An Innocent Wall Suffers

Sometimes even profound inurement isn’t sufficient. Sometimes an act of malice penetrates even the thickest intellectual callus. And sometimes the one that stings is innocuous compared to so many other more egregious offenses. Though because it bore a brazenness novel to the moment, our customarily muted reaction is instead acute.

This was my experience earlier today while scanning the day’s dreary litany of treasonous outrages. This one–as I said, a matter of almost angelic good-will by comparison–concerned Obama’s dumping of human flotsam in Tennessee. The article is here.

760 aliens disembarked the DHS train in that state recently with no notification to any state authorities. Not who they are, where they are, who they are with, or what of their status. Nothing. Just take them and choke on your 10th amendment, ghost shirters. The governor is, of course, highly vexed. Quite impotently so he will come to learn, if not already advised. Though before allowing reality to fully digest, he penned a polite missive to “The Honorable Barak Obama” asking if perhaps it would be too much trouble for a state’s governor to be notified of any ongoing clandestine alien resettlements within his border.

The letter was promptly discarded by a junior White House clerical assistant occupied with sexting her baby-daddy. Though a head actually did talk on the matter.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters that the illegal immigrant children have a right to privacy. He said privacy rights of the illegals are more important than the public’s right to know what’s happening.

I physically recoiled reading that. Fortunately or not, a friend captured the reaction.

More executive action will be emanating from the imperium. It will be interesting to see if any governors possess the virtue or ambition to do more than write their multicultural pen-pals.


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