Do I understand correctly that this Twitchy site markets itself as nominally conservative?

If so, one will require little time in reflecting upon why this movement finds itself in perpetual rout. The linked page is a compilation of inane, thoughtless responses to Ann Coulter’s column titled, “Ebola doc’s condition downgraded to ‘idiotic'” where she upbraided the doctor who couldn’t find a soul to save in America, and was forced instead to purchase his ticket to heavenly admission in the African Ebola hot-zone. Conservatives were outraged at Ms. Coulter’s dismissal of this physician sans platelets. Because “doing good” is the goodest you can do. Here are some screechy twitchies:

We’re only linking to it because the public needs to be made aware that something this monstrous exists

Maybe Coulter should spend less time telling goodhearted Christians how to serve God and humanity and focus instead on her own miserable existence.

Shame on you @AnnCoulter for daring to say that cost of Brantly’s trip cost more than his services. He saved lives! You put a price on that?[Children now on Twitter apparently]

Sadly, Ann Coulter seems to have missed a basic tenet of the faith. If you are called to go, you go. The hows and wheres become irrelevant.

Clearly Coulter is a bitter, vicious troll who thrives on attention — especially negative attention. But that doesn’t change the fact that she needs to be shamed.

It’s reprehensible RT”@baseballcrank: This column is beneath @AnnCoulter which is saying quite a lot

@AnnCoulter continues to outdo herself in concocting absolutely reprehensible, Christ-denying vitriol [Sorry, you got nosed out for reprehensible. “Repugnant” was what you were looking for]

The problem with calling Ann Coulter a detestable harpy a decade ago is that it does not leave you with much room for an encore.

I wish Ann Coulter hadn’t blocked me so I could tell her what a flaming asswagon she is.

Such a vile human being.

Monstrous, miserable, bitter, vicious, REPREHENSIBLE, detestable…flaming asswagon! This is what “conservatives” have to say about the opinions of a conservative columnist. Do they think Rich Lowry has that many slots open for writers at National Review? I don’t know the answer, though wonder if these same commenters would offer similarly reserved assessments of the liberals who actually want them destroyed? Have any perchance read Dana Milbank’s most recent column?

And while I view both conservatives and liberals as largely unable to mentally navigate through their morning bowl of Cap’n Crunch, I can respect the latter for comprehending the fact that the only way to win an argument amidst such gibbering is to simply overwhelm your opponents demographically and then scream REPREHENSIBLE REPUGNANT RACIST the moment they notice. Conservatives, on the other hand, spare their choicest hate for other conservatives who aren’t sufficiently liberal.

And whether this all is to weep or laugh depends, I suppose, on what flank of the flaming asswagon one emotionally occupies.


5 thoughts on “Ebohorrent

  1. As I work astern through your blog, the idea of an assemblage of your articles in book form is a reoccurring one. Are you familiar with Vyn Suprynowitz?

  2. Not that I presume you’ve much in common with him philosophically(he’s a capital L Libertarian), his books, “Send In The Waco Killers” and “The Ballad of Karl Drega” are compilations of his syndicated column and something I previously considered edgy material. There is something about turning actual pages that will always resonate with me. Anyway, I’ll leave you alone and be about my Kak fix for this evening.

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