Don’t Need a Weatherman

Previously in these pages we have discussed a societal decoupling I lazily termed The Great Divergence. In this I asserted that the quality, cleanliness, health, and prosperity–the overall pleasant livability–of societies since antiquity have closely tracked the arc and state of that society’s technological advancement. I offered no metrics but my own intuition upon which to rest this premise, and so would be perfectly amenable to others offering examples to the contrary. Though proceeding from this, I speculated that a momentous inflection point has occurred in these previously parallel trend lines. That inflection representing a decoupling of societal livability in the West from its underlying technological capabilities. Writ small, we will be whisked in shiny sentient vehicles through sprawling, violent barrios.

In the short time since offering that speculation, events have enlisted in the effort to see its prompt realization. Baby cribs throughout Central America have disgorged their 16-45 year-old occupants onto American soil. Some Mexican coyotes have even been seen extracting inebriated Eses from their perambulator to burp the tequila off their tummies before being gently remanded to the custody of the US taxpayer–it’s a touching scene. Particularly touching when these suckling tykes–MS-13 tats barely dry–cross the border and experience that incomprehensible cosmic alchemy which transmutates them into…Americans!

And so there are many parties working tirelessly to see my vision of society become reality: namely Obama, the democrats, half the republicans, the chamber of commerce, big business, small business, show business, Catholics, communists, corporates, Lutherans, libertarians, liberals, AIPAC, CPAC, and Tupac. The only ones opposed to turning their hometowns into Guatemala City are the haters. And why should they have a say in the future of their children?

Though it is not merely society decoupling to plan. Technology is continuing its own now solitary trajectory. IBM advances CPU technology toward human brain functioning.

IBM has developed a computer chip which it says will function like a human brain in a giant step forward for artificial intelligence. TrueNorth is being hailed as the world’s first neurosynaptic computer chip because it can figure things out on its own. The chip also has one million ‘neurons’ and could cram the same power as a super computer into a circuit the size of a postage stamp.

Experts said that it was as big an advance as the advent of supercomputers in the 1980.
Horst Simon, deputy director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, told the New York Times: ‘It is a remarkable achievement in terms of scalability and low power consumption’.
Modern processors have some 1.4 billion transistors and consume up to 140 watts but the IBM chip contains 5.4 billion transistors and uses just 70 milliwatts of power, meaning it is incredibly efficient.

TrueNorth is the world’s first neurosynaptic computer chip because it can figure things out on its own. It has one million ‘neurons’ and could cram the same power as a super computer into a circuit the size of a postage stamp. TrueNorth will use closely interconnected ‘neurons’ just like the brain does meaning that it can work proactively to a level not seen before.

In addition to the one million ‘neurons’ it has 256 million programmable synapses, the most IBM has ever put in a chip. He said that TrueNorth could be used to monitor oil spills or issue tsunami alerts on its own without the need for a human to keep track of things.
Richard Doherty, the research director of tech research firm Envisioneering Group, said that IBM’s chip was a ‘really big deal’.

He said that if a robot today was walking towards a pillar then it needed a huge amount of computing to stop it heading into it. But a robot using TrueNorth would be able to sense it and change direction just as a human can. Computers are now approaching the stage where they are considered ‘smarter’ than humans in many ways.

Smarter than humans? One would hope that modest threshold had been achieved long before now. A Commodore 64 could probably be programmed to not self-eradicate. Though for a much more ambitious exercise in cognition, I rather doubt that a mere 256 million synthetic synapses will prove sufficient to navigate contemporary mores for exactly what is racist, and what is not.

Yet regardless of the endurance of Moore’s Law, computers will continue to grow smaller, more portable, more powerful…more human. And whether that ultimately entails a non discriminatory Skynet, in the intermediate it will mean those respirational legacy machines are going to experience a refreshment cycle in the labor force. Robots to work even cheaper than H1Bs.

Nearly all the experts said things like driverless cars, robotic doctors and nurses and intelligent digital agents would be a part of daily life by 2025.

But they were evenly divided over whether this would be a boon or a curse for human beings.

52 percent of respondents said that historically technology has ultimately created more jobs than it has displaced. They said people will find other forms of work that only human beings can perform; that the technological advances will give us all more time and energy to do more meaningful work.

But the other 48 percent fear that the roll of artificial workers will be unstoppable and that humans will not be able to adjust in time to avoid massive unemployment and social disruption.

A majority of the respondents did agree that the best way to make future technologies work for us is to improve education and training for all people.

Here are some questions: how many of “our kids” are going to be designing, deploying, and maintaining a force of ultra-high technology robots? And to what extent is “education and training for all people” going to aid in those endeavors? Why does manifest absurdity seem to enhance the stature of any given position, rather than indict it? Why can’t we offer open sober assessments of our country’s policies? Because every society features its own raft of heresies. These being a uniquely human characteristic that liberals will be aghast to find absent in sentient AIs.

So what might we anticipate from an increasingly intelligent H1-motherboard workforce? What remains of the middle class will be largely annihilated. And there could be a terrifying encroachment into the upper mid strata as well. Doctors, nurses, accountants, cashiers, food preparers. The government’s pseudo unemployment rate will remain static in amber as the ranks of those not working spike into the hundreds of millions. All of these bodies will require subsidized food, housing, shelter, and enough scrip to be viable consumers. After all, that’s one of the two true reasons they are being imported…to consume.

The blanket of social provisions required to placate this huge number of unemployable will necessitate an enormous tax burden on the lower periphery of the elite class. Many will find themselves quite surprised upon falling into the poverty maelstrom below. Only the managers of business and government will remain insulated from the effects of their policies. Private security subscriptions will come to be as ubiquitous as cable bills. And of course so to with private medical clinics, which will gleam with breathtaking lasers and robotic equipment for those able to pay the rate. Those who are not will be assuaged by the free healthcare available in public facilities. And even now with open discussion of the millions of jobs that may no longer be viable, we continue to import labor.

Of course all of the savings wrung from an automated workforce will be shoveled into maintenance costs for the unemployed. But I suppose this is a fait accompli, barring revolution.

What we will have is a film of men, wealthy beyond reckoning, attempting to manage a huge discordant Tower of Babel that used to be a nation. And the only consolation to all that will be lost is the fascination of watching Wall-E roll your burrito.


21 thoughts on “Don’t Need a Weatherman

  1. Technology is a function of culture. As the culture continues to rot, I expect that technological progress to slow. In some fields, this has already started. A couple generations ago, we developed revolutionary new modes of transport (jet engines, mass produced cars) and cured scores of diseases. Today, most innovation seems focused on enabling narcissism . Technological advancement requires a tremendous amount of infrastructure; physical, academic and social. Social infrastructure, the people themselves, being the most important. There is a reason you don’t hear about breakthroughs being developed in Brazil, Mexico or Congo. Do you really think an Islamisized Europe or a Mestizoized US will have the wherewithal to develop these gleaming new technologies? Now that Jose and Dontavious constitute the majority of American students, will our school produce the scientists, engineers and technicians capable to such advancement? I really don’t believe so. At a certain point, Romans (or rather, their barbarian replacements) looked up at the aqueducts in wonder. What are those things? How do they work? Today, Bantu in South Africa look up in awe at skyscrapers, completely unable to properly maintain them. South Africa used to boast a nuclear program and aerospace industry. Today, they can barely keep the lights on. This is our future:

    • Here’s my thoughts on your comment. You can let me know if you disagree.

      Here’s two conceptual societies: The first has a ceteris paribus mean IQ of 115. The second 100. A mean one SD difference should manifest in strikingly different levels of advancement under typical conditions. Now consider if the mean of “society one” was achieved by every single member having that exact 115 IQ, while “society two” was distributed in a normal bell curve. What would be your speculation if each society were isolated from the other?

      Mine would be that 1 would be a wonderful place to live, but that 2 would be easily more advanced. And that is because a thriving culture is the platform upon which brilliant minds stand. But a sound culture is not brilliant minds in and of itself. And typically it is those right flank intellects (and not 115 IQs) that drive advancement.

      Which returns to my thesis that America (and Europe) will continue to produce brilliant minds, who will continue to produce technological advancements, even as their cultural platform decays. It is only when these people are forced by the terminal effects of that decay to focus on a lower tier of Maslow’s Hierarchy that they will cease producing advancement.

      I don’t doubt our current trajectory will deposit us at precisely this spot. Though still, the extraordinarily bright will mostly be able to shield themselves and produce for quite some time. A period in which they will be able to witness society’s descent from the safe vantage points of secured luxury housing.

      • I am not so sure…
        When the collapse comes, it usually comes quite swiftly. The Soviet Union was a good example. The rot had been going on for quite some time, yet somehow the apparatus kept lumbering along for decades. They even made quite a few stunning technological advancements along the way (space flight being the most obvious). Yet when the collapse occurred, it was terminal and swift. The current Russian state has been unable to replicate the achievements of it predecessor, despite having quite a few brilliant scientists and engineers.
        Brazil is perhaps more apropos to our current situation. There is a large European population, and several large Brazilian industrial enterprises (if you have ever flown on a regional jet, you traveled on a Brazilian made airplane). Yet no breakthroughs, and none in the pipeline. The culture, sapped by the massive brown underclass, fails to reach the critical mass needed for technological progress. And this in a country where the elites have little or no concern for the plight of the brown masses. Image what a similarly constituted USA would look like, with a seething brown lumpen-proletariat and an elite completely devoted to minority uplift. I can image a future where innovative cancer research is denied funding because no blacks and browns are on the research staff, and start-ups strangled in the crib because no NAMs are on the board of directors. Such a society can limp along and devise new, better ways to post pictures of ones cats or one’s thoughts on the new season of Dancing with the Stars. But blue sky research will not be on the table. That cultural foundation is extremely fragile, and already in an advanced state of decay.

      • Extrapolating from northern refugee’s last comment, one possible outcome is a mass, sudden exodus of whites. Maybe to Canada, the Pacific Northwest et al. The tipping point would be whites realizing they either start fighting, or get somewhere they can be the majority again. Anglos and Germanics are not Iberians, which is why I think we might have some outcome other than Brazil or Mexico.

  2. Nice article. I particularly enjoyed the link to the black shakedown orgs. Black Culinarian Alliance? Jesse Jackson spitting into the food he served to whites comes to my mind. Blacks in Government (BIG), which apparently promotes excellence and equality. Reminds me of another of Obama’s “mentors” william bell, a harvard prof (!),who told charlene hunter galt in a televised interview that he had dedicated his life to harassing white people. This is a rich vein you’ve tapped into.

    These people are their and now our leaders – not outliers, not cranks. In a sane world Obama, Jackson, Bell, Holder, would maybe reach a lower middle class level in a euro-dominated society and still be carefully watched. I still can’t get over the masses of people who elected Obama.

    I do believe we are in a phase of mass hysteria that’s going to lead to animal sacrifice at large, possibly televised sport and/or musical events. Why, you may ask? Because, we now live in a world unhinged from the concept of holy communion and symbolic sacrifice to the gods. Never before has this occurred. As the lunacy fails more and more there will be greater hysteria AT THE TOP and filtering down, and a ratcheting up of scapegoating – of white males and christians. The incredible stress demands catharsis. The new regime is feminine and will act differently. The maenads (mostly women) literally tore apart any male animal they came upon in Dionysian frenzy. But, they are not going to kill men. Not officially, that is. If you look carefully you will see stirrings reported in the media casting light on these psychic tendencies.

    Technology, even today’s, is a tool. High tech merely obscures the underlying cultural zeitgeist.

    • I do believe we are in a phase of mass hysteria that’s going to lead to animal sacrifice at large, possibly televised sport and/or musical events… As the lunacy fails more and more there will be greater hysteria AT THE TOP and filtering down, and a ratcheting up of scapegoating – of white males and christians.

      I agree, and have penned my own speculation: Something wicked this way comes.

  3. I think it takes more than just a given number of intelligent people to provide society with its underpinning technology. There has to be an incentive that drives them into scientific research and innovation – the prospect of discoveries that will be appreciated and put to worthwhile use by their people, for instance. Another necessary incentive is intellectual freedom, and the certainty that the ruling power won’t suppress the results of their research if they are considered heretical. None of these conditions is a likely prospect in the future that awaits white countries.

  4. If you’ll allow me to bloviate some more I’d like to address the idea of a separate white state. I don’t believe this will happen for two reasons.

    One, how are you going to keep the group centered on patriarchy? You want to have women, right? There’s been talk of a return to paganism but almost all of these people are atheists. And two, the first thing that’s going to happen is that a feminist or a black will want to enter the area or do something along the lines of pussy riot. Human rights violation. Federal lawsuits. Sanctions. If these don’t work a few laser-guided missiles.

    I just can’t see Hysterical Central Authority, jealous of any other, let a group of racist, bigoted, sexist haters do anything at all.

  5. A note to some of the points raised above: I’m not suggesting that society and technology will proceed at a 180 degree variance. I’m suggesting that they will no longer trend parallel.

    Again, think of how truly breathtaking are the technologies now being introduced. CPUs simulating cognition, functional robots, driverless cars. Imagine the incalculable number of “if then” permutations required to pilot a vehicle across town. If it actually works, I’ll take my first ride in slack-jawed amazement.

    And then envision this machine-driven machine, let’s call it an “automobile,” navigating through the filthy barrios of a formerly beautiful city. Man’s astonishing achievement in the midst of his stupefying folly. That’s the dichotomy of our lives. That’s The Great Divergence.

  6. The thing is, America will be competing against the Chinese, who show no signs of hobbling themselves with a half-continent-full of low-IQ invaders. They’ll come up with their own scientific advances, plus they’ll steal all of America’s too.

  7. Northern Refugee – Thanks for that link. I know that building, the Ponte building in Berea, Johannesburg. It was taken over by squatters, and the owners could neither evict them nor collect rents. Eventually they just walked away from the building. I was told that that pile of garbage was five storeys deep at one time. From the photo, it seems someone is making an attempt to clear it.

    That’s what the Babuntus do, of course; they destroy everything they touch. It used to be said that the nuclear research institute you mention, at Phalaborwa, had invented a cheap way to split the atom. Give it to a kaffir, and tell him not to break it.

  8. It doesn’t require private security, only a willingness to put your own ass on the line for someone who was just like you. None speak a word, and only those who do the job get jobs done for them.

    When I worked in Korea, we had a problem of nonpayment of contractual obligations. They made excuses. We made a mafia. Teachers in Taejon would handle problems in Pusan. Pusan teachers would handle problems in Taejon. Reciprocal Reciprocity. One could call it a Circle, or a Kuklos. One could call it the Concerned Citizens Council, or something else.

    We never had a name for it. What mattered was what happened. When One was abused, another stepped in from an outside jurisdiction and pushed that problem down a flight of stairs, pinned a note to its chest, and payments contracted became payments made.

    As Way-gooks, we had no sympathetic courts, nor the illusion that there would be. The situation is no different from Whites living in the the EUSSR/USSA today. We got real, we got on trains, we dressed like tourists, we booked a hotel, we geared up, and we handled it. Problems were solved, and the gooks never knew what hit them.

    But they paid what was due.

    I see today, there’s a lot of bills to be paid, a lot of contractual obligations past due. Put it on the line for someone just like you. They do the same. None speak. A Circle is formed.

  9. Progress ultimately depends on a handful of true geniuses, who will almost certainly be white or possibly East Asian.
    I really wish I was wrong and the next Einstein was called Mulubulu or Hose Hernandez from the barrios of LaPaz or something.

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