Puttin’ on the Ritz

Do you know what residential amenity is going to become very chichi among the landed gentry? Moats. Camouflaged, ultra modern, retro, or hipster ironic, those able put buffers between themselves and the human imports they profess to adore are going to do so. Of course no one would be so gauche as to state the obvious. It will be quite like a neighborhood of staunchly anti-racist liberals, whose precious 1.3 children all just happened to land in one of those “good schools.” Almost serendipity really. And nothing to discuss in polite company.

So it is with the recently convened NATO summit in Wales. Because worrying about your family’s safety is something for haters and bigots. The tolerant dig moats. And when is money for a moat no object? When I’m spending yours. And no tab has ever fallen lighter on the checkbook than when you’re the one paying for my folly. Succulent.

So western leaders, who have imported a quite active little coterie of jihadis into Britain, found the resulting terror threat a bit too uncouth for their refined sensibilities. Being raped and stabbed is for the hoi polloi. These are important people for God’s sake. Their safety matters. Do we expect the architects to just suffer the environment of their creation like a common prole? Get real.

So we dig moats. $80 million for a “Ring of Steel.”

The taste of rule is sweet,
To sneer down at the street.
My beliefs are like a child,
Oh, but the muzzies went wild.

It makes you wonder if the the change in threat level is being used in part to justify the extraordinary $80 million sum spent on building a fortress around the Newport and Cardiff city centers in Wales, which many are describing as “similar to the Berlin Wall,” or a “zoo,” in an unprecedented display of protection for many of the world’s most corrupt politicians.

So how secure will this primate exhibit be? 9,500 police and twelve miles of nine foot tall steel fencing. You common British yobs, on the other hand, can just get used to halal cuisine, grooming rings, subway bombings, and racism prosecutions if you happen to complain. But let’s take a look at what goes into protecting important people from ummm…terrorism.




Well we seem to have gotten an extra one in there somehow. But the primary lesson is a heartening one. For it is gratifying to note how much fear and disdain our western leaders feel for the Frankenstein countries they are creating. As we all know, men lie with their tongues and speak the truth with their feet. And no feet speak more plainly than those of multiculturalists who so ostentatiously segregate themselves from the product of their designs. Cardiff just became one hell of a “good school.”


7 thoughts on “Puttin’ on the Ritz

    • This has potential to become a new accepted euphemism like “youths” and “good schools.”

      “The cats have stolen my lighter!”

      Earlier in London today, cats stole the lighter of a visiting Southwick man. Funeral arrangements are scheduled for Wednesday.

      Just remember this business advice for the future: provide the rich with a buffer from the results of their own policies–and you won’t be long in joining them.

  1. yep, that plus today’s story in the Irish Savant, I got my load of bitterness.
    For a long time, I always wondered why All Revolutions were always so bloody. The French, the Soviet, the Chinese, the American Civil war…All that blood was unnecessary I thought, why can’t they just leave alone their former political enemies? remove them from power, but let them live!
    Simple, it was resentment: Too much crime, too much treason, too much abomination commit by the empowered Elite and for too long. Commit by their pawns, that is, pawns who, when the rope tighten their necks, wonder why on Earth people are so pissed at them, since they did only GOOD, right? Because nobody redeems, people don’t change, to the very end.
    If it was just a matter of ONE strike… Remember how easy it was for Conan the Barbarian to stop the Evil Snake that ruled over a society of millions of brainwashed worshippers? It just walked up the steps, nobody even stopped him, he took his sword and stroke the leader guy who tried once more to seduce him, but didn’t oppose any resistance past that, and who just waited for the blow like a woman. Conan just casually stroke, not even very powerfully. That shocked me when I watched the movie as a kid. ‘What? that’s all he had to do?, go see the guy and barely hit, no epic charge, no huge army, no shiny shields of thousands in battle?
    I don’t know how all this will finish.

    • The concept of a moral Rubicon is apt. I often think of how many lives they have ruined, how much social capital destroyed, what terrible future conflicts now being assured…and still they can not summon even a glimmer of circumspection.

      Our friend, AG opined:

      This will only end with lynch mobs. Because otherwise, it won’t end…The government of Britain, like most Western governments, no longer exists to maintain order. It exists to maintain disorder.

      Disorder in lives other than their own, that is.

      • For a long time, ever since the 1960’s a lot of ordinary people have asked each other, and asked themselves, “Does the Left really believe their own lies? Or is it all just a show for our benefit, while they seek to destroy us and our culture?”

        With these massive security precautions against the “diversity” and “vibrancy” that these evil twats have brought to a once great country, I believe that we have our answer.
        Game over, thanks for playing. Arm yourselves and try again.

  2. In Paris each arrondissement has its quota of blacks and muslims. But the French finesse it by paying a fine if quota is not met. So, the wealthier arrondissements can push vibrancy onto the poorer ones and still feel righteous. Not bad. Cruel though. As far as I know they still don’t have affirmative action but I haven’t kept up for several years.

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