Focus on the Sound of My Voice

Readers of a certain vintage have perhaps noticed the relentlessness and rapidity with which the countries of their childhood have been disassembled. And also the commensurate chaos and timidity of the resistance to this “diversification.” One has very much to do with the other. Because just as opposition begins to muster a counter to one assault, it becomes a forgotten fait accompli in the face of new offenses even more egregious. And so victories for the left accumulate as we remain in a state of perpetual disorganized defense.

And not only are our defenses constantly realigned to brace against the next charge, but they actually serve to consolidate the left’s prior encroachments. Of course miscegenation is wonderful, only a barbarian would believe otherwise; we just oppose gay marriage. A few years later: of course we support gay marriage; that’s only fair and sensible; we only oppose incest, pederasty, and beastiality….

Liberalism has no more stalwart defender than a defeated conservative.

But this technique of mounting continual, sometimes even discordant, assaults is a well-founded psychological ploy to render one’s subject docile and pliant. You may have even witnessed a stage hypnotist deploy a version writ small. In those circles, it is known as the “Confusion Technique.” One of that discipline’s greatest pioneers, Milton Erikson, described it as follows:

In essence, it is no more than a presentation of a whole series of individually differing, contradictory suggestions, apparently all at variance with each other, differently directed, and requiring a constant shift in orientation by the subject. The subject (eventually) accommodates himself to the seeming confusion of the hypnotist, thereby unwittingly cooperating in a significant fashion.

As the subject tries, conditioned by his early cooperative response to the hypnotist’s apparent misspeaking, to accommodate himself to the welter of confused, contradictory responses apparently sought, he finds himself at such a loss that he welcomes any positive suggestion that will permit a retreat from so unsatisfying and confusing a situation. The rapidity, insistence, and confidence with which the suggestions are given serve to prevent the subject from making any effort to bring about a semblance of order. At best, he can only try to accommodate himself and, thus, yield to the over-all significance of the total series of suggestions.

Does any description better depict conservative impotence? If you are explaining, if you are defending, if you are accommodating…you are losing. And for an ideology that so despises Germans, the left has been quite receptive to deploying tactics of Cultural Blitzkrieg. We can almost watch the engagement in real-time.

Dissolution of the border distracts you from Obama’s rule by executive fiat; which distracts you from the left’s judicial wing ruling every piece of conservative legislation as unconstitutional; which distracts you from the deluge of black violence and its media veiling; which distracts you from the latest entry in Hollywood’s vast anti-white oeuvre; which distracts you from the whole of Central America being transported into your town; which distracts you from the fact that your taxes are paying for it all; which distracts you from the diseases now also immigrating to America; which distracts you from the eradication of the middle class through outsourcing, insourcing, and money printing; which distracts you from the EPA’s taking control of American industry through CO2 regulation and Obama’s dismantling of the coal industry by fiat; which distracts you from the exploding price of food and electricity.

What do you fight? Where do defensive batteries mount?

You also notice America’s tentacles generating hostility in every corner of the world, and the not insignificant possibility of war with Russia and China; which distracts you from the fact that taxpayers are wholly funding a war in the Middle East that serves no interests other than to our all-American two percent; which distracts you from the sheer treason of corporate America to whom your life, your family, and your community are nothing; which distracts you from feral government agencies like the IRS and NSA; which distracts you from the fact that countless billions of dollars and thousands of lives were squandered in the twin debacles of Iraq and Afghanistan; which distracts you from watching jews and muslims wage their obnoxious conflict not in the Levant, but in Paris.

Anger is rendered inert through diffusion. 10 people offer 20 ideas of what to counter. Ultimately nothing is. And then…

You discuss the sordid disaster of Obamacare and your future on a waiting list; which distracts you from exploding college tuition and the agitprop you pay so dearly for your children to absorb; which distracts you from the relentless and increasingly successful assaults on both the First and Second Amendments; which distracts you from the Black Panther shop Eric Holder has established in something risibly called “The Department of Justice;” which distracts you from the Snowden revelations and the State’s war against the Nation.

All of which ultimately distracts you from the left’s true objective: your children are losing their future right now.

And nothing should distract you from that.


6 thoughts on “Focus on the Sound of My Voice

  1. “your children are losing their their future right now.

    And nothing should distract you from that.”

    A summation par excellence.
    A con man will engage your attention but his real trick, the real sleight of hand while you struggle to keep up is to make you forget your good self.

    As a riposte to this I can only offer this…
    As Nationalists in engaging the issues vomited upon us by the left we often try to address their ills by asking the question “what do we want?”, an end to this or as you said an acquiescence to this but not to that.

    It would serve us better to respond by asking instead “who are we?” and reminding ourselves of the answer. With this understanding of the self the distractions may become less powerful, the sleight of hand less efficacious and our minds less confused.

    • The problem with identifying “us” is that there are too many irreconcilable elements on the “right”. Psychotic Christian Zionists don’t want to hear anything that might conflict with their notions of Israel’s prophesied destiny in the Middle East. Republicans generally would rather perform fellatio on the heroic gay black sports star of the day to show how tolerant they are than acknowledge the biological reality of race. They simply refuse to discuss it with regard to the border issue, which leaves them with lame talking points like how Al Qaeda operatives might be sneaking into the country again. Ten years from now, these dolts will be defending Obamacare and the right of the current crop of legalized illegals to stay; they’ll just say they don’t want the next crop to be amnestied, but they’ll come around on that issue as well, just as they have on Social Security, the Great Society, and everything else. Short-range, losses are on the horizon, but long-range, things are more hopeful, if only precisely because things are going to get so bad and bare so starkly the naked failure of the politically correct “right” of today. White nationalists need to continue not just networking, but moving, establishing demographic infrastructures for events to come.

      • Hi icareviews,

        “The problem with identifying “us” is that there are too many irreconcilable elements on the “right”. Psychotic Christian Zionists…Republicans “

        I wouldn’t get bogged down in the minutia. The point is that these people all ask some variant of “what do you want?” with the only answers allowable coming from a series of choices offered by the left.

        The left frames the discussion and everyone defines themselves accordingly, Republican, Christian Zionists etc.

        I care not for these people. I have asked “Who am I?” I have an answer and I will gravitate toward like minded people. I will never allow the left to provide my frame of reference with false dilemmas or false paradigms. For example do you support gay marriage or gay partnership or are you a “hater”. I don’t even entertain this question as it is alien to me. It is not WHO I AM. When we even contemplate this type of question or worse still when we chose the lesser of two evils and say I would rather, I want or I prefer then we are acquiescing to being defined by the marxist left.

        Let us just ask “Who am I?”. This is the hate’s question because it focuses on the self and precludes all others. It is a beautiful question in this regard.

        “White nationalists need to continue not just networking, but moving, establishing demographic infrastructures for events to come.”

        Yes agreed, when we know who we are on our own terms not the lefts then we will naturally start to coalesce in to functioning groups.

  2. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”
    Up is down,
    left is right.
    The sun rises in the west.
    Light and truth.

  3. Ambrose Bierce got it right in his Devil’s Dictionary:

    RADICALISM, n. The conservatism of to-morrow injected into the affairs of to-day.

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