A Simple Plan

James Kirkpatrick pens a typically excellent essay on the typically execrable Rupublican Party. A party that has waged a war the left would envy on immigration restrictionists emerging from its right flank. Though to be more accurate and concise, the party has sought to dismember its right flank entirely–except on Election Day, when voters are temporarily forgiven past transgressions. Though managing this mess isn’t easy. Determining which neocons are granted discretion over where the axe falls on the political continuum is problematic.

An additional problem is the comi-tragic friction between the party’s sponsors it covets and the constituents it requires but disdains. The former wants global markets unfettered by the nuisance of borders, while the latter wants unraped daughters and undecapitated sons. Strangely neither side seems much concerned with what animates the other. This obviously placing venal Republican politicians in bizarre positions of moral contortion. As we can see, Republicans are discomfited by these attempts to serve two masters and so are not-at-all subtley trying to pivot from their legacy constituency to a more pliant and highly fecund replacement…and doing so to the sounds of mariachi music.

And though corporate paymasters would slam checkbooks tight, I can’t help but wonder at the vast open political market now presently left unexploited. I think of the following platform:

* Ending perpetual war and foreign occupations. Survey says.
* Pro American worker. Survey says.
* Immigration restriction and border enforcement. Survey says.
* Ending racial preferences. Survey says.
* Local and sensible environmental concerns. Not a Goldman-sponsored trading scheme.

The vagaries of political maneuvering are far beyond the scope of this modest blog. And taking a majoritarian approach is hardly a blueprint for consistent rational positioning. Though if by some strange chance majority opinion aligned with sound policy, wouldn’t it seem logical to ride the crest?

And that’s exactly the kind of extremist rhetoric the Republican Party is seeking to distance itself from.


One thought on “A Simple Plan

  1. What is up with the Republican Party?
    Everything that is not down.
    All they’ve got is oldsters that aren’t dead yet.

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