A Beautiful Union

Leisurely scanning about some news aggregator website recently, I noticed the following ad graphic:


That’s good. Inter-faith comity is something we should all support. And this instance, in particular, being an irenic example. Because it’s obviously quite a concession for Jews to accept the assistance and support of Christians in securing a homeland for Jews. But sometimes compromise is necessary: you work for us; and we’ll let you.

At any rate, the organization has a website that readers are encouraged to visit. The left sidebar features brief bios on its founders and directors. You may be assured the following quotes are not contrived by this author.

Founder May Long
“I am a Zionist because Israel is my history, the land of my people. Israel continues to be the safe haven for persecuted Jews forced to flee anti-Semitism worldwide. Israel is freedom, a light unto the nations. Stand with me to fight for Israel’s security and survival.”

That sounds disturbingly nationalistic, with a thick lacquer of supremacy. A light among the nations?

Rev. Fumio Taku
“As a Christian, my faith rests on the God of Israel and His holy scriptures, which clearly state that the Land and people of Israel are inseparable. It is my joy to stand with our Jewish neighbors in support of Israel and of our Judeo-Christian values.”

Blood and soil huh?

Helga Lustig
“As a child survivor of the Holocaust my life has been profoundly defined by the persecution of the Jewish people. The rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel as an idealistic democratic country, and as a haven for Jews compels my support. With enthusiasm, I joined CJUI in the fight to preserve Judeo-Christian democratic values because the defense of these values is the defense of Israel.”

Finally, some Judeo-Christian values. Ms. Lustig keeps her New Testament always close at hand.

Margot Einstein
Zionism is the marrow of my bones, the blood of life that pulses through my veins.”

Wow. Just wow. It doesn’t take an Einstein to understand what she’s saying.

So obviously this organization is one committed to advancing the interests of both Christians and Jews mutually. We could see that from all of the testimonials about protecting Christian heritage and their traditional lands. So one can understand the appeal. Quite like if Bob and Steve established the “Institute for Getting Steve Filthy Rich.” It wouldn’t take much cajoling to get Bob on board.

Though I was curious as to the extent of this alliance. And so ran a few searches that will simply be pasted below without comment.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Sweden”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Italy”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Portugal”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Austria”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Lichtenstein”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Rhode Island”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Tucson”.

No results found for “Christians and jews united for Neptune”.


14 thoughts on “A Beautiful Union

  1. I met a Protestant Christian from South Africa before, she was traveling here and she was very kind. (She told me much about what it is like to be a white in South Africa, quite dangerous.) But when we would pray together, she would say let us pray for the land of Israel. And I was confused, because I just thought we pray for everybody.

    We speaked often on skype and she is always saying how we must continue to pray for Israel. Because I feel like idiot, I do not stop to ask her why. But I know in Orthodox Christianity, we do not pray specifically for them all the time. (We just pray for who needs it.) Maybe this is a protestant thing.

    • Also because I have old testament first name she says I am blessed to have such jewish name. It really is strange.

      I understand Israel is Holy Land, but I do not understand why some people love Jews so much(as above), and some people hate them. I am very ignorant to it, but I have only met two Jews and they were atheists. .

      • You don’t understand why some people hate Jews? Start following a blog called The Ugly Truth (theuglytruth.wordpress.com) and that might serve as a crash course.

  2. I will follow it. 🙂 .

    But there is so much to read, I was hoping for a summary of why people hate them. Is it because they reject Jesus Christ? I will read the blog.

    Because I do not know Jews, I can not even recognise when somebody is Jewish unless they have the Jewish clothes and hat. From the face they just look like Southern European/ Middle Eastern people to me.

    One Jew I knew was my piano teacher as a child, she was a very moody, strict woman. So I just think of them as being so serious people.

  3. Aga, you’re a sweet girl. How did you ever come upon a site like this?

    Hate is not to be lavished lightly, and so that very personal allocation is left to the reader. Though as for what should be considered distasteful at the least…A group of Jews forms an organization whose sole purpose is to “unite” Christians in serving Jews. It’s transparently manipulative. And the chutzpah goes without saying.

    So much of modernity has been sobering lessons in the frailty of man’s intuition. Again and again we are shown up as gullible goobers. It’s just embarrassing.

    • “So much of modernity has been sobering lessons in the frailty of man’s intuition.”

      I would love to see you elaborate on this, perhaps with illustrations, if you ever have an opportunity. In the meantime, I would ask you and other readers whether much of what you attribute to gullibility or a failure of intuition can instead simply be attributed to rational (from the standpoint of an atomized individual) decisionmaking. Most societal incentives, be they coercive or reward-like, are aligned to force individuals to adopt these kinds of attitudes and positions .

    • Thank you Administration. I come upon your site from a blog roll. And I was intrigued because I said, ah, that is a Greek word, he is probably a Greek.

      I have said before I try my best not to hate anybody, (though of course I fail, and unfortunately feel hatred in my heart for some people such as low lives like murderers and people who harm children.) But anyway. I understand it is manipulative. And I do cringe a little that Christians are able to stand up and support Israel, yet not voice the same for their own lands.

      I have started reading today about Jews, and there is one Jew who comments on another blog I comment on, and he is so kind and good man it is difficult for me to think “ALL Jews are bad.”

      But at the same time, I do think, they are just humans like us who have the right to preserve their land.

      With that said, it is really is difficult for me to form a good opinion on this, because there are barely any Jews here. I was always told that Israel are allies of Cyprus and that they are the good guys, so I have not read enough in to it to have a different opinion. 🙂 .

      • Well obviously not all jews are bad as not all any group is. Of course not all Arabs are bad either, though Israelis appear in no rush to accommodate more of them into their country.

        But at the same time, I do think they are humans just like us who have a right to preserve their land.

        Agreed. Of course we are humans just like them who have the right to preserve our land. And when a Jew agrees with this reciprocal standard, you will be pleasantly astounded.

      • But at the same time, I do think, they are just humans like us who have the right to preserve their land.

        And do Palestinians also have a right to preserve their land?

      • P.S. A mere 5% of Palestine’s total population in 1900 was Jewish. Even in 1948, the area sketched by the UN General Assembly for the imposition of a “Jewish State” was majority Gentile. Is that democracy?

  4. Well I just penned a half-page response that now lies unsaved somewhere in the ether. If the irritation of this abates I may try a reconstruction. In the meantime, enjoy a pristine example of uncoerced gullibility.

    • If the irritation of this abates I may try a reconstruction.

      Thanks, I know how that can be. I’ll read it with interest if I see it.

      In the meantime, enjoy a pristine example of uncoerced gullibility.

      Indeed. Quite embarrassing. Still, if coercion and social reward on this issue inform the environment in which we live, strictly speaking it would be hard to conclude that this man’s behavior is free of either impetus.

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