Money is no Social Construct

Would you care for some context into just how fervently corporate America wants to replace you? Well, too bad. Enough that upon hearing the scope of their ambition, even Obama turned a whiter shade of pale. Alas the blanching was brief, and CEO ministrations much comforted the chief.

According to Politico, Obama canoodled with a corporate coterie to get the porridge just right.

Obama was initially expected to focus only on slowing deportations of potentially millions of undocumented immigrants and altering federal enforcement policies. Now top aides are talking with leaders in big companies like Cisco, Intel and Accenture, hoping to add more changes that would get them on board.

For no reason I can articulate, it’s shocking to hear such sadistic collusion. Obama was merely going to amnesty every creature that had ever whimsically considered residing here, and was actually outbid by the CEOs who indignantly howled at his parsimony. They apparently complained that his plan neglected several billion other humans, all of whom should be transported here to lower pay and increase consumption. Increasing revenues while cutting labor expense is called fattening the margin. And as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos once remarked, your margin is my opportunity.

So what was the opportunity offered to Obama? Unsurprisingly, the techs wanted perpetual visas, while the construction and agriculture lobbies also mewled astonishingly for more low-pay workers. Have you noticed that platoon of mexicans working on your neighbor’s roof? They’re being paid too much and require additional labor supply to temper the out-of-control costs. As I have asserted before: growth means forever.

The specific companies demanding more included Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and Accenture. All to the begging trough for the workers America can’t provide.

Here are some facts:

* There are approximately 102 million human beings in this country without a job.

* Intel cut over 5,300 jobs in 2014.

* Cisco announced 6,000 job cuts…today!

* Microsoft is cutting 18,000 jobs.

* Oracle cut an undisclosed number of jobs in 2013.

Aside from Accenture (which itself had a round of layoffs a few years ago), every one of the companies named is begging for workers to fill the jobs they don’t have. The country is awash in ever growing legions of unemployed–while more workers are demanded. And apparently no one finds such rank equine defecation foul enough to warrant mention.

Here’s a few other items to consider:

* McDonalds is looking to replace cashiers with touchscreens.

* The number of projected college graduates far exceeds anticipated job growth.

* All employment growth since 2000 went to immigrants. All.

* Over 50% of those working in America make less than $30,000/year.

* 76% report living paycheck to paycheck.

* Inflation adjusted median wages continue to fall.

And the answer is more immigrants and lower wages.

Or as Scott Corley of a tech coalition stated: “We know only Congress offers a long-term solution to our immigration problems. They haven’t acted, and that’s costing our country hundreds of thousands of new American jobs each year.

Congress is costing foreigners hundreds of thousands of jobs in America. The malice required to dissemble so baldly in pursuit of another coin to perch atop their mountain is truly something to behold. Some of these men would devour their own genitals for a couple of wrinkled bills.

I, for one, am willing to pick up the dinner tab.


23 thoughts on “Money is no Social Construct

  1. The corporate villainy theme may well be a good strategy for both reaching our own people and building coalitions with others. But does it reflect the reality? Is it the correct diagnosis? Wherein is the tribal competition that otherwise tends to drive things?

    Whether corporate villainy is the correct diagnosis, it still possibly may be the right prescription (i.e., theme to emphasize).

    • The vast majority of people believe only what they are permitted by society’s gatekeepers to believe. And even if in just a jejune civic context, belief in corporate villainy is still permitted. The fact that it focuses ire on a richly deserving cohort of both tribal antagonists and their colluding traitors makes it a worthwhile avenue in my mind.

      • I don’t necessarily disagree with you in this instance.

        Speaking abstractly, however, I imagine that an inaccurate political diagnose may suffer, at some level of a person’s consciousness, from a lack credibility or “compellingness.” Ascribing the drive to war in the Middle East by the Administration and opinionmakers in the aftermath of the events of September 2011 to “oil” or “Halliburton” had, I think, a relatively enervating effect on efforts to oppose that campaign. Relatively speaking. (On the other hand, within the constraints set by gatekeepers, perhaps it was the best shot.) At the least, we can say that such bogeymen have obstructed people’s understanding of the real situation.

      • Reader, those are fair points. Though I don’t think of railing on the rich as merely a plot device to capture the attention of football-Americans masticating their nachos.

        The plutocracy have effectively decoupled from their former nation and become as antagonistic to it as any other hostile tribe.

        I’m prone to speculate that a certain number of bank account zeros levitates one’s head up from the blood and soil into the gold and yachts. But since the effect appears negligible on Adelson’s gang the hypothesis may not be valid.

      • But since the effect appears negligible on Adelson’s gang the hypothesis may not be valid.

        Good point. Great wealth doesn’t diminish the ethnocentrism of Jews. Come to think of it, whites seem to be the only ones who turn into such race traitors when they get rich. People of other races, at their worst, may become indifferent to the plight of their co-ethnics in that situation, but white billionaires seemingly never saw an act of treason they didn’t like..

      • Come to think of it, whites seem to be the only ones who turn into such race traitors when they get rich.

        It may be interesting to ponder causation here. Are whites able to become rich without becoming race traitors?

    • In my experience America, Inc. is head-over-heels into diversity. If my firm actually complied with all the directives our contracts with large companies purport to require, we’d go out of business. Someday, I expect we will. Whites are to be dutiful mules on the tax farm, building up the institutions of an advanced society, and then to hand over the keys.

      Corporations, still largely run by white men, lap this stuff like kittens because it’s an additional barrier to entry for their smaller competitors and it’s a good way for them to pile up a stack of documentary evidence in their favor in discrimination lawsuits.

      In generic terms, it’s as if the government announced fines for low paper clip utilization and, by contrast, generously greased the skids for all the patriotic paper clip users. The very next minute, your stolid, church-going, hard-nosed CEO is going to be draped in paper clips. Paper-clipped tie, paper clips holding up his pants, paper clips instead of shoe laces, pockets bulging with loose paper clips, lecturing all the slackers on their paperclip-ism.

      Public exchanges of itty-bitty shares in gigantic corporations enable a lot of evil.

      • What you say is true of many ways that huge corporations are able to comply with useless or obstructive regulations that would defeat a smaller organisation. They can afford to hire lawyers who do nothing else but study the legislation and see that their employer is keeping the right side of it. The economies of scale mean they can also afford to carry more dead weight in the form of AA hires, if they really have to.

        In cases where they don’t want to hire NAMs, as with many Silicon Valley companies, they can ingratiate themselves with the powers that be and get insurance against prosecution by giving millions to such things as “education funds” in “minority districts”.

  2. It makes perfect sense with your previous article on the fallacy of democracy. So here we see Obama colluding with big Corporations for the benefits of a small elite….as opposed to whom or what exactly? let’s say McCain, he would have done exactly the same thing.
    So I’ll quote Brad Pitt in ‘Kill them Softly’: ” America is NOT a Nation, America is a Business”, a business coated with layers of ‘Patriotism’ and ‘Nationalism’, because it good for the sales.
    So, Entrepreneurial Capitalism worked great in the past for the US. Entrepreneurship/ Innovation/ Manufacture was the heart of America and it fueled her economic growth. The banks invested in it by lending money to Entrepreneurs. Now we have Financial Capitalism, i.e., the Market. The Market doesn’t need economic growth, The Market needs a speculative Bubble, yes, give it the choice between Economic growth and a big fat speculative bubble, it’ll choose the bubble. And of course the Banks don’t put money in the economy anymore. Of all the money printed by the fed, $85 billion a months for 2 years, how much of it went into real economy versus the Financial system?
    Answer: we don’t know for sure because Bernanke refuses to tell us anyway. But most likely 90% ends up in pure speculative bubbles, like the Market demands so no surprise, and it didn’t create a single manufacture job. Ah, and don’t forget the Federal jobs, aka fictive job and of course the Police, national Guards, see the repression in Greece for what purpose, and the Army. Who can’t see that the US army and the US foreign policy are integrated assets of the Global Market agenda?
    The weird thing is how the System, through the voices of its Economists and Statistics, lies and pretends the opposite: the economy is recovering , Unemployment is stable, (still, 50 millions are on food stamps). But It’s so pervasive in all the media, I believe it. That’s Chutzpah!

  3. Just a service announcement: looking at a significant deficit of free time for the foreseeable future. This may or may not impact our color brave dialogue, though I wanted to let you know in case of the former.

    • But the thing is, you’d expect people of Bill Gates’ intelligence to be wise to what’s going on. It may be the hubris that comes with massive wealth, which makes them think they’re insulated from the consequences that race replacement will bring to lesser mortals. Their descendants will curse them for it.

  4. Could there be a connection between the cut-rate “global talent” sought by software firms and the buggy, bloated crapware they produce?

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