The Struggle Against Segregation in Iraq

As a follow-on from the previous entry, the Washington Post just reported on more racial violence in Iraq stemming from the Jim Crow policies of the Yazidi hate-group. Excerpts below.

DAHUK, Iraq — Extremist fighters have killed more than 80 men and detained hundreds of women in a Yazidi village, Yazidis and Kurdish officials said Saturday, offering a reminder that the ancient minority sect is still at risk despite President Obama’s conclusion that the threat had passed for those stranded on Mount Sinjar.

Islamic State militants drove into the village of Kocho, about 15 miles southwest of the town of Sinjar, on Friday, following a week-long siege in which the al-Qaeda inspired group demanded that residents convert to Islam or face death, said the reports, which could not be independently verified.

The men were rounded up and executed, while the women were taken to an undisclosed location, according to Ziad Sinjar, a pesh merga commander based on the edge of Mount Sinjar, citing the accounts of villagers nearby. Six men were injured but survived, and managed to escape to a nearby village where they are being sheltered by sympathetic local Sunni Iraqis, he said. One of them told him that 84 Yazidi men were lined up and shot and that more than 300 women were taken away.

Yazidi activists and Kurdish officials said at least 80 men were killed and hundreds of women taken away after the fighters entered the village shortly after 1 pm on Friday.

Though unnecessary, we should state the obvious: this is how the Fright-Wing noise machine operates. Notice the designation of the ISIS community as “extremist” when it is in fact they who are marginalized in Iraqi society and Yazidis who are the segregationists.

The fact is that Iraq is a large country and sometimes 80 men are put against the wall and shot. These are random youth robberies gone wrong. To even attempt to pin blame on an ISIS community that itself already suffers so much violence is outrageous. We should be thinking of how to end the cycle of poverty that traps these young men in a world without hope. We should be providing education and opportunity to Iraq’s most at-risk.

Suggesting the existence of a “Yazidi knock-out game” serves no purpose other than to perpetuate a hateful racial stereotype that has no place in modern Iraq.

Many in the ISIS community feel the Yazidis don’t even care about them. Aside from discriminatory housing practices, ISIS civil-rights leaders complain that Yazidis routinely pass them over in hiring and promotional opportunities. One glance at the shocking figures of ISIS under representation will quickly validate the assertion.

Instead of inflaming ancient hatreds by rumor mongering of alleged “massacres,” Yazidi leaders should instead be working to integrate the ISIS people and bring them out of the shadows. And that seems to be the greatest struggle of all. Because at this point the Yazidis have not yet learned to be multicultural. That can be a difficult transition for those with ingrained notions of bigotry. But without that transition, the Yazidi people will not survive.

Peace in both Iraq and the Middle East as a whole hinges entirely on the rejection of segregation and an embrace of diversity. It is only when Jew, Alawite, Shia, Yazidi, Sunni, Christian, and Kurd are living house to house and side by side that harmony will finally come to this scarred land.


4 thoughts on “The Struggle Against Segregation in Iraq

  1. I get a whiff almost of sadism, as fundamentalist Diversitarians insist large groups of people who obviously can’t stand each other MUST stay together. Like putting a crocodile in a cage with a lion. What vile people.

    • That’s an appropriate term: fundamentalist diversitarians. Particularly poignant juxtaposed against their typically affected postures of science! They have convinced themselves that becoming caricatures of the zeitgeist equates to romantic iconoclasm.

      Dishwater society says diversity is good…fuck that, we say it’s REAL good.

      The left’s hoi polloi: speaking obedience to power.

  2. Thousands of Muslims born in white countries have gone out to join IS, some of them posing with severed heads and other trophies. I don’t think they could make it more clear what they’ll do to whites when they become a majority in their countries, as they undoubtedly will in many of them if something isn’t done immediately to control their numbers. So far, not a single mainstream politician has dared hint that these developments should have any implications for immigration policy.

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