How to Turn Healthy Young Women into Bitter Barren Harpies

One word: Feminism

The term protrudes like a homunculus from the misshapen head of maladaptive modern sensibilities. A tumor on a tumor of western civilization. I was reflecting on this malicious movement while reading the lament of an English woman who foolishly succumbed to a strain of it in her youth.

This is what a feminist looks like

This is what a feminist looks like

So why, 20 years later, do I find myself single, childless and tormented by the fact that I have thrown away the only true chance of happiness I ever had?

Eight years after that wonderful engagement party in 1989, I walked away from dear, devoted, loyal Matthew, convinced that somewhere out there, a better, more exciting, more fulfilling life awaited me. Only there wasn’t.

Now I am 42 and have all the trappings of success – a high-flying career, financial security and a home in the heart of London’s trendy Notting Hill. But I don’t have the one thing I crave more than anything: a loving husband and family.

‘My father warned me not to throw this love away. But I was sure I’d find Mr Perfect around the corner’

You see, I never did find another man who offered everything Matthew did, who understood me and loved me like he did. Someone who was my best friend as well as my lover. Today, seeing friends with their children around them tortures me, as I know I am unlikely ever to have a family of my own. I think about the times Matthew and I talked about having children, even discussing the names we would choose. I cannot believe I turned my back on so much happiness.

Instead, here I am back on the singles market, looking for the very thing I discarded with barely a backward glance all those years ago. I know I can’t have Matthew back, and it hurts when I hear snippets of information about his life and how content he is. Fifteen years after I ended our relationship, he is happily married.

Many will mistake contentment for boredom, forgetting to cherish the good things they have. I would urge those who are considering walking away from such riches to think again.

If only I’d stayed with Matthew, we’d almost certainly be married with children.
Or, maybe Matthew wasn’t the right man. I will never know the answer, but my decision to leave him has definitely cost me the chance of ever becoming a mother. Now I can only look back and admonish my selfish, younger self.

To any silly sanctimonious young liberal women reading here, heed the advice above from your forlorn older self. You can not have it all. Life mandates priorities. Make yours meaningful. How many women I have met spending the fleeting bloom of their prime investing both passion and youth in marketing plans or corporate initiatives. What breathtaking folly. For the meager reward of “a career” they toil in sterile cube farms throughout their brief season of fertility. Shareholders grow wealthy as they grow barren. The exchange is contemptible.

One of the best exemplars of the childless career girl spinster is actress Ashley Judd. A woman of lush beauty in youth, her features now succumbing to the acid of time. The doughy nondescript creature that remains being left with little but pompous pieties as companions into late middle-age. Cats await her dotage. And who had time for children when there were such film classics awaiting a svelte figure? Classics such as…hell, I’m sure she was outstanding in something.

And as for her own family, here was Ms. Judd’s position on that topic: it’s unconscionable to breed with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries.” Understand? If Judd had children, they might eat food needed by the 8th child of a 29 year-old Congolese woman. So Ashley had no offspring and consumes for herself only the discarded run-off from animal processing plants. But then, I’m being a bit facetious. Ms. Judd and her now ex-husband did have a family–and all apparently ate food that could have gone to starving children in impoverished countries.

Happy family

Happy family

One would think that a lucrative career, fashionable advocacies, conspicuous feminism, and prim childlessness would result in a life of happiness–or at the least one absent madness and desolation. Keep thinking that. (Judd) spent 47 days at a treatment center in 2006 to manage issues including isolation and depression. Of course, countless mothers get depressed as well. Each path offers its own challenge. Though it is pitiful naïveté that leads young women to surmise that a childless career will offer some inoculation against sorrow and boredom. Feelings only exacerbated by the indifference of an empty house.

So when you girls are contemplating the hellish prospect of filthy diapers, swollen bodies, and a houseful of laughing grandchildren in your old-age, be sure to consider the alternative. And prioritize wisely.

Feminism past

Feminism past

Feminism present

Feminism present

Feminism future

Feminism future


25 thoughts on “How to Turn Healthy Young Women into Bitter Barren Harpies

  1. I must rub it in. Old men like me who endure, only need a moment to pass on our genes. I’ve had chances, I’ve done it, (and paid for it,) I could have more.
    Suck it bitches.
    I’ll save my mercy for the young.

  2. Yeah, it’s sad. These career women who purport to want the satisfaction of a man’s life and therefore choose a career never seem to grasp that men have no interest in having a career. A career, if a man has one, is just instrumental. Men want status and money and women and the things that follow fromm the foregoing. Yes, children.

  3. I tend to agree that something is very, very wrong. I also tend to agree that family is a greater source of happiness for women than career. However, I am genuinely curious as to the causal mechanism you see at work between career development and lack of family. (Or, alternatively, exactly how does feminism cause all of the above?) It isn’t clear to me that they are mutually exclusive in any significant sense or, more saliently, that women are choosing to delay marriage or family in order to further their careers. The greater cause/problem may be (and I say “may” because I am agnostic at this point and remain open to your implied diagnosis) that women are simply having trouble securing commitment from men, or that the culture doesn’t encourage early marriage. Are we instead observing a third factor or third factors at play?

    Put another way, suppose a woman were to put family as her top priority (based on personal observation, I actually believe that a large proportion of career-minded women do have that at the top). How would you then counsel her on how to rearrange her life? Stepping off a career path doesn’t obviously bring her closer to that goal. Most women continue to date even while pursuing a career.

    • Building a career requires tremendous effort and one’s nearly undivided attention from college through most of one’s twenties and often thirties. By the time a woman is established in a lucrative career, most of her fertile years are over. She’s also going to have a very hard time withdrawing from her work responsibilities to deal with small children, who do not operate on a schedule or understand deadlines. A smaller family is inevitable for someone who misses out on the ~18-26 prime childbearing years.

      Also, a women in that age range who wants to prioritize family will probably not have any trouble finding an established man eager to support her. The same man may not be interested in marrying a career woman his own age with a long dating history and most of her fertile years behind her.

  4. “A people without children would face a hopeless future; a country without trees is almost as helpless.”
    Theodore Roosevelt.

    Not wanting children is something I struggle to understand, especially for a woman. I understand some women can not, God have mercy. But surely the urge must be there, and feminism burys it deep.

    What is the objective of life for woman if not to have children? I am 23 years old and when I think how I do not have children yet it makes me feel very sad. But I am ok because I have many neices and nephews and two more due to be born next month. 😀 . I hope I make my own soon, because I am way behind. My oldest sister made her first at age 16. Which is quite young, but she was married so it is okay.

    This is one thing I am confused about, I do not understand how feminism alone is capable to make a large number of women not want to be mothers. Feminism is just a ideology. Wanting children is a biological urge. We play with dolls from when we are old enough to walk and pretend they are our babies. We make ourselfs look pretty so to attract a husband, to make babies. I think it is deeper than feminism, it has to be hormonal imbalances or something else wrong. Christianity tells us some things can not be done before marriage (for good reason), that does not mean human beings who adhere to Christianity LOSE the urge, they just control it. How can a simple ideology like feminism take that natural urge from a woman? That is why I think it is more than feminism. There are a few possibilities of what it could be, maybe, birth control. Birth control effectively tricks a woman’s body in thinking it is pregnant so no ovulation, thus taking the broody feeling away.
    A woman with healthy hormones, no birth control, is usually broody by age 19, in my opinion. Before, even some women who did not have babies or could not, usually become nuns/nurses, so they were still utilizing their need to care and nurture.

    • Thank you very much for your post. I had never heard about broodiness in young women. I’ve seen it in animals, like birds or dogs, i.e. “Aww, poor thing…she wants puppies.” In my social circles, though, most of the young women are probably taking birth control pills.

      I’ve also found it very strange that an ideology and social pressure alone could extinguish such a fundamental instinct. The idea that birth control pills could affect a person’s psyche so fundamentally shouldn’t be surprising, but it is still very disturbing. Young women should be much better informed about these possible consequences. Anything we do to our bodies affects our minds as well.

      • You are welcome, David Flory. Please take my “theory” with salt, I make big leaps that are not scientifically proved. 🙂 lol. It is worth looking in to I think, I know hormonal birth control has other bad side effects.

        It is funny you say about dogs, because I have many garden cats that I feed because there are so many feral cats in my area, and the animal charity have suggested to make the female cats not fertile by making them spayed to cut down their number. But other people say you should never spay the cat before it has one litter of kittens because it will become crazy and agressive. It seems to be a common theme among female mammals that they are just “not right” unless they have offspring. I question why people think it would not also apply to humans, to a extent also.

        And I think women should be better informed about consequences of hormonal birth control, but feminism says it is ok to take it and to delay having family. Taking birth control has become right of passage for many young women. The doctors are giving it even to 14 year old girls for acne, and not regular menses. Feminism is what is pushing the belief that it is okay, and empowering I think, but with out the information of the consequences.

        I love your gravatar image, btw. 🙂 .

  5. This is one of your very best. How deceived we have been these last 65 years. How important is for us the woman! And for each of us that means the one and only woman. Das ewige weibliches zieht uns hinan.

  6. Reader, this may not address your question, though speaking broadly both careers and attentive child-rearing are time/energy intensive. As women have finite supplies of both, they must prioritize. Many split the difference having one, or at most, two.

    Since replacement is 2.1, readers may rely more on math than my mere opinion on the long-term viability of this particular modern piety.

  7. Feminism is like one of those smart bombs that hit a selected target and leave everything else untouched. It overwhelmingly cons white women into believing its lies, while most other races are immune to it and breed to their heart’s content.

  8. Rob – “smart bomb” is a good analogy. Feminism enables smart, ruthless, attractive women to gain proximity to high-status males. It is also wielded effectively by smart, ruthless, unattractive or otherwise repellent women to gain valuable sinecures. Women of average looks or intelligence and less willing to stick a knife between somebody’s ribs, don’t try this at home.

    Ashley Judd really was beautiful in that wholesome way that a man would walk off a cliff for. Now she’s 46, single, barren, and probably gets by on several hundred dollars of prescription meds a month. What a tragedy.

      • Actually, we don’t really. Don Imus can splurge on nannies and exotic ventures for his late-life trophy kid and diversions for his vampiress-wife. You and I will be doing some desperate calculating and hoping we stay healthy long enough to see grandchildren.

  9. Ideologies that maximise female fertility will naturally fill the niches left by those less demanding of fertility in the absence of other factors (will to utilise superior weaponry for e.g). Nature doesn’t care.

    We have a huge challenge ahead. You cannot have this so called liberal ideology alongside mass immigration from competing ideologies like Islam. For the simple reason that demographics is destiny.

  10. Good line: For the meager reward of “a career” they toil in sterile cube farms throughout their brief season of fertility. Shareholders grow wealthy as they grow barren. The exchange is contemptible.

    Darwinian success or corporate servitude: white men and women have made their choice.

    It’s simple evolution and dysgenics. White men and women are having less sex than ever, nevermind having actual children. So, whitey’s genetic line is gone forever, while the blacks and browns are breeding at ever-greater rates.

    White children have been the minority in the USA since 2011, and everybody who has seen the schoolchildren of France, England, Sweden, and Italy says it’s the same thing: no whites, tons of blacks and browns.

    If white people want to be Darwinian successes, they need to (a) get healthy (I recommend the paleo diet), (b) resume screwing (Generation Y is almost certainly the most asexual generation in the history of the human race), and (c) having children. Raise them to be healthy.

  11. Any time someone expresses regret or says they’ve changed, look for what hasn’t changed about them, and you’ll find the real story. Why is the 42 y.o. saying this now? What she’s doing is the same thing she’s always done … Attention whore. Say things she knows will be provocative, to get reads. There’s a new generation of younger, hotter, tighter attention whores out there now in the big city, what does she have that they don’t? She has to stand out somehow. She may be genuine in her regret, but I kind of doubt it. If she had 20 more years of fecundity, she’d spend them away chasing musicians and bikers just like the last 20. She’s just writing what she hopes will get people talking about HER, whether it’s true is irrelevant. And a lot of red-pill, alt right, and other such writers got sucked in by her article. You fell for it. Best thing to do would just be let her fade into the ignored middle age obscurity she is desperate to avoid, or call it out like I just did.

  12. @The Administration,

    “Since replacement is 2.1,..”

    It is important to understand that the Fertility Ratio is a variable, and also it is an estimate. The Fertility Ratio varies for each generation and each region, country, ethnic group, etc. The ratio is higher than 2.0 to reflect the adults in the particular people group who never have children. Therefore, in most western countries, among native populations today the Fertility Ratio is much closer to 3.0 than it is to 2.0. 2.9 or 3.1 are probably more accurate today.

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