A Return of the Terrible Twos

1) Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks. It is a social construct.

2) In Israel Jews are protected by an Iron Dome. In America, Jews are protected by a
Criticism Dome.

3) Swedish government “knows that different human races do not exist.” Different human races in Sweden beg to differ.

4) The US has approximately 200,000 military personnel deployed in 75% of the world’s countries. This is to keep us safe.

5) Luxury housing is unaffordable for Chicago welfare recipients. That’s why you have to pay for it.

6) Two black brothers tortured, raped, ran over and executed five whites in Wichita. Court applauds.

7) The Imperium provides imported aliens with taxpayer funded education, health care, transportation, housing, and an “allowance.” Catholics say, praise the lord!

8) Jewish child rape assembly line uncovered. Bleach Dome activated.

9) Le Pen polls first for next French election. Chutzpah Dome descends.

10) With unconstrained contempt, Anheuser-busch says ir al infierno a gringos. This Bud’s definitely not for you.


11 thoughts on “A Return of the Terrible Twos

  1. Coors Light is always my swill of choice simply because Adolphus Coors III kicked some money toward those Europeans with the ideological high ground. Anheuser-Busch, if I recall correctly, sponsors some public school posters during “black history month” that depict ancient Greek and Sumerian emperors as wooly-haired negroes. Imbev is pretty pro-[oppressed african-American]/[La Raza]/[folsome street]too, so I will never sell them the keys to my patented protein-infused Meathead Lifestyle ale.

  2. #6 – Isn’t this just precious: “The Kansas Supreme Court has overturned the death sentences of two brothers convicted of capital murder in the shooting deaths of four people whose bodies were found in a snow-covered Wichita soccer field in 2000.”

    The “shooting deaths” of these people, whose bodies law enforcement “found” in a field. Just dropped from the sky, then they found two dignified Negros and “convicted” them for it. What you are not to realize is that this was the culmination of a night of depraved horror. That’s “the rule of law” for you.

    Other People’s Money lets judges do astounding things, like charging crime victims for the room and board of sociopathic animals.

  3. When I read of the overturned sentences, all I could imagine was how deeply gratifying it would be to place that court (and their loved ones) under the Carr bros armed stewardship for one evening.

    • An evening with the Carr bros…


      Nobilis String Quartet
      rendition of Vivaldi with own arrangements

      Free-Range Chicken Roulade & Prawns
      Butternut Squash & Cucumber, Lentil & Tomato Vinaigrette

      Foie Gras Roulade with Smoked Ham
      Apple Salsa & Sweet Beetroot, White Balsamic

      Half Dozen Native Clarinbridge Oysters

      Roast Rump of Lamb au Jus Reduction
      Stewed Garden Peas & Onions, Garlic Mash & Rosemary Jus

      Loin of Wild Venison
      Braised Red Cabbage, Celeriac Puree, Cassis Sauce

      Pan-Fried Wild Hake
      Purple Broccoli, Wild Irish Mussels & Potato Vinaigrette

      Dessert Menu
      Warm Apple & Calvados Charlotte, Brambly Apple Sorbet
      ‘Bitter Sweet’ Valrhona Chocolate Dome
      Tiramisu with Coffee Bean Ice Cream,
      Amaretto Jelly
      Banana & Chocolate Soufflé, Bitter Chocolate Sauce

      Followed by an evening of traditional Japanese Noh theatre performed by the
      Oshima Noh Theatre and the international Theatre Nohgaku

      Performance of Shakkyō 石橋 Stone Bridge

      • Aside from the facetiousness of my gallows humour, it is squarely direct at the [deplorable bipeds] by the way, the incident at Wichita is one of the most horrific I have ever read about. If I am not mistaken a young woman pressed her way to safety after being left for dead with a gun shot wound to the head.

        This incident along with the horrors inflicted on Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are object lessons.

  4. I made it thru 1:19 of that Budweiser ad.

    I’ve got an argument-ending line for people with that mentality: “You obviously think Anglo-America culture is superior. You’re here.”

  5. How long do you think it will be before they feel that they don’t need to include the “sharing” epilogue at the end of the Budweiser advertisement? Tic Tok.

  6. Sometimes I like to just refresh the page and chuckle at the auto-indictment of all who feature in the banner gallery flanked by “The Kakistocracy”

    So Heinous
    Much Laugh
    Very Kakistocracy

      • Australia’s Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and Tony Abbott, 28th Prime Minister of Australia

        Two hard-line neo-nazi hate-tas (i.e. normal people who care about their community and have a value system) are as close to heroic as politicians can get.

        I included their pic solely for the “Doge” meme reference which I find delightful.

        However it is somewhat incongruous with the preceding part of the comment regarding the contemptible nature of those in power. These two, Morrison and Abbott would not be card carrying members of the beloved Kakistocracy.

        “On 18 September 2013, Morrison launched Operation Sovereign Borders, the newly elected Coalition Government strategy aimed at stopping unauthorised boats departing for Australia. “

        “The number of unauthorised boat arrivals to Australia increased during 2008.[82] Abbott claimed that this was an effect of the Rudd Government’s easing of border protection laws and accused Kevin Rudd of ineptitude and hypocrisy on the issue of boat arrivals, particularly during the Oceanic Viking affair of October 2009, and said “John Howard found a problem and created a solution. Kevin Rudd found a solution and has now created a problem”

        “Abbott completed an Ironman Triathlon event in March 2010 at Port Macquarie, New South Wales and in April set out on a 9-day charity bike ride between Melbourne and Sydney”

        “In 2010, when Abbott told the ABC’s Q&A program that an Abbott-led government would not amend Australian law to recognise gay marriage, he said, “I certainly want to see – just a general principle. I want to see stable, committed relationships, but I do think that a marriage, by definition, is between a man and a woman.”



  7. I have no problem with appeals courts telling trial courts to state the law properly in their jury charges. I also have no problem with the people of Kansas making an appeal of their own, to Judge Lynch.

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