Where Have You Gone Eric Holder? Our Rappers Turn Their Raping Eyes to You

Just a single day after announcing his resignation, Attorney General Holder can only watch as the heretofore staid and avuncular profession of combative street rapping descends into barbarism.

Victorious female in rap skirmish is raped, shot, and immolated by aggrieved opponents.

After three weeks spent in a coma at Midtown Medical Center, the 36-year-old victim of what officials have called a “very brutal crime” is awake and fighting for her life, police said during a hearing for one of her accused assailants.

Ketorie Glover faced felony counts of kidnapping, hijacking a motor vehicle, rape, arson, aggravated sodomy, aggravated sexual battery, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime Monday. He pled not guilty to all charges and waived his preliminary hearing in Recorder’s Court.

Glover also has probation violations for unspecified cases in both Muscogee County State Court and Recorder’s Court.

The 23-year-old joins Joey Betrail Garron, 28, and Robert Carl Johnson, 23.

The three suspects are accused of forcing the victim into a vehicle after a spirited rap battle at a Garden Drive address. According to police, the men then drove the woman to a vacant lot at 988 Farr Road, where all three sexually assaulted her, doused her with gasoline and set her on fire.

Police report that the men shot the victim at least eight times before leaving her at the lot. She was found, crying for help, at about 7:40 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2014. “She may never walk again. She may never have the use of her left arm,” Deaton said. “She was in a coma for three weeks. They had to remove part of her lower intestines, and she’s still receiving ’round the clock care.” [And you pay the bill.]

Ashley Glover said she and her husband, whom she is presently separated from, have five children in their care. Their ages range 8-years-old and under. She describes Glover as a funny person who enjoys rapping. “He’s just a cool person to be around,” Glover said. She intends to hire a lawyer for the case. “I’m not about to let anybody hang my husband for something he didn’t do.”

Well I have to admit to expecting better from Ketorie. To lose a rap battle against a near middle-aged woman…simply unforgivable. Hopefully he didn’t use the “N-word” and so all of this raping, shooting, and barbequing can be quickly adjudicated as the trivial misdemeanors they are. And besides, Ketorie, whose disarming sobriquet on Facebook is “GrumpyBadazz,” was a bit…well, how would you feel losing a rap battle to a woman? Probably not badly at all, since we both know that sex (like race) is a social construct. Which makes me wonder why the “woman” didn’t beat up the “men” instead. It’s the glass ceiling in the ghetto I’d imagine. And though Ketorie was just turning his life around and wanted to be an astronaut, actions like this make me question his PoC perspective on feminism.

But no matter, the important thing is that crime is already spiraling out of control in post-Holder Mypeopletopia. And if we can’t engage in honest rap battles in vacant lots without setting ablaze those we’ve just shot and raped, then it’s the government’s responsibility to come make things right. For too long the rap/rape community has been marginalized. This is their cri de coeur.


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