Your Courage is Inspiring

We are all drawn to acts of bravery. Whether it is of an iconoclast standing on the periphery of the herd or a party forsaking personal security for noble sacrifice. In those rare moments of courage in others we find aspiration for ourselves. Could I have done the same? Would I have? We like to imagine the answer being affirmative.

And so would you like a perfect modern profile in courage? An example of a man’s stoic fortitude and selfless sacrifice for others?

That exemplar would, naturally, manifest in the form of an adult homosexual surreptitiously recording his emotionally-wrought parents asking him to leave their house and then broadcasting the recording for global consumption. That, my friends, is courage. That is selflessness. That is quiet virtue in the face of adversity. That is obnoxious solipsism in parlaying private family strife into fashionable homo celebrity. The sublime parody of an article is here.

I do have to offer some acknowledgement to the extraordinarily homosexual Mr. Daniel Ashley Pierce. By consciously publicizing a very painful and very private family rupture, and thus turning the parents that suffered to raise him into international objects of the liberal rending machine, he has successfully increased my already elevated ambient contempt to something quite invigorating in its intensity.

Though, of course, opinions vary on properly assigned disdain. Readers of the Daily Mail logically allocate to the parents, who believed they were having a private conversation with a son they believed could be trusted with such; and thus were not play acting to elicit sympathy from an audience. As of course this courageous homosexual was doing precisely. Here’s a sample of reader comments:

Hang in there buddy. God loves you more than those judgmental hippocrates (sic-lol)

This is such horrible failure as parents, and so far away from the gospel of Jesus

Omg!!! I cried… Poor baby. His parents claim 2 b religious yet they were cursing

I feel bad for him! From my religious studies, I believe God taught us to love everyone!!!

Those parents should be ashamed of themselves. They’re ugly small minded people. I hope he can heal from the hurt they’ve caused.

Daniel, I’m so glad you got away from this hateful situation. I hope you have a great new life. Keep smiling!

Feel really sorry for this lad, having parents from the Dickensian era – You are, sorry to say better off without them. They are entrenched in their “backward” ways.

This is what actual brave men in Antietam, the Somme, and the Ardennes fought to provide? One wishes to hear their present opinions from the beyond. How many would have instead sided with their adversaries?

It is also interesting to wonder of the inevitable conflict between the black and rainbow flags. Which color do you think will run?


40 thoughts on “Your Courage is Inspiring

  1. I thought at the time AIDS would destroy the gay rights movement. But it energized them. They began Act Up as a means to simultaneously deepen their victim status while escalating demands on bigots and haters. I remember going to an art gallery in the early 90s where I first found out we guys were supposed to wear women’s shoes. I thought how dull and demurred but to my surprise my friend actually put a pair on! But I see it is now spreading down and out to the masses. Status-marking Eloi really like this sfuff.

  2. What a glorious time to be alive.
    To hear a fudge packer told to pack his shit and just go away by his parents.
    I swear I heard something important in that video.
    The process of rejection of insanity.The anger of the realization of betrayal. The cutting of losses. No more sadness when fortitude is required.
    The commenters you highlighted won’t change their opinions one iota by that display of mal-adaptiveness by that ingrated abomination of a boy, but others surely will.
    The enemies of humanity are turning on themselves.

  3. “he has successfully increased my already elevated ambient contempt to something quite invigorating in its intensity”

    I must agree. While reading about the unrelenting folly of marxism, the new lows it has somehow plumbed on any given and its impressive efficacy when it comes to societal degradation I suffer from paroxysms of white knuckle, fist clenching rage.

    However after the initial apoplectic convulsion wears off I find that the experience leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed; happy in the knowledge that the depths of my own resentment have been pushed ever further.

    Onward and upward Gentlemen

  4. Who I feel bad for here: The Parents. That spoiled brat rotten kid humiliated his parents with that video. He’s 20 plus years old; the parents have no obligation to support him, he’s an adult. They have no obligation to allow his behavior in their house anymore than they would if he were doing drugs. Their house, their rules. Perhaps this is old fashioned thinking?

  5. To everyone here who thinks that homosexuality is wrong:

    Why are you against homosexuality? You do realize, don’t you, that homosexuality isn’t a choice and it can’t be changed, which means that being against homosexuality is like being against a person’s skin color or ethnicity, which are both also unchangeable and innate. I’m sure you think it would be hateful to be racist or xenophobic, so why do you think it’s somehow not hateful to be against homosexuality?

    Also, what exactly is so “wrong” about homosexuality? I mean, all homosexuality is, is love, just like all heterosexuality is, is love. And since when is love ever a bad thing? I mean, as long as a loving relationship is consensual, I see no way that it could possibly be wrong. So what’s the point of thinking it is wrong, then? Seems to me like that’s just sheer hatred.

    • Me, personally, I don’t hate anybody. I am worried that a culture based on fake-victimization cannot survive. Too many people want too many things for free and unearned “rights” passed out like party favors, without the slightest consideration about other people “rights.” Actually, the more I think about it, we should probably scrap the whole idea of human rights, and quite possibly that’s where its all heading.

      BTW, Admin, you out did yourself with the motorcycle photo. You actually got me to burst out in thigh-slapping laughter.

      • “Fake victimization”? What about all of the very real hatred that gay people face in this day and age? Do you think they deserve that somehow, even though they didn’t do anything to deserve it?

        And the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is a civil right in the case of Loving v. Virginia. So why call it an “unearned ‘right,'” then? What do gay people have to do to earn the right to marry the person they love? (And no, “turning straight” is not an option, since that’s not possible.)

        And why should we scrap the idea of human rights? Why should some people have more rights than others, when there’s no reason for that? After all, all human beings are inherently equal, since there is nothing that makes some human beings superior to others. Seems to me like you just need to get over yourself and get the hell off of the pedestal you’ve placed yourself on. Your arrogance is not attractive at all.

      • If people are inherently equal, why do all the non-euros want to live around whites? You’d think immigration would be 50-50, all things being equal.

        Progressive lifestyle requires not only a high tolerance for crime but also a high tolerance for disease. There’s no evidence that homosexual men aren’t just as promiscuous after marriage as before. Besides it makes a mockery of men and women. The whole thing is insane really. You call me arrogant, I’ll call you crazy. Tit for tat. That said, I’m fascinated by the race war raging in the nation’s capital. The progressives are beating the blacks at their own game. The queers and hate crime laws. Deadly for blacks.

        Even single mothers have sons. I’m not so sure they’re going to go for man/boy love, the next “right”. But, it might be a bridge too far. We shall see.

      • Why shouldn’t non-Europeans want to live around whites? Don’t tell me you’re a segregationist who thinks that black people don’t deserve to live around white people.

        And what about all of the heterosexuals with diseases? Why are you pretending they don’t exist? And the majority of homosexuals aren’t criminals, so why pretend they are?

        And the race war has more to do with people like you (who refuse to own up to their own racism) than it does with people like me (who are trying to make racism a thing of the past).

        And homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia, since there are plenty of heterosexual pedophiles out there as well. Pedophilia is a mental illness, not a sexual orientation.

      • You sure do know the talking points.

        Now look who’s putting himself on a pedestal.

        I meant gays gentrify, not that they are criminals. Sorry, I edited something out.

        I’ve known many gays. They are promiscuous. The honest ones even used to admit it. They get a lot of diseases. Scabies, crab lice, various infections through S/M. The obsession with bodybuilding is an effort to project an image of health in a dangerous environment. Not that I’m against bodybuilding, per se. I do it myself in a lazy sort of way. But, for homosexuals (and, let’s face it a lot of heteros too) it goes beyond wanting to look and feel good.

        Are you trying to kid me or yourself. Can’t you admit to any problems with homosexuality? You act as if being gay is supernaturally perfect while simultaneously pretending you’re the victim of horrible oppression. Real oppressed people don’t talk like that. Its a game and gays along with certain women and blacks are naturals at it. But, you can’t admit cuz that gives the whole business away.


      • The gays you’ve known (and I highly doubt you’ve actually known any gay people, since I doubt any gay person in their right mind would willingly associate with a bigot like you) don’t represent all gay people. And again, what about the straight people who have STDs? What about the straight people who are promiscuous? What about the straight people who are into S&M? Seriously, stop pretending that gay people are deviants, while straight people aren’t. To do so is to outright lie to yourself.

        And I never said that there are no problems with homosexuality. I simply said that heterosexuals have the exact same problems as homosexuals do, so it makes no sense to single out homosexuals and pretend they’re so much worse than heterosexuals are.

        And why is it so hard for you to accept that gay people are being oppressed by the people who hate them and don’t want them to have the same rights as straight people have? Why do you want to remain in denial of the oppression that gay people face?

      • Quiet, you are not oppressed. By any sane standard (by that I mean thousands of years of human history) you are very fortunate to be alive right now.

        You are aware, I hope, that homosexuality was considered a sin. Then, not so long ago, a mental disorder. Now, its warmly embraced (is that the right choice of words?) by the most powerful man in the world, with legal protection, and even preferment. So, when we hear that man/boy love is a mental illness today one can’t help but ponder the future. And, as you know, blacks, being obsessively jealous of THEIR fake-victim status will have to up the stakes to reparations. Then, feminists, not wanting to feel left behind, will demand more Muslims imported (preferably black ones), simultaneously carpet bomb them elsewhere, while sexist, racist, bigoted white men are beheaded or abandoned on rooftops fighting for their lives.

        But, that’s really not the point. Its not just the sex or race stuff. In a way, that’s beside the point. Eventually, government as a sort of pusher and citizens as client junkies will, by necessity, end. At some point somebody somewhere is going to have to pay. And there will be much gnashing of teeth and wailing in the land.

      • So basically, you’re going to ignore the fact that gays are discriminated against unfairly on a regular basis? You’re going to ignore the fact that gay people face hatred and abuse in many parts of the country? Most homeless teens are gay, you know. Their parents kick them out once they “come out of the closet.” Do you really see nothing wrong with that?

        Not only that, but you’re going to also ignore the effects of racism on black people? You’re going to pretend that they’re victims for simply wanting things to be a bit more equal? Why do you seem to think that black people deserve racism? Can you not see how hateful that is?

        Also, how many times do I have to tell you that there are plenty of heterosexual pedophiles before you understand that? Just how thick is your skull?

      • So it’s okay for you to be as hateful as you want to towards gay people, but it’s not okay for me to call you names? That’s entirely hypocritical of you.

      • Also, is there a reason why you seem to be ignoring the majority of the questions I’ve asked you thus far?

  6. Homosexuality is partly caused by a self-reinforcing mental process, especially considering the brain plasticity during teenage, which, associated with autosuggestion, becomes an irreversibly imprinted into early adulthood.
    You’ve heard of people getting trapped into religious sects and sort of addicted to it, right? They never get out by themselves. Same thing here.

    So, if you are at the beginning of your sexuality and you get trapped in a homosexual pattern, you may never get out of it. And yes, by the time you reach legal age, you will feel genuinely attracted to boys. But this attraction will be the result of an induced or imposed behavior, not a genetic determination of any sort.
    In the past, a boy may have feel confused with his hormones and vaguely attracted to boys for a short time, but that was it. No Induced process was there to imprint his brain because of the barriers put in place by the Society, plus Religion forbade it, so, end of story. Now, here is an incredible concept: the Society was actually protecting its Citizen, can you believe it?

    That’s one thing. The other thing is the chemical environment. It contains pollutants and hormones analogues, that decrease men’s hormonal load, which translates into hetero men with lower sperm count and in boys into small breast and small penises. A note here: fat is great to store all these pollutants, in addition to racial differences in sensitivity and fat storage. See how everything is linked?
    Then, obviously, many more boys will start at the edges of hormonal un-differentiation and will become easy preys to the psychological mechanisms mentioned above.

    Don’t say it’s not true, because even in girls you have the mirror mechanism: the constant decrease in the age in the fist menarche of girls. In the 18th century, It was relatively convenient for a girl to remain chaste until her 17eens, when she barely finished her puberty at 16, as opposed to now when many white girls start puberty in their 10th or 11th and are done by 12, and we ask them ‘not to think about it’ for the next 6-7 years, with raging hormones inside.
    I asked a doctor why is that (for the girls) he said he doesn’t know, and nobody knows for sure. A combination of many chemicals, food, and behavior is likely.

    So this is it. Beside the rare cases of true hormonal imbalance genetically determined and very rare, as for most genetic diseases, most cases of homosexuality are ‘induced’ by environment and behavior.
    For the environment: pesticides/growth hormones are used to increase food production as well as many other chemicals from plastics, and female hormones are also directly released in the environment.
    For the Behavior: well, the body is merchandised and you own your body right? so there is a market aperture here.
    To resume it all: it’s MONEY.

    So if you want, you can replace my long text with that small emoticon of a slightly hunchback man with a crook nose and who is rubbing his hands because of all the money he knows he’s gonna make.

    • Mind providing some actual proof of all of the claims you just made? I’m not dumb enough to just blindly believe everything you say, you know.

      • How am I selling myself short by asking for proof? I’d say that blindly believing whatever I’m told would be selling myself short.

      • Proof for what, that girls get their first menarche earlier and earlier? that Hormones analogues are present in the environment? that you can autosuggest yourself and get addicted to a behavior, even a self-destructive behavior? that boys get boobs a bit too often? that body fat is great to store pollutants, that sperm-count is decreasing in male population? that porn is available on the net and that some people make money with it???????? Come on, it was just a joke. Of course it is not true.

  7. hmmm, if you are not faking, I’d say True or Not is not so important anyways. Things have gone way too far now, that being gay as a result of ‘modern life’, or as a result of genetic ‘determinacy’, matters.

    • Didn’t you just tell me that your entire post about homosexuality being wrong was sarcastic? So, since you’re still saying that homosexuality is wrong, then does that mean that you’re still being sarcastic?

      • So were you lying when you said that your entire post (the post that I asked you to cite your sources for) was sarcastic? Are you just trying to get out of having to cite your sources, because that’s just pathetic. Why not just admit that you can’t back up your claims with proof?

      • But anyways, why do you want to know?
        I told you I asked an endocrinologist specialized in the issue and his answer was that he didn’t know, for sure. There may be too many factors now.
        As for those things listed above being true or not, I had to pay $lot of TRUE money to get an hormonal implant to slow down puberty in my child, so it was painfully true and real for me. You may ask why to slow down puberty if Nature decides otherwise and I already answered. It’s not Nature who want Kids mature too early, it’s the guy who needs growth hormones or other chemicals to produce more meat or milk, because otherwise he’s gonna loose his job and he his already tight, or because of who knows what other chemical in our food or water, anyways it’s aka the money, not Nature. That’s it for me.

      • Why do I want to know? Because I don’t just blindly believe what others tell me to believe. I’m smarter than that. And you have yet to provide any sort of proof of any of your claims. (Your say-so doesn’t count as proof, you know. I’m looking for some links to actual scientific studies.)

  8. For once a poster I agree in the front page: What do we want? Moderation, when do we want it? In a reasonable time frame! yeah. OK I’ve trolled enough today.

    • I don’t know what “raysis” means, but nothing I’ve said can be considered to be “ooga booga.” Everything I’ve said is factual and rational. You know what can be considered to be “ooga booga”? Ignoring reality when you disagree with it. Now that’s crazy.

  9. Quietdove,

    I just read your full battery of comments for the first time. I think that was actually a fairly well-done mockery of an oblivious leftoid dingbat. They so typically skate along the edge of parody that I simply gave it an eye roll without further consideration. Take that persona to some liberal slobber hovel and I will offer lucrative odds that none pick up on the troll.

    • I’m an actual liberal. I’m not a troll. I’m 27 years old and I live in Massachusetts. Trust me, I’m as real as real can be.

      And those insults just make you seem immature, you know. Is that really how you want to be coming off to others?

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