And Down Goes the First

That ghost shirt looks great on you

That ghost shirt looks great on you

I just may need another phone to destroy. Police investigate hate crime in Arkansas. No, not that hate crime in Arkansas. This one is serious. Actually far more serious than I’m letting on.

Was it another phantom black church turned to ash? Another jewish swastika artist? No. It was a man talking outside a window. And that’s illegal.

Officers from the University of Arkansas Police Department are searching for clues they hope will lead them to the man who they believe committed a hate crime on campus over the weekend. Police said someone made racist comments through an open window to two people inside the Garland House.

“This is considered a hate crime,” Capt. Gary Crain said.

“It was dark outside,” Crain said. “They didn’t get a good look at the individual.” “We’re conducting interviews, contacting individuals that might possibly have any information.”

Instead of having to repeat the imprecation verbally every day of my life, I think I shall simply program an alarm to rouse me from slumber each morning with: “This fucking country.” Though anyone who cared to see could ascertain that “hate speech” and free speech were never going to long occupy the same legal residence. And further, guessing which of the two would receive its eviction notice was hardly an act of grand clairvoyance.

As in all the left’s pernicious works, conservatives could have extinguished the entire “hate” regime in its infancy. Though typical to their cowardice and venality, they did not. And now that cute baby crocodile has matured to devour the sacred First Amendment.

And so if murmuring “racist” comments to two people through a window at 3am outside a college dorm is a crime, what then would be the open publishing of similar sentiments to potentially billions of people by way of an Internet forum?

Do you believe that parchment tucked away in the National Archives is going to protect you from the answer?


12 thoughts on “And Down Goes the First

  1. Fear not, encrypt your PC (sadly truecrypt is defunct but I have a copy of 7.0a which I can dropbox should you require) and use TOR. Plausible deniability.

  2. This may interest those of a prudent disposition.

    Incidentally I cannot seem to post here under my usual handle. I might inquire if I have been banned. If so could the Administration confirm and I will, although puzzled by it, respect the mandate. If I am mistaken and it is some quirk of code (perhaps I need to restart browser, etc) please feel free to disabuse me of my paranoid notions. 🙂


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