His People Wave Goodbye

A cabinet Holder too brief by a man too black,
For bald racial advocacy to shame.
With immigration laws to attack,
And white voters to smack,
It’s raysis wot to blame.

Yet for what other purpose does civil appointment exist?
Eric pondered: fingers perched as a steeple.
Than to advance one’s tribe, I must insist,
And those who criticize really must desist.
The laws are written for us alone; my people.

Though even men of rare caliber are prone to bungle,
As with Guantanamo and Furiously Fast.
Critics wielded the constitution—this isn’t the jungle.
As he recoiled with “Race!” The strongest anti-fungal.
A media dutifully clucked, the frame recast.

And while a congress of oppressors may express its contempt,
The noble Reverend does not.
Of haters and racists he is pleasantly exempt
–consistent principle having failed the attempt.
And “No just us, no peace” is his bon mot.

So “good-bye to all that” says the AG with a wink,
I’ve companies yet to shake down.
There’s foul discrimination afoot, I solemnly think–
As our glasses of Cristal do sweetly clink.
And my old boss was a clown.


2 thoughts on “His People Wave Goodbye

  1. The brilliance of your style (almost) makes me forget the anger your content elicits. On another note, I love the banner up top contrasting Bogie’s conviction that we’ll never lose Paris with Paris in the present day. It took me a few seconds to notice the one melanin-deficient fellow in the picture. Which gave me an idea for a new game – a Where’s Waldo? for the 21st century, if you will: Where’s Whitey? (Or “Ou est l’homme blanc?” for the francophone market)

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