Orban’s Razor

Managing the manifold vagaries of large nation-states is a task reserved for the supple mind. One who eschews that which may seem intuitive to the masses, though never appears in a progessive’s lecture hall.

Here is a case in point. Stable or moderate growth organic societies centered around nuclear families and cohesive, high social capital communities may be demonstrably effective in practice, but never work in theory.

What does work in theory, is to encourage pliant young women to forego motherhood in favor of tilling the barren soil of cube farms. And when anti-natalist policies bear the predictable no-fruit, then pivot into demanding millions of sullen nepotistic and highly fecund foreigners come to replace the native children now aborted and contraceived away. Then upon their arrival, reorder the once safe, prosperous, and homogenous society to accommodate the aliens’ myriad grievances. And further, propagandize the founding stock into spasms of apologia for insufficiently prompt groveling. Finally, as the demographic tide becomes a tsunami, and the founders dispossession a fait accompli you primly chortle: Well, you wouldn’t have babies anyway. Besides large white families are irresponsible and probably racist. Goodday.

In hindsight we can all agree that this is how leaders of reason and fidelity would approach the subject. But, to my astonishment, at least one Neanderthal in Eastern Europe hasn’t bought into the model. He offers a far simpler solution.Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Monday lashed out against immigration, setting one of the main policy objectives of his next term in power after winning parliamentary elections in April.

“The goal is to cease immigration whatsoever,” said Hungary’s prime minister. “I think the current liberal immigration policy, which is considered obvious and morally based, is hypocrite,” Mr. Orban said.

At a meeting with Hungary’s ambassadors to foreign countries on Monday, Mr. Orban recited part of his speech in Ypres, France at the European Union prime ministers’ summit and commemoration of the World War One centenary.

There he said he wanted to include in the leaders’ joint statement that immigration is wrong, and Europe’s aim is to cease immigration.

“There were two types of reactions: some envied me because they mustn’t say things like that although they’d very much like to. The others disagreed because they’ve failed to turn around demographic trends with family politics; have kept social tension at bay by subsidizing the jobless; and aren’t fazed if the ethnic basis of a nation state is broken,” Mr. Orban said.

The Hungarian prime minister said it was of paramount importance for Hungary to remain a nation state speaking the same language and having Christianity as its religious cornerstone. Instead of financing the current immigration policy, Mr. Orban said member countries should boost development in the immigrants’ home countries, focus on increasing the birth rate in their home countries and carry out back-to-work programs for Europe’s Romani population of more than 10 million.

In 2012, net migration in the United Kingdom and Italy both stood at 900,000; in France it was 650,000, in Spain 600,000, in Germany 550,000, World Bank data show. This compares to Hungary’s 75,000 in 2012.

Hungary’s officials have been focusing on increasing the birth rate in part by boosting subsidies, offering tax exemption for those who have three kids and also re-introducing a three-year home stay for new mothers after giving birth.

Another way the government means to boost newlyweds’ mood to make babies was the social ministry’s congratulation card, which couples received after state weddings. The card included quotes from Hungarian poets and the ministry promoting childbirth as a way to keep up the Hungarian nation.

“If your love for one another becomes the source of a new life, that’s the greatest gift to your family. A child is a blessing, and the pledge of survival of the family and our nation.”

What? Cease immigration? Maintain the core characteristics of the country? Boosting native birthrates? Survival of the family and nation? My God, how much hate can one man contain? I’m certain someone has an answer to that. Though honestly, I’m little inclined to entertain it at the moment.

Hearing a western leader actually taking the side of his own people is somewhat akin to hearing Eric Holder reciting Shakespeare at a renaissance fair. Something to acknowledge with wonder. As we’ll acknowledge the simplest solution to ordering a sustainable society: Orban’s Razor.


14 thoughts on “Orban’s Razor

  1. I would give a mighty shout of approval if an American president gave such a speech. Then I would start weeping like a child at the beauty of it all. A people! A nation, a place in the phalanx! My home team!
    Hell, I’m near tears just thinking about it.

    Chief – you’ll enjoy this: I actually married into an immigrant family. They have passports, and travel frequently in and out of the country.

    I just applied for a passport, under the completely WASP name and SSN I’ve had since birth and through four years of military Reserve service and duly filing tax returns over three decades.

    Application denied. “My” government requires further proof that I’m actually an American citizen.

    • Well AG, I had to laugh at your predicament. Though in fairness, the government really can’t take chances with WASPs who’ve only been here since Jamestown.

      Perhaps if you had confidently stated an answer to the eternal quandary of mathematics: how long does it take to travel 80 miles going 80mph?

      • Syrian (first-generation Canadian).

        Interesting you mention it, because Syrian Christians are mostly Greek-descended, being the Byzantine remnant. A lot of friends and relations would pass unnoticed in Des Moines, Iowa. But they speak Arabic.

        The Antiochian Orthodox have gone to great lengths to adopt and support the culture of their Arab conquerors. One of the Ba’athist movement founders was Orthodox. As is being played out in Syria now, Arab Sunni’s have not have returned the favor in the slightest.

    • Syria is only 210 miles from Cyprus. 🙂 . And only 164 miles from Lebanon. It is not very far, (though I doubt I swim it. 😀 ) .

      I feel so sorry for the Orthodox there, it must be very difficult for them.
      I was thinking many Syrian Christians are descended from Greek because they look Greek. One of my friends married a Syrian man, and he looks like regular Greek Cypriot.

      Are the Orthodox Churches there (America/Canada) Syrian Orthodox, or Greek, or Russian, mostly?

      • There is the Antiochian (Syrian/Lebanese) archdiocese, Greek archdiocese and Orthodox Church in America (OCA) archdiocese (started by Russians). There is also Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, which is basically a Russian eparchy. The OCA situation is kind of awkward. There are some scattered parishes for other jurisdictions. Romanians have a pretty good presence.

        As the zero- and first-generation immigrants have died off, out-married, etc., the archdioceses have all started welcoming converts (it’s either that, or go bankrupt). But there are still parishes here and there which are just ethnic clubs.

        Greek archdiocese is the largest and I think either Antiochians or OCA are second largest.

  2. It’s good to read that after the depressing news from Sweden in your last post. Most of the former communist countries survived with their racial awareness intact. The Defence Departments of Western countries spent trillions over the decades arming themselves against the peoples of Eastern Europe, while their real enemies laughed as they destroyed them from the inside.

      • The main purpose of the military and of foreign wars these days is probably to soak up money. If the US was left with any surplus wealth (i.e. anything other than a $17 trillion debt), there’s a danger that some of it might get diverted to border control. The devil finds work for idle cash.

      • As a former sailor in the Pacific Fleet (stationed in Guam), I can attest that those ships are not floating aimlessly. They are making the world safe for WalMart. Without the US Navy keeping the shipping lanes open, how else could we ensure cheap foreign goods make their way to market, destroying the last vestiges of the middle class.

  3. It’s not hate when africans propose it for their own…

    “The culture of a people is their identity as it affords them due recognition. This paper therefore is aimed at examining the causes and consequences of rapid erosion of cultural values in nigeria. Social change theory was used in this paper. This study was carried out in ado-odo/ota lga, with a sample size of 203. Simple statistics like frequency distribution, percentile were used. Chi-square statistics was used in testing the hypotheses. The study found out that there is a positive relationship between social forces such as colonialism, westernization and erosion of cultural values. Also, it was found that there is a positive relationship between the local family structure and the foreign culture. The study concludes that forceful imposition of foreign culture should be discouraged.” – cross out Nigeria and put America. Cross out westernization and put Metizoization

    The 1965 immigration act was the last nail in the coffin of white America. In 1960 White Americans were 89% of the population. The 1965 immigration and naturalization act was crafted by Emanuel Celler* and maneuvered through by Jacob Javits**. Of course white America was assured our nations demographic wouldn’t change… “In order to convince the American people of the legislation’s merits, its proponents assured that passage would not influence America’s culture significantly.”-wiki “significantly” ah, there’s the back door. celler and javits are both jews.

    Can “forced” and “lied too” be considered the same thing?

    And just for the record another interesting bit of the Immigration act : “In line with earlier immigration law, the bill also prohibited the entry into the country of “sexual deviants”, including homosexuals. By doing so it crystallized the policy of the INS that had previously been rejecting homosexual immigrants on the grounds that they were “mentally defective” or had a “constitutional psychopathic inferiority”

    Our culture certainly has changed.

    *Also in 1965, he proposed and steered to passage the Hart-Celler Act, which eliminated national origins as a consideration for immigration. This was the culminating moment in Celler’s 41-year fight to overcome restriction on immigration to the United States based on national origin. The US Gun Control Act of 1968 directly evolved from Celler’s Bill H.R. 17735.[3][4]-wiki

    **”(He/javits) was also one of the main forces behind the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act that removed immigration quotas that favored Western European nations.- wikipedia (don’t be surprised if that line is edited out of wiki).

  4. So much for Orban. From Vdare:

    In a truly astonishing example of blunt government repression, the “conservative” government of Viktor Orbán banned the National Policy Institute’s “European Congress” that was to take place in Budapest from October 3-5. Police forced the hotel to cancel the reservations for guests, put pressure on the governments of France and Russia to ban speakers from arriving in the country, and ordered the venue to break their contract with the National Policy Institute. It is questionable whether a far-left group would face similar tactics, especially ones so nakedly exercised. Jobbik, the third largest party in the country which initially co-sponsored the conference and then backed away under the pressure.

    Even more incredibly, one of the American organizers of the conference was actually arrested at the airport, detained overnight (without communication of the charges), and then deported. Such a girlish reaction would be hilarious if it were not so pathetic.

    Nonetheless, people from several nations have begun arriving in Budapest, notably conference organizer Richard Spencer of NPI, who was supposed to have been detained at the border but managed to enter the country. He spent the day conducting interviews with various publications.

    Looks like the Samizdat has returned in the former Soviet Bloc.

    Arrested in Hungary for the crime of intending to speak on behalf of Hungarians.

    Psychopathy: your age has dawned.

  5. It’s hard to know what the hell is going on there. Even the worthless jelly-spined politicians of Western Europe or the US wouldn’t try to stop a conference that’s not breaking any law, although they’d stand idly by while leftists sabotage it. Maybe the Hungarians have been put under some kind of pressure that hasn’t been revealed.

    • Rob, whether or not accurate, I just read that Richard Spencer has been deported from Hungary and banned for three years. For some reason I can’t articulate, these type of events continue to astound me. If, rather, he had been a black, muslim, or jewish advocate for replacing Hungary’s population, not a word of discontent would have been breathed.

      What an age in which to live.

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