I’d like to begin with a brief Q and A. See if you can discern nationalities, or at least geographically derived human sub-groups, from the following series of photos.













So what would you guess? Does the diversity of the people in each photo aid in the speculation? Here are the answers.

1) Chinese
2) Indians
3) Congolese
4) Nicaraguans

Do we notice any incongruencies in these national compositions? The lingering suspicion that perhaps diversity hasn’t quite been globally embraced? The thought that it never will be? That the entire concept of diversity will evaporate as mist with the last white majority? That diversity was never anything but a ruse to induce very foolish people into doing very harmful things? Is there almost, if one were to assign malicious intent, the sense that only one of the nations in those photos is being systematically scrubbed from the planet? Well no, thinking that is hate. Doing that, on the other hand, is most certainly not hate.

And that doing in Sweden is what this article will remark upon. For a couple of days ago in that country of fleetingly ethereal beauty, a small political group peacefully assembled, as citizens in heretofore Western countries are prone to do. According to the Daily Mail, this was a group of “Neo-nazis,” a term deployed in the article no less than four-times in a sort of journalistic call-response sing-along. What are they? Nazis. What are they?? Nazis!! In a nod to fairness and symmetry the party’s actual name–The Swedes Party–was also mentioned four times. Here is the Triple-R platform of the Swedes Party:

1. Sweden should in the future be Swedish: Only people who belong to the western genetic and cultural heritage, where ethnic Swedes are included, should be Swedish citizens.
2. Sweden shall be governed by the Swedes: Non-Swedes shall not be allowed to hold positions of power in Swedish society.
3. Sweden shall be governed for the Swedes: All policy decisions should be based on what is best for the interests of ethnic Swedes.
4. Sweden shall be governed as effectively as possible: The state apparatus shall be headed by a modern system of government that benefits the Swedes as efficiently as possible. The form of the government must be based on competence and responsibility, and its mission must always be to serve the people, not vice versa. The government’s motto should be improvement, development and what’s best for all of the people.
5. Sweden shall have actual self-government: Collaborations with other countries shall be gladly carried out, but no agreement stating that a supranational government will be accepted.
6. Sweden shall be a safe country to live in: Security, both individual and economic, should be one of the society’s foundations.
7. Freedom of expression: All questions shall be allowed to be discussed in Sweden, research shall be free, and restriction of privacy by governmental surveillance of non-criminal citizens shall not be allowed.
8. Swedish resources shall be owned by the Swedish people: Major Swedish natural resources and public utilities should be owned by the Swedish people meaning that all profits from such business returns to the population and not to foreign or private interests.
9. Community cohesion and social justice should permeate society: Class fragmentation should be replaced by class community whereby all of the peoples’ creative and productive efforts are highly valued and no social group is allowed to advance at the expense of any other.
10. Sweden shall have strong environmental and animal welfare goals: Sweden has unique nature that is worth protecting and preserving. Food industry and other industries dealing with livestock must be ethically sound and sustainable.

In other words, The State exists to serve The Nation rather than Nation serving State. And though it’s not difficult to see why this stance would lead liberal bots into motherboard meltdowns, it does lead one to wonder…why else? Why else would groups of like people ever form and empower a state apparatus, if not but to serve their interests? Swedes originally created a state and drew boundaries for the benefit of Swedes. No one else. There are approximately 8 million Swedes in a world of 7+ billion. If they do not stand as their own advocates, none will.

I will wager that not a founder of a single western state did so with the intention that his creation would find its purpose in dispossessing his posterity. That the media takes pains to reassure its cud-chewing consumers that this fundamental premise of government is Nazi! should explain all one needs to learn about the veracity of its reporting.

So what occurred when a few dozen Sweden for the Swedes congregated? Well, the gibbering howler monkeys went ape-shit, naturally. Furiously demanding that their children’s birthright be bequeathed instead to Sweden’s proliferating Somalis, they formed ranks in the thousands to attack the few remaining vessels of their forefather’s Viking legacy.

And then it became amusing. Because mounted police at the scene also drew fire from the left’s marionettes. And after issuing several ignored orders to disperse, they attended to the crowd the old-fashioned way: they rode them down in the street.

According to a witness: ’It is a narrow street where they rode ten horses abreast in full gallop towards a group of about 300 to 400 people. Police kept repeating this.

To provide a visual flavor…



Alas, the pleasant images cease there. In the end it was only a few dozen against thousands. And no force on Earth will deny a peoples determined to perish. Further, the rate of that dissolution is accelerating. The treasonous Swedish government, or I suppose one could say the government loyal to the people’s self-abnegation, has announced even more saints are arriving to camp.

In October, Sweden’s Migration Board (Migrationsverket) is expected to raise the prognosis of refugees in Sweden to 100,000, reported the Sydsvenskan newspaper on Tuesday.

The total would mark an all-time record for Sweden.

A spokesperson from the board explained that the dramatic increase Sweden has seen of late could be put explained by the unrest around the world.

This year’s income so far has arrived mostly from Syria, Somalia, Libya, and Eritrea.

Another reason for the hike in numbers is the worsening situation in northern Iraq.

“Our conclusion is that refugees from there still can’t get to Sweden, but will be able to by late autumn” Zettergren concluded.

A poll published on Monday showed that nearly two thirds of Swedes thought Sweden should take in more refugees or at least the same number as it currently does.

The poll, carried out by Novus, found that 32 percent of respondents believed the intake should be decreased, and 36 percent said the amount should remain the same. About 26 percent said Sweden should take in even more refugees, and six percent responded that they didn’t know.

The poll also showed that women and younger Swedes were slightly more positive towards refugees than men and older Swedes.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said Swedes should tolerance in the face of increasing refugee numbers.

“I know that this will cause friction. I therefore call on the Swedish people to show patience and open their hearts” he said.

Last year, Sweden took in almost 20 percent of the EU’s asylum seekers, more than any other country in the union.

Despite Sweden’s relatively small population of 9.5 million people, which is 1.9 percent of the European Union’s total population, Sweden opened the doors to a total of 135,700 asylum seekers – 46 percent of whom came from Syria.

In September last year, Sweden granted permanent residence to all Syrian refugees, the first country in the EU to do so.

The prime minister will be pleased to imagine the Swedish people will probably be opening their hearts as well as their necks before this matter is settled. And though it is excruciating to watch them do away with themselves for the mere frisson of liberal preening, one can hope their ashes will fertilize the resistance in other countries. For if the black flag rises over Stockholm, then remaining nations may be inclined to discipline their states. And when that begins, not even chants of “nazi” will stop the charge.


4 thoughts on “Steeplechase

  1. In the American Empire “nation” cannot be defined in ethnic terms:

    Woods provides a compelling account of the ways in which the basic conceptual certainties of the New Right are, in fact, contested even within the pubic sphere of the New Right itself. The “New Right mentality” (as Woods terms it) is always in search of fixed points. The nation would seem to present this point, but as Woods notes, even this foundation of right-wing politics has become problematic. What defines belonging to the nation? Since ethnicity is to be excluded, can membership in a linguistic community fulfill this lacuna?

    • He should see how well that book sells in Luanda, for instance. Or perhaps their neighbors in the DRC.

      Mr. Woods could travel to query Angolans on the street–hopefully at night. In these interviews he should ask if they can tell whether or not he is one their people, explaining the “contested conceptual certainties of the New Right” and how certain lacunae render ethnic considerations incoherent.

      His estate can publish the results posthumously.

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