The Economics of Ebola

We’ve previously discussed The Smallest Immigrants. Though another worthy addition to our “rich tapestry” of undocumented pathogens has arrived. There is now a confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas, with the upside of the infected having contact with several children who have all been attending their local indoctrination mill. Hopefully this won’t lead to an encroachment of communicable diseases into the normal classroom curriculum of white malfeasance. At long last, has this virus no sense of decency?

Though this is exactly the type of occurrence that could proliferate into a clarifying event. Ebola could have easily been prevented from arriving to these shores. Simply block all traffic and personnel from the infected areas. That’s all. Doctors who wished to conspicuously display their virtue could either attend to the sick domestically pro bono or indulge themselves in Africa with the foreknowledge that this was a one-way ticket until the epidemic was extinguished. But of course, that would both inconvenience the peacocks and violate our fundamentalist modern pieties. It would be unfortunate if thousands of Americans expired via eyesocket exsanguination, though if diversity were impacted, well, that would be an even greater tragedy. But to a great many, watching a loved one excruciatingly perish to a disease that was wholly preventable will focus the mind. Hopefully on the two-legged rodents that imported it.

Our society’s maladaptive behavior has resulted from two primary components: numbers and price. White liberals, and those who do the thinking for them, smashed the social compact by importing foreign proxies to overwhelm their own people. Almost like a family argument decided by one side inviting in 14 strangers to settle the debate. A victory as brief as it is sweet. As for price, most have avoided the direct costs of vibrancy. And those who do are not always able to contemplate the indirect costs, like strained services, higher taxes, and stagnated wages.

Ebola infections, in contrast, represent quite direct costs. And will possibly even lead to calculations in minds previously able only to fathom “Second down and six to go.” Calculations such as racial antipathies are growing and becoming multifaceted; taxes and prices keep increasing; high-paying jobs are scarce and many going to foreigners; universities are astronomical and openly discriminate against my children; air travel has become insufferable; the police state is armed like the First Infantry division; the federal government has become openly hostile; ever-growing swaths of formerly beautiful cities are now third world criminal enterprise zones. And now fatal exotic diseases have come to stalk our country.

Remind us again what we get from “diversity?”


10 thoughts on “The Economics of Ebola

  1. The first AIDS carrier to the US was a gay airline steward with hundreds of sexual contacts per year. Many elites have gay relatives and could empathize. But a black from Liberia who knew he was infected and wanted western medical attention might be a bridge too far.

  2. The really disturbing thing is, even the damned Europeans have curtailed air travel to West Africa. When you get more pansyfied and multiculti than Europe, the death wish is truly strong.

  3. True story. I once lived above a couple of Nigerians (at least I thought they were from Nigeria) who owned a restaurant in a major American citay. One night I was awoken by a terrible smell. I’d never smelled such a stink in all my life and haven’t since even after living and traveling all over the world. The stench was clearly coming from the unit below, the Nigerians. I’ve more than once surmised they smuggled monkey meat, or as it turns out, bats!, into the country and decided to have a real gourmand fete.

    At some point it might be racist to deny transplanted Africans their deeply held traditions. But, the elites might freak on this one and finesse it. Still, Muslims slaughter goats on Eid, coming in a few days, and the elites don’t seem to mind.

  4. Dallas Health Director and African American Zac Thompson, probably hired to increase diversity in the board, (as were Dallas ISD superintendant Mike Miles or Dallas Police Chief Brown (whose son is in jail for murder)), nonetheless told us in several TV appearances, about a month ago, that everything was under control and that there was no risk for the population and therefore no reason to worry.
    Hmmm, 1 dead and hundreds under confinement later, strangely we don’t see Mr Thompson anymore. He is strangely absent.
    Can we expect Gov. Rick Perry, who can’t remember 3 things in a row, to sack those incompetent money suckers (I have to include Dallas commissioner Wiley Price here) ?
    Probably not. We will hear later that Zac Thompson decided to quit his job for ‘personal or familial reasons that have nothing to do with the Ebola outbreak n Dallas’.
    Anyway, I quit Texas. It should go back to Mexico. The Alamo has been long forgotten and that was the only thing Texans were supposed to do: remember the Alamo, see Rick Perry above.

  5. I pray to God that Ebola runs roughshod throughout America and kills millions of people. Christians, of course, will be spared. Then we can rebuild the world in His image!

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