Usted habla de un acuerdo infinito de nada

1) Whites never have to worry about getting shot by the police. A lesson some refuse to learn.

2) Christians believe that Jesus Christ died to atone for our sins. Episcopalians believe he also preferred swisher sweets, rap yodeling, and a 7,300 calorie diet.

3) Mohamed is the most popular boys name throughout the Middle East–and Oslo. It is very exciting.

4) People with white skin are being savagely murdered in Africa. Media strangely notices.

5) Mexican president addresses constituents in California legislature, explaining that he don’t need no stinkin’ translator. And many more are en route to deslice su ebt.

6) The Italian navy deploys to provide Africans with La Dolce Vita. Macantonio Colonna spits upon his gormless posterity.

7) A group of tequila-Americans finally succeeds in getting themselves arrested….to be promptly released. Illegals openly protesting: chutzpah meets mariachi.

8) What’s more dangerous? Walking around the Syrian desert barefoot in your underwear with an “Allah eats poop” sandwich board, or stepping outside a bank vault in the
Chicago south side?

9) California now requiring positive, notarized attestation in triplicate with pink copies filed in the county clerk’s office (a fee applies) before horny frat boys may legally breach the tender crevasse. Colon-Americans remain at liberty to penis-probe adjacent bathroom stalls without prior consent.

10) Finally, all our many readers who have endured the interminable 10-year development period in anticipation of a top-tier African role-playing video game may exhale. Cameroon’s Aurion: Legacy of the Kori Odan is ready. “Estimated gaming time: 20h-30h of epic moment!!”


14 thoughts on “Usted habla de un acuerdo infinito de nada

  1. “Mexicans” can be a fascinating in-group when we distance ourselves from the perspective of squat little mountain gnomes scurrying over our White border to do the job/wage ratio we turn our noses up at. American soccer (sans quotations for the purpose of this post) used to be an exercise in Whiteness as recently as 1994, when the USA hosted the World Cup. The USA squad had 20+ Whites, a token black (Cobi Jones) for “speed”, and perhaps some latent hispanic who passed the paper bag test. That’s the timbre of the team that inspired me to play that game for many years. Recently though, the German coach with a pan-Asian wife brought a roster of 10 Whites, 10 stain-skins, and one lone Amerind to the international tournament. The USA performed exactly to their expectations: finished 2.5 in the group stage and lost a close knockout round opener. This seems to be the ceiling for Team USA for the foreseeable future, as it was twenty years ago.

    Team Mexico is just a bit different. I post on the fun forum ‘Caste Football’ every so often, and a modest flame war broke out between the Americans and the EU rebels who claimed they would cheer for Mexico over USA for fielding a “more White” squad. Without posting our own racial admixture results from 23andMe, it was an honest sentiment from a continent filled with negro interlopers. But there is no pressure for Team Mexico to naturalize West African candidates, and in fact the actual ‘mestizo’ percentage trends toward the fair-complexioned conquistadore descendants rather than the pagan midgets whose wives all spread for Big White Cock one way or another (i bet they came hard too).

    Mexico sends us their tired, their sick, their hungry and homeless… and cheers to them for passing off the degeneracy demographic onto the idiot fat cat with the open bar tab. If I could be a fly on one wall, I’d pick a high-ranking foreign office and listen to what those meritocrats actually say about our blanket policy of insanity. I truly believe the chinks in China are stroking off over our suicide, but I wonder how heartily the ‘mestizo’ Whites at the top of the Central American governments guffaw over their fat bellies at this punchline.

    • I agree with what must be the airy elation of Mex and Chi officialdom. As you said, to have that once in a star’s life opportunity to simply offload the long left-flank of your population’s bell curve. And to have the acquirer actually begging for more…the Rey Sol Anejo must well lubricate the laughter.

      And the sedge hats must be certain it’s all an elaborate ruse. If they come to actually believe their fortune, they’ll simply delay confrontation until our Virginia-class submarines are all rusted floating taco-bars in the Los Angeles harbor.

      • Great thread. From my locale, watching the little brown ones over there straggling up and down the road with three stairstep-children apiece, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

        I imagine the Sublime Porte is cackling over the immigration policies of their former Central Power well. And numerous African Big Men sleep soundly in their beds among their multiple wives, comfortable in the knowledge of young male energy safely dissipated in the trek to Europe.

      • The racism from this “blog” never ceases to amaze me. But hey carry on! Enjoy the free speech you have here in America. Because we both know in the Soviet Un…I mean the Russian Federation such things are still frowned upon. BTW “komrade” don’t bother with a pithy reply. I don’t check for replies on your hate filled blog. See I too hav

  2. Sorry. A Virginia class submarine ain’t raysiss. A torpedo is worth a thousand words. It’s going to take several to sink the ss “fuck you whitey”
    Although a Mexican boat is sinking by definition before it is even launched.
    I hope there will be enough whites available for hatchet duty on the lifeboats when the time comes.
    Sometimes virtue demands a sinner to sin again.

  3. Nope, just figured what’s the point of indulging your nonsense. And I haven’t been on Blackplanet in ages! I like Whiteplanet, better neighborhood. Gonna get all my ghetto buddies to move in so you’ll move out. Remember I’m out to destroy whitey…

  4. I recall once discussing with a friend the interminable arab/jew conflict in the levant. Following some offense, the former pledged to “Open the Gates of Hell” as a threat against further action. And I wondered aloud from a rhetorical perspective how one goes about escalating once an opened hell gate fails to move your opponent. Open two gates? A satanic helipad? You’ve basically shot your wad.

    This is why all but elite leftist rhetoricians are so feeble. Even when possessed of formidable native skill, their range of attack is restricted to gate openings.

    They have raysis and…nothing else. It’s a talisman. And they have grown utterly reliant on it.

    Racist! I just called you racist. Did you hear me? Damn it, why isn’t this working?!

  5. Roll on the day when screeching “Racist!!!” will elicit nothing but a nonchalant “Uh-huh, and…?” It’s coming. That poll in Britain is evidence of it.

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