Doesn’t It Always?

I mean really. It seems like every single time you bring a homeless man back to have a threesome with your wife, it ends in a strangulation arrest.

Martin Miller and his wife Daniela did more than welcome homeless Michael Chaney into their home. They invited him into their bed. The couple had at least one threesome with Chaney as he began living with them. But things went south when Miller, a retired Marine began to sense there was more than fun involved.

“Martin became jealous after we had a threesome because Daniela started to distance herself from him,” Chaney said in a statement obtained by The straw that broke the camels back came last week as Miller and his wife were in the bathroom together. Cheney took a sample of the hamburger he was cooking in for the couple to taste. Martin Miller threw it into the bathtub where his wife was bathing. Undeterred, Chaney took another sample and Miller once again threw it into the water. Chaney says he told Miller to “stop wasting food,” and walked away with Miller following and threatening to “beat him up.” That’s when Chaney made the mistake of telling Miller to go ahead.

Miller told officers, “I am a marine, when someone challenges me I go into kill mode.”
Chaney and Daniela both say Miller kicked the man in the chest and choked him until he passed out. Miller denies that, but admits he kicked and choked “hard enough for him to know.” Miller faces a charge of assault by strangulation. He could land in jail for up to ten years and be fined $10,000.

Hater and Waster of Food

Hater and Waster of Food

Readers, I apologize. That wasn’t at all the story I intended to write about. I must have clicked on the wrong link at the Atlanta news-paper site. Maybe this one is it.

She was young, beautiful and tragically killed by her daughter’s father early Sunday morning. Now, Jessica Arrendale, 33, is being hailed by her family as a hero for saving her six-month old daughter’s life, even as she died from a bullet to the head.

It began Saturday night when Jessica and Cobie’s father, 30-year old Antoine Davis, went out for the evening. At some point, Ionniello said, Davis, a former Marine who served in Iraq, became belligerently drunk and abusive. It had happened many times, Ionniello said, but her daughter did not seem able to turn Davis away no matter how often he abused her.

Davis chased Arrendale up the stairs of her three-story townhome in the Oakdale Bluffs subdivision sometime around midnight, she said.

Arrendale tried to defend herself with a baseball bat, but she was overpowered by the former serviceman, who struck her several times with the bat, Ionniello said.

Arrendale had the six-month old child in her arms. Little Cobie may have been hit in the head by the baseball bat, according to her grandmother. The child has a traumatic head injury.

Arrendale locked herself in a bathroom. Davis got his gun, an assault rifle outfitted with a suppressor. He burst into the bathroom and, while Arrendale was still holding Cobie in her arms, shot the young mother in the head, Ionniello said.

Jessica Arrendale

Jessica Arrendale

Antoine Davis

Antoine Davis

Actually that wasn’t it either.

THIS is the story I had in mind.

Between 2009 and 2013, the number of Georgia residents who were born in other countries increased by 50,598, from 920,381 to 970,979. Last year, they represented 9.7 percent of the state’s overall population of 9.9 million.

Of Georgia’s foreign-born residents, 38.7 percent are naturalized U.S. citizens and the rest are not citizens.

Nearly a million foreign born (over half of whom are euphemistically “not citizens”) now residing in this conservative non-border state. A state that if it were governed independently would have none of them. This is why there will never again be Southern Secession. Because there will never again be a southern people. The left long ago comprehended what the Ghost-Shirters still have not. In a democracy you win with numbers, not arguments, ideas, or constitutional fidelity. The left doesn’t win debates; they don’t concern themselves with original intent or federalist papers; they simply overwhelm their opposition numerically. And in doing so political scientists come to observe the unexplainable transition of conservative states into liberal. We can only presume it is because Americans have finally embraced the progressive cause.

And saying that 10 percent of the population is foreign born is hardly saying enough. For their sprawling litters are not “foreign born,” and in fact are as all-American as the posterity of Davy Crockett. And so the persistent reference to foreign born populations dramatically and increasingly understates the ongoing population replacement. I suppose the upside to this conceit is that a Miami, Florida sans-immigration for about 20 years could state that not a single “foreign” resident lives in the city limits.

Though all of this becomes repetitive. The intelligentsia of the left will continue propagating The Narrative, and its legions of programmed drones will continue regurgitating it. Conservatives will continue bleating We’re not racist, we just want the constitution to be followed as their overtly racist opposition grinds them into constitutional dust.

And round the decay of this colossal wreck, the lone and level sands stretch far away.


14 thoughts on “Doesn’t It Always?

    • @tsnamm

      There is something comforting in the knowledge that nothing lasts – heaven on earth included (much to our social betters’ chagrin, no doubt).

  1. The Late Great Lawrence Auster used to refer to white women killed by their black boyfriends/husbands as “paying the Eloi tax”. On the bright side, the parents can bury their daughter secure in the knowledge that she wasn’t racist. In the end, isn’t that what really matters.

    Do you see any hope for the West? I really don’t. I think the best we can hope for is a Soviet style collapse where the constituent republics splinter off and go their own way. Maybe we’ll be able to scratch together what’s left of our culture to form a functioning society.I gave up all hope when Muslim immigration increased following 9/11. We didn’t open the floodgates to Japanese refugees following Pearl Harbor, yet here we were importing illiterate Somalis to luxuriate and plot Jihad in taxpayer funded idleness. That’s when I realized that we had grown too stupid to survive.

    • NR,

      Mr. Auster and I engaged in a brief, amusing, and uncharitable exchange of Emails once. Though I think his Eloi tax is quite apt.

      As far as hope for the West…I don’t ever openly state what I believe is going to happen. Because if I did, there’d be little reason to continue writing on the subject. So I simply take heart in past failures to accurately foresee events. It’s faith where it can be found.

      A similar anecdote to your 9/11. I remember in 1993 watching video feed of the real life “Black Hawk Down.” Seeing those men’s bodies desecrated and dragged naked through filthy streets was rage inducing to everyone. How many times I heard “fucking animals” muttered by people around me through clinched teeth. If you had told me that day America would go on to import over a hundred thousand Somalis subsequently, I would have thought you barking mad. And here we are.

      • You guys are still worried about the Arabs? Let me guess: ISIS probably has sleeper agents planting sophisticated prayer-detonated nuclear bombs disguised as balls of yarn under every grandmother’s bed in middle America, too. I’m not interested in seeing an American caliphate any more than you are, and Europe illustrates perfectly why the Islamic immigration ought to be checked; but citing 9/11 as your reason? One of the reasons we’re still living in such a “kakistocracy” is that people still believe this junk about Arab cavemen outsmarting NORAD and bringing the towers down with planes. If anything, 9/11 should have been America’s gentile wake-up call. PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor” paper; all those Israeli spies arrested and shipped back to the Magic Kingdom by Israeli citizen Chertoff; President Bush resisting the very idea of a 9/11 commission, but finally appointing Israeli citizen Philip Zelikow to head it; less money spent investigating 9/11 than was spent investigating Bill Clinton’s sex life; Kroll; Odigo; put-options; Larry Silverstein’s double indemnity mega-profiteering; Mossad agents caught filming the attacks; the list goes on. But no, don’t look over there, because it was the ARABS!

  2. NR, Admin,

    A logical synthesis is Jews importing Arabs, no? A double concern, two facets.

    Have Arabs attack by plane, have Arabs attack by mass invasion. Somalis aren’t Arabs but you get my point.

    I’m free-associating from your two comments. Does this preserve both of your points compatibly? And does it make sense?

    If a man sets a rabid dog on me, then I’m worried about the dog. I’m worried about the man too.

  3. NR can address his remarks as he is inclined. Though my own point in response was quite a bit more basic than has perhaps been taken.

    If you believe that Arabs executed 9/11 (as probably 99% of Americans do) then a sane response is to reconsider the importation of Arabs. Likewise, if you were repulsed by the behavior of Somalis in Mogadishu, then bringing them here with expectations of different behavior domestically was irrational.

    Neither of these rather obvious points are comments on 9/11 culpability or who is driving Somali importation.

    • Thanks Admin, that was the exact point I was trying to make. Almost all Americans believe the Muslims perpetrated 9/11. Most Muslims supported the attacks, and continue to support the destruction of Western civilization. A rational person would assume that, given those 2 facts, Muslim migration to the West would be curtailed. The fact that the opposite has occurred demonstrates the sickness of the Western soul.

      • Blast it, I meant to ask after icareviews (not NR) + Admin’s comment pair. Sorry, northern, and to the blog for the sloppiness. If my comment made any sense as addressed, it’d be a surprise.

        Admin your modest points are tidily taken.

  4. “Mr. Auster and I engaged in a brief, amusing, and uncharitable exchange of Emails once”

    Auster fought with everybody. He was a brave man, an outstanding writer, he was sounding the alarm about immigration long before anyone else, and I can only hope that he resides in Heaven at this moment. But a team player he was not. He fought with Derbyshire, he fought with Brimelow, he even sent me a nasty-gram once, and I agreed with him on almost everything.

    So don’t feel bad. Fighting with Auster was like getting called a racist by a liberal – few escape that honor.

  5. You think it’s bad now, when an atrocity by some non-white group merely fails to lower the number of visas given to them. But there’ll probably come a time when politicians will say with a straight face that these atrocities emphasise the need for more of these people in the country. There are few problems that can’t be solved by diversity.

  6. “In a democracy you win with numbers, not arguments, ideas, or constitutional fidelity. The left doesn’t win debates; they don’t concern themselves with original intent or federalist papers; they simply overwhelm their opposition numerically.”

    Hear, hear!

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