Toward Yesterday

Our friend Anti-Gnostic, a man so hard he shaves with a halberd, left an interesting comment at another forum:

What we are moving toward is neo-feudalism. A large, mercantile group will own an area, and you will rent everything from them. A consortium of Bloombergs will buy Manhattan Island. Same with Silicon Valley, Napa Valley, Malibu. Slum areas will be bulldozed and anybody who can’t plunk down $500K will have to leave. There will be no prisons–criminals and schizophrenic vagrants will be escorted out the gate.

Upon reflection, I think this is a remarkably plausible speculation. I hadn’t considered the notion of pooled consortiums, though the expansion of sometimes already quite expansive corporate campuses has been quietly gnawing for a while. And I think AG has articulated exactly why. Feudalism–it’s going back to the future.

I’ve long wondered exactly how those on the left who think rather than merely obey planned to manage their conflicting impetuses: diversity and “good schools.” Under the advisement of their honest feet, we know they understand the fundamental tension between the two. And since diversity now enjoys a seemingly perpetual momentum, one would think the more canny of the prole-haters would begin setting about the business of erecting those good schools. And this will be how.

Campuses of the large multinationals will simply expand to incorporate residential areas reserved for loyal and productive Neo-serfs. There will be high walls and armed security. Well-lit streets, children’s playgrounds, and soccer fields. There will be a full range of retail outlets, grocery stores, theaters, and assorted pleasant diversions. And if the dollar continues to be contemptuously debased, there will be salaries issued in scrip to pay for it all. What there will not be is unwelcome incursions from those who dwell in the ever-expanding archipelago of American favelas.

There will be corporate-provided daycare (mothers must work!) and yes, there will be good schools. Far better schools than the Thunderdome publics will be at diversity’s culmination. Though of course, these sprawling corporate redoubts will feature their own diversity. There will be an ample representation from all corners. As much a Star Wars cantina as can be assembled on Earth. Though unlike the yowling mobs outside the gates, these will all have been rigorously pre-selected to filter the violent and indolent. Further, all will understand with and without being told, that behavior running counter to “corporate values” forfeits the entire package. After all, there will be about 8 billion more applicants when your position is vacated.

And perhaps what’s most galling is that the program will work. Diversity among a cohort of screened, cowed, and relatively high intelligence cube farmers will probably result in nothing more malign than standard nepotism among supervisors. Though even this can smoothed out by HR bean counters. Workers and their families will live in an artificial diversity bubble of prosperity and security. And best of all? Liberals within can self-congratulate on their virtue and ecumenical attitude toward others–unlike those fetid racists having their teeth kicked in outside the walls. As Stalin himself once observed *to look upon my well-guarded home, to wallow in carefully crafted diversity, to laugh at those frightened for their children, and then to go to bed…there is nothing sweeter in the world.

Of course corporations aren’t going to provide the perks of safety and diversity for free. Salaries will be very low because viable employment and secure lodging options will be very lower. Feudal lords used to take half a serf’s production. That’s probably going to be an aspirational figure for future labor units. Inhabitants can forget about nice cars, expensive trinkets, and family vacations. When diversity and good schools are the only things that matter, don’t complain when they’re the only things you get.

And by the sheerest coincidence AG n’ me aren’t the only ones contemplating this future. Google has some ideas on corporate cities. As it happens Google also has some ideas on what constitutes diversity: lots of Asians. And something tells me that all of those earnest diversity lovers that come to reside in a Google City won’t mind that in the least.

*Or maybe the actual Stalin quote was this: To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plans minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then go to bed…there is nothing sweeter in the world.


23 thoughts on “Toward Yesterday

  1. And, of course, for those within the campus, there’ll be the ever-present threat of being forced to leave and experience the raw reality of diversity on the outside, if their productivity or conformity is not up to standard. What better incentive could any ruler or employer want for his serfs?

  2. One hundred years ago Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Now, its mired in debt and depression, the people addicted to a pusher Gov. I think government in the US is winning big against enterprise and corporations will continue to flee the USA. Either that or they succumb and die, unable to compete against the Asians.

    Its not that Asia is rising. China has huge problems of its own. Its that the West lives in cloud cuckoo land and is falling. Its really a question of how far the West falls.

    • Agreed. China is benefitting from the fact that it is one of the few industrialized countries on Earth that is not clinically insane. Sure, they have terrifying demographics, a deteriorating environment, a sclerotic and corrupt Communist party, and a declining resource base, but their leadership is pretty much dealing with the world as it actually is, rather than some ideologically-induced opium dream. In the Kingdom of the blind…

      • China is still man-oriented. Corporations, business and enterprise thrive on competition and aggressive team-player men. The west was the best by far. Women hate competition and they now drive the culture of the West. True, Hillary was influenced by Alinsky. But that’s to push Big Gov, to get more addicts. Women are practical, not ideological. The West wants to seduce and subvert men, not lead through reason and manly virtue. You, being a guy, are projecting your maleness onto a culture that believes in nothing at all. There is no ideology anymore. Other than emptiness and irony. When a “public servant” like Lois Lerner stereotypes white men as cannibal serial killers you know we have moved far beyond a sane system of ideas. If seduction fails, subversion must fill. If neither works, hysterical scapegoating and catharsis.

  3. IA, I think corporations will purchase a great deal of protection from government. In fact, I find it equally likely that they will come to exert more influence over The State than the opposite. Congressmen and bureaucrats enjoy varying levels of pleasant sinecure. But if they play ball as needed, corporations can make them truly rich. So the aggregate bet must be placed on either their honest fidelity to public service or their venality.

    Also, if corporate flight ever does become too much of a nuisance for The State, there is a wide raft of punitive tax options to dissuade future movement. And at this point, one must presume that only executive whim by fiat is required for implementation.

    Finally, a note on China. Yes it is a mess in many ways, and still shockingly impoverished through vast swaths. But its ascending trajectory seems obvious, particularly in contrast with that of America. And I hear Repeatedly of China’s dire demographics–how the country will grow old before it grows strong. And I look at the numbers and wonder what in hell these people are babbling about. China has significantly more children age 0-14 than America has people of European descent. From an unbiased perspective, our demographics must appear far more perilous than theirs.

    • Thank you for responding.

      I used to know a lot of western businessmen in China. They were the only white guys I’ve known since the 60s who openly raised hell and had a lot of fun too. They joked about blacks (zero in China), had submissive! Chinese mistresses, drank, smoked cigars – we were an old-fashioned man’s club. A different world! There was a program on BBC called Running Asia, about the western men who actually own and manage the place. Its really a kind of colonialism except this time the Chinese elites actively cooperate. The elites do two things – supply cheap labor and a workable infrastructure. They happily take their pay-offs. Its part of doing business. This idea of businessmen corrupting innocent politicians, in China and the West, is laughable. You can’t do business without baksheesh in 3rd world countries and we, actively, eagerly, are heading there, fast. We have turned ourselves into colonies! How else can you explain it? After all, corporations were invented by western men and we all benefited when Gov got out of the way. Kipling, white man’s burden. No more. Feminized.

  4. If you want to maintain jobs and standard of living in the West, Big Gov ought to pressure the Chinese and others to raise THEIR wages and clean up THEIR environment. According to minimum wage in Peking is about US$2/hour. Zeng Fanzhi’s 2001 painting “The Last Supper” was sold at auction in Hong Kong last year for $23 million. Chinese now buy more art than France, USA and UK combined, 40% of a 2 billion per year market. So, a major income gap, no? Where’s one world liberalism?

    Chinese also use animal body parts for herbal tea and with increased wealth have spurred killing of tigers, elephants, rhinos, etc. Western animal rights groups ignore, far more interested in bashing western corporations.

    I could go on about cancer-causing food imported to the USA with zero onsite inspection and so forth but this is enough bloviating for now. I offer humble apologies.

  5. My friend who originally turned me on to this idea had a more optimistic take.

    When the State’s civil order collapses, all those civil rights laws and politically correct metrics dry up and blow away faster than you can say blood is thicker than water. The new security services are obviously going to want money, which the merchant class has in abundance, but they are also going to want status and a good future for their own families. So some social compact with inter-generational scope will have to be forged, and it will probably need to be more than brand loyalty to Coca-Cola. Religious faith is really the only thing which provides that kind of glue, so the new hierarchs will likely have to negotiate some imprimatur from a priestly caste.

    It’s a safe bet these new hierarchs aren’t going to allow their and their families’ status to be subject to mere democratic whim, so it also seems inevitable that the new hierarchies will acquire a hereditary character. Which means … arranged marriages, and fealty oaths, including ceremonies to underscore the solemnity of the oaths.

    Neo-feudalism, indeed.

    • His first morning at Burning Man, Grover Norquist and his wife Samah made a beeline for the seasteaders.

      At our invitation, the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, who famously shocked an audience of NPR listeners by saying, “I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub,” arrived at our camp bearing gifts.

      And by gifts we mean contraband.

      To demonstrate that voluntary exchange among adults is good, Grover presented us with Cuban cigars. To demonstrate that even auto manufacturers like Randolph Hencken can be trusted, Grover climbed aboard The Pollinator, our art car designed to look like a bee.

      See the rest at Gnostic gathering:

      • In order to immanentize their libertarian ideals, white people have to move to the middle of a desert, or an abandoned oil platform in the middle of the ocean. A temporary state of affairs you can be sure, once the settlement has been made permanent and sustainable.

        This saddens me like a hole in my soul. This quirky, smart, creative, generous, fun-loving ethnic group, now doomed forever to be leaving the societies they built, trying to find open space where they can be themselves.

        • And once that settlement becomes established, though no-less precarious, two things will occur with the certainty of the sunrise. 1) One segment of that society will cringe with unearned guilt for having created a more livable habitat than the billions of destitute others living in the temperate, arable land their forefathers once cultivated. The only way to ameliorate this will be to bring these foreigners into their settlement and nurture them to ripe fecundity. 2) Another segment will be certain that their already substantial wealth could be bolstered even further by importing foreign others to work for a fraction the fare of gluttonous peers. And a static population is no recipe for growth. So they implore society to think about The Economy.

          And though both segments (1 and 2) will claim antipathy toward the other, their actions on this only relevant issue will move in beautiful harmony. The result, of course, being yet another two vast and trunkless legs in the desert.

    • Have you watched the linked series? If so what is your summary?

      As an aside, one should always note this ubiquitous literary conceit written here in regard to Honduras: It’s a place ravaged by the illegal drug trade and political instability. See, those are external forces like hurricanes and locust plagues. They don’t in any way arise from the conduct or dispositions of the people themselves. Just as Africa is mysteriously ravaged by violence and poverty. Some places simply suffer nature’s wrath.

      • A sort of free enterprise zone with its own infrastructure and community theoretically insulated from the dysfunction of Honduras. It sounds very fragile. I can imagine it either overwhelmed by refugees, robbed out of existence by the Honduran powers that be, or shut down by American social justice warriors because of colonialism.

  6. The state of affairs where a man belongs to nobody – not a serf, slave, vassal, peon, etc., and where he is judged on his personal merits and is free to mould his own destiny – is something we take for granted. But it hardly ever existed anywhere before white people created societies that allowed it to flourish. We are busy destroying that precious gift. If something isn’t done to stop this, our descendants are destined to inherit something like Iraq, with various races, tribes and religions at each others’ throats, and not just in the metaphorical sense.

  7. Anybody who thinks that the Left and the Vibrants are going to leave us alone out on those oil rigs or down in Honduras is nuts. As long as there is a rock washed by the ocean not ruled by the Left, they’ll be after us. The only chance that we have, is to stand up to these bastards and defeat them – on a global scale (starting locally, of course). In the final analysis, it’s them or us, we rule or they do, we rule the Third World or it rules us. A separation, a splitting of the U.S. as currently constituted, is very desirable and will happen, but it’s only a first step. Either the sane rule the asylum, or the inmates do. As Trotsky once said “anyone just looking for a quiet life has picked the wrong century to be born in”. No matter what we might want, we can’t settle for anything less than victory – because our enemies won’t.

    • Exactly. There’s always this faraway-hills-are-green feeling among whites who are fed up with what’s going on. But there’s nowhere to run. As you can see from the case of South Africa and Zimbabwe, the “international community” will never let anyone get away with having a healthy, pro-white society, anywhere. The fight needs to start at home.

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  9. A variation on this theme of “corporate redoubts” was the novel by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle., “Oath of Fealty” about the community building, Todos Santos. Located in LA. The level of surveillance was over the top, though, IMHO. Check it out on amazon.

  10. William Gibson predicted this in the early 80s, perhaps late 70s. Its coming, if nothing stops it. As I’ve said before, the Democrats want “1984”, the Republicans want “Bladerunner.” What we’ll likely get is an amalgamation of the 2

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