up to speed or grade level.”

The African-American Antoine family lives in St. George, and also opposes the split.
“In St. George, what you’re going to see is that old movie, that old representation where white water fountain, color water fountain. I’m a single father, I’ve been in this house for 15 years and everything is not perfect, but it’s a work in progress,” said the family’s father. “Most of the people who initiated the St. George movement, were your upper-class, maybe six-figure income parents who were putting their kids in private schools. People who would rather walk past you on the street, cross the street, than look at you. You become a part of a city that was structured and organized based on that premise. You can’t help but assume you’re not going to be welcomed.”

But St. George proponents dismiss claims of race or wealth disparity factoring into the proposal.

“You know it’s unfortunate that the opponents try to pull the race card, responded St. George spokesman Lionel Rainey III. “Race unequivocally has nothing to do with this. Public schools are bad here. We want to take control of our public schools. It’s a real problem and race is the last thing that’s on anybody’s mind. We’re trying to create a city so we’d have our own mayor, and have our own city council and the tax dollars would stay here and we could create a school system here.”

The dissembling and cant from both sides is hilarious in its transparency. And this is another rarely lamented victim of the Left’s cultural March to the Sea. Because of their infantile screeching, pointing, and “isms,” all candor has been vacuumed from public dialogue. Instead debates are now conducted exclusively in ridiculous codes and gestures. If primary parties were truth-serumed, here is the honest exchange:

Whites: “We’re sick to our fucking gills of being criminally victimized by you and having to beggar ourselves paying for private schools and ‘good neighborhoods’ to protect our children from the predations of your multitudinous and unattended offspring whose ‘education,’ by the way, we also pay for.”

Blacks: “The feeling is wholly mutual whiteys. We hate you. And will continue to display that disdain in the most physical manner possible when and where we feel inclined to do so. And though we’d prefer you depart the planet wholesale, we do require your tax dollars to keep us living in the manner to which we have grown accustomed. So you’re going to stay right here. And keep your goddamned racist mouths shut.”

One might feel obliged to then add the coda: Diversity is our strength!

And so whites will increasingly dig moats, as will to a lesser extent blacks where they are being encroached upon by Amerinds. “Calls of Racism” will continue to be prompted as whites, I suppose to the last man, will continue to deny they have the slightest interest in their own survival.

And as this macabre experiment in liberal petri-dish multiculturalism proceeds toward its inevitable conclusion in tears, moats will come to be its cultural logo.


9 thoughts on “Moats

  1. That’s very interesting. Whites are beginning to finesse it. St. George should initiate a quota for black students and residents based on national ratios. We care! Then, sadly, a fine would need to be paid (regrettably) as punishment for not meeting it.

  2. The only way to salvage it would be to abolish every civil rights law on the books, and allow citizens to self-segregate and interact or not interact as they wish. Kind of like they do now, wherever and whenever they are allowed.

    Otherwise, yes–reality can only be denied for so long. It will all end in tears.

  3. “whites, I suppose to the last man, will continue to deny they have the slightest interest in their own survival.”

    This is why I think liberalism is a Christian heresy. According to “November of the Soul,” a book I once read about suicide – bear with me here – the early Christian church had to change its policy on suicide because too many devout young people were killing themselves, the idea being that if you die young enough you will have an unsullied soul and be more likely to go to heaven. Of course the Christian church, being a human institution with human ambitions, had to proscribe suicide before all its best and brightest disappeared.

    If you believe in an afterlife, it makes sense to give up material benefits in this life for an eternal reward. But if you are a materialist, sacrificing yourself for an intangible ideal is pointless at best, masochistic at worst: you are giving yourself while getting nothing in return, in this life or the next. My point is that liberalism presently constituted is a materialist ideology – nothing wrong with that in moderate doses, I would add – which is openly disdainful of its own material benefit. So true-believing liberals (there are a few out there, believe it or not) sacrifice themselves for… nothing. No afterlife, no proud family or national tradition, just space dust. No God, only religion.

    • I could just as easily say Christians were corrupted by liberalism, which was a by-product of Success. What if liberalism was a product of success? Liberalism 1.0 began around the time of Capt. Cook when europeans had crushed the other races. The elites began to sentimentalize the noble savage. Elites, such as the Earl of Sandwich (Cook’s sponsor), began “adopting” what we now call 3rd world people brought back to England by Cook. This signaled social rank. JJ Rousseau was lionized by aristos. His first book was burnt in the streets of Paris by a Catholic priest.

      This whole business of status marking has spiraled out of control due to mass media, leisure, and the rise of the “star.” Warhol once said he wanted to sell underwear of the stars. Five dollars if washed and $15 if unwashed.

      • I completely agree that excessive wealth and success breeds complacency. And I had never heard of Captain Cook, so thank you for the history lesson 🙂 There was a medieval muslim philosopher (no, not Salman Rushdie) who said that wealth and virtue are inversely related. If that insight was the only exposure to diversity I’d ever experienced, I’d be most grateful, but the point (which is your point, I think) stands that when you have it too good for too long you begin to take the things that gave you a good life in the first place for granted – namely family (and, by extension, nation) and religion.

        I’ll admit that I’m not a Christian – not because I don’t think the central claims of Christianity are true, they probably are, but simply because, as Walker Percy mused, no one wants to be associated with Christians, least of all Christians – so perhaps I used the word heresy incorrectly. What I meant to say is that liberalism is tantamount to the infiltration of Christianity by the devil (sort of like how Dostoevsky thought that communism was the infiltration of Russian society by the devil in Christ’s clothing). As far as I can tell liberalism = Christianity without Christ = meekness without judgment = suicide without the eternal reward.

        Okay no more caffeine today

    • Re: wealth vs. virtue, having gone to school with a bunch of spoiled rich kids I can attest that nothing corrupts the spirit like unearned wealth. Compare the Greatest Generation with the Baby Boomers. The latter vote for neoliberal scumbags like Reagan, G.W. Bush and Obama/Romney because of the privileges bestowed by the former who, however misguided their efforts may have been, actually had to overcome real problems.

      Re: my gratitude, I often have to remind myself that existential crises are a privilege that very few outside the ruling classes enjoy.

  4. I don’t know about the individuals in this story who want to separate, but in most cases the people who choose to shut themselves off from the multicultural hellhole that America has become are the people who created it in the first place.

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