A Riddle You Can Dance to

A local news asks: Does making Cincinnati the most immigration friendly city mean not enforcing the law?

The linked article is written in that plodding “See Spot Run” style that so demonstrably warrants the premium of a professional journalist. This isn’t just base blogging buddy. Though in fairness, it’s almost certain that the submission of any analysis more penetrating than play-doh would be a resume-producing-event. And so what results is the written equivalent of dribble down a child’s cheek. Which likely comports well with the mayor’s intended class of constituents. Let’s read.

CINCINNATI – Does Mayor John Cranley’s goal of making Cincinnati the most immigration friendly city in America mean not enforcing the law?

Obviously. There is no area of heavy immigrants that isn’t heavy illegal immigrants. If the mayor just wanted a friendly city, he would have deployed those two perfectly sufficient words instead of three. Instead he wants another foreign city on American soil. I have no idea why Benedict Arnold’s reputation remains tattered in this age of treason.

Police chief Jeffrey Blackwell says police won’t aggressively go after undocumented aliens in town. “We’re trying to make this the safest big city in America, and there’s a lot involved with that. And going after undocumented illegals is not part of that,” Blackwell said Thursday.

Chief, just provide a listing of the laws you’ll not deign to enforce. Or to better allocate effort, advise the legislature of what future statutes you’ll eschew. Because it’s really quite your decision, after all. And I don’t see where the wishes of Cincinnati’s actual citizenry should sway that regal disposition.

Though perhaps a few of those well-heeled soon-to-be-sub-citizens quizzed the mayor similarly, because…

Cranley’s office issued a statement to WCPO on Friday because the mayor said he was concerned the chief’s remarks may be misunderstood.

“My Immigration Task Force is focused on people who are involved in coming to this country legally. It is the city’s policy and practice to enforce all existing laws,” Cranley stated in the release. “We will not selectively enforce laws, and that is a message I have given to the city manager and police chief so it can be relayed to everyone throughout the administration.”

Do you understand how these misunderstandings occur? The mayor tells his police chief to end immigration-related enforcement, and the dumb galoot shambles straight into a microphone and repeats it. That’s called a misunderstanding.

Local resident Richard Hicks says he applauds the effort in principle, as long as immigrants are here legally. “Is it going to be good for the area or bad for the area? We don’t know,” Hicks said.

“I think they should be above board – documented – before they get everything we’re going to give them,” Hicks said.

This is a man of intellect and nuance. A billion africans would be quite an inconvenience. Though in complete contrast, a billion africans here legally – documented – is something very much else.

An artist from Peru, Josko Chavez, said he hadn’t heard about the task force but called it “a great idea.” Chavez says making the city a welcoming place for foreigners is full of benefits.

“If you have more variety, you have more options, more choices,” Chavez said. “Yes, that will also increment the amount of people who would like to invest in the city.”

That’s a very gracious position Josko. A foreigner who believes the area he chooses to colonize should be welcoming to foreigners. He further helpfully advises that more variety–of something–will provide more choices–of something else.

This is the kind of insight you can’t obtain for free on the Internet.

UC President Santa Ono, another member of the task force, is an immigrant from Canada. He’s determined to meet the goal. “We will make the City of Cincinnati the most immigration friendly city in America,” Ono said.

Canadian immigrant Santo Ono

Canadian immigrant Santo Ono

Another task force member, architect Tom Fernandez, whose parents came here from Cuba, says it’s only right to give others the same opportunity. “Our principal motivation is that it is our obligation, our obligation to pay it forward – to create the same opportunities that others have created for us,” Fernandez said.

The Immigrant People really are quite noble. Though if I may direct your attention to whom Mr. Fernandez commits his allegiance. Is it to the American people who so generously granted his family such extraordinary opportunity? Of course not. His explicit loyalty is to the foreigners he is committed to importing behind him.

Cranley said welcoming immigrants will make Cincinnati more competitive. “We want to attract capital, innovation, productivity, excitement,” Cranley said. “That makes us all better.”

So If one were to soberly evaluate the sea of Central Americans now disembarking in cities across America, which would be the tangible benefits to their new communities?


Let’s ask some Cincinnatians.

Excitement it is

Excitement it is


7 thoughts on “A Riddle You Can Dance to

  1. As long as there are fertile wombs in the Third World, this runaway “growth” can continue…500 million, a billion – there’s no such thing as too many digits in your population figures.

  2. “Cranley said welcoming immigrants will make Cincinnati more competitive. “We want to attract capital, innovation, productivity, excitement,” Cranley said. “That makes us all better.””

    Wealth comes from “somewhere”. It is not created. That is the assumption of the non-creators.

    Why are they so different?

    • Another aspect of that Shaun, is why on a Earth a man should care about the wealth of some city called “Cincinnati” that has been denuded of his own people?

      There’s effectively no “we” or “us” in places like Kinshasa or Detroit–and we seem largely incapable of grasping this. Their wealth and welfare is not our concern. And so what if a foreign Cincinnati becomes wealthy or not? Neither the people who built it nor their (preferably to the mayor) ethnically cleansed posterity have a stake.

      I would imagine the ghosts of white Haitians would be quite excited to learn of any economic expansion in Port-Au-Prince.

  3. I imagine they (not us) are positively giddy at the prospect of acquiring a developed city all of their own, a fresh canvas poised and ready for their aggression and depredations. In the same way a teenager would be overwhelmed upon seeing a new car gifted to him. The garrulous and effusive sentiments would no doubt flow unabated just as we see above, Capital…Innovation…Productivity…Excitement…Fully Functioning First World City…GIBS…RAYCISS…MINE! MINE!

    Positively Giddy!

    and indeed regarding the fate of Detroit, etc I too care not for the material fortunes of these place. I do care when I see more non English speaking African children in our classrooms here.

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