What If?


What if you were to learn that a generation hence there would be a political party which would not only compete but win in the city of Lagos–enjoying only 20% of the black vote? What if we were told that 20 years from now Israeli Labor could win elections in Tel Aviv garnering only 20% of the jewish vote? Would you believe it? Would any observers find themselves startled by these revelations? Would organizations that unabashedly trumpet GLOBAL JEWISH ADVOCACY fly into high dudgeon?

Among many dire scenarios, one would have to assume that the Chinese had shoved the natives out of their Nigerian capitol. Or likewise that the arabs, by arms or by wombs, had defeated the jews and sent them to flight. I would imagine many of both african and jewish thinkers would spend their remaining days in intense deliberations of how to stem such a crushing rout. And how to maintain the integrity of their countries and sovereignty of their people. In sum, they would fly into hysterics. And who could blame people for feeling such trepidation?

Well, as it turns out we know the answer to that. Blacks and jews could blame people, that’s who. Because the British Labour party now receives support from only 20% of whites in London…and still wins elections. And those chaffed by this phenomenon–we are reliably advised–are racist supremacists.

Yet I, along with all virtuous chatterers, remain undeterred in our concern about demographic displacement in Lagos and Tel Aviv. History has already informed us of colonialism’s malice. That is why nearly all western capitols now burgeon with imported colonists: we must continue to graphically imprint this evil into our collective memories. For if we do not allow ourselves to be colonized to remind our nonexistent posterity of the horrors of colonialism, who will pray tell…Who will?

Thankfully though I am not the only one worried about Israel’s demographic situation. And while I offer only talk, other brave men come to fight. Israel’s lone soldiers: How the young Americans killed fighting in the Gaza Strip followed in the footsteps of Jews from round the world who volunteer to fight for the IDF.

The two Americans killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip followed in the footsteps of scores of Jews from around the world who have volunteered to fight for Israel.

Israel calls them the lone soldiers: They are men and women in the prime of their lives who have left their parents and often comfortable lives behind in places like Sydney, London, Los Angeles and elsewhere to join the Israel Defense Forces, marching in the desert and taking up arms to defend the Jewish state. For many, it is a calling, a way to get back to their roots and unite the world’s Jewish population. Some have dual citizenship.

There are about 2,000 lone soldiers currently serving in the military, said Marina Rozhansky, spokeswoman at the Israel Consul General in Los Angeles.

Max Steinberg, 24, who grew up in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, joined six months after he visited Israel for the first time on a Birthright Israel trip with his younger brother and sister in June 2012, according to his brother Jake Steinberg.

Max was a sharpshooter in the Golani Brigade, was among 13 Israeli soldiers and scores of Palestinians over the weekend who died during the first major ground battle in two weeks of fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Mike Fishbein, who grew up in Los Angeles, said he felt like he was missing a connection to his Jewish identity in California. ‘I believe in that country. I believe in the Jewish people and the country’s reason to exist, so I thought I can’t just go back home to Los Angeles,’ said Fishbein, who served about two years with the Israel Defense Forces starting in 2009. He never wanted to join the U.S. armed forces, Fishbein said.

Despite all statements to the contrary in America, I’m starting to believe jews feel some faint glimmer of fondness for nationalism and ethnic unity. Which is a shame, since we all know those are markers of hatred, bigotry, and supremacy. And so I am perplexed to not see any of this standardized terminology (don’t forget reprehensible and repugnant!) deployed in the article above.

defend the jewish state
get back to their roots
unite the world’s jewish population
connection to his jewish identity
never wanted to join the US armed forces.

Am I reading a Kosher Stormfront? Though of course every sentient being understands these feelings implicitly. And with America now nothing more than an economy perched upon a geography, the absence of loyalty is not difficult to fathom. But I suppose it requires constant reiteration that the US used to be a nation. And my own father saw it with living eyes. In fact, when Israel declared independence in 1948, the US was far more European than the former was jewish. So why is my nation forfeit and theirs fought for? The answer is in who has and has not committed to the fighting.

As for those other notions: roots, unity, connection. These are endemic to the human condition. We all long for a place on this Earth. A place for our children that is like ourselves. A place of home, of nation, of continuity, heritage, and pride. This is not a whimsical desire. It is water to a civilization’s roots. Without which we all may observe a withering. So look now at the border spectacle in the American southwest.

There you’ll see the desert.


4 thoughts on “What If?

  1. What if the mass of a luminous supergiant star was condensed to the head of a pin? Would it be more concentrated than the hypocrisy of this piece?

    I’m done apologizing for Israel.

    It’s tiring to apologize over and over. Instead, I’ve decided to come clean: I am a progressive American rabbi who leans left pretty hard. I’ve been engaged, as a US faith leader, in work to reform gun laws, extend LGBT rights around the world, grant refuge to illegal immigrants, protect women’s reproductive choice, and more. Paint me blue.

    I think I’ll paint you a charlatan instead. That is until you begin fervently granting refuge to illegal immigrants in Israel and working to disarm the native population simultaneously.

    So, when it comes to Israel, many of those with whom I engage in social reform expect me to react to Israel’s military actions in Gaza with scorn and criticism. To be fair, there are times when I do. My Zionism demands I speak out on behalf of the Israel that remains, in my world-view, the most ambitious project-in-process of the Jewish People. Whereas Israel’s 66 short years have witnessed strength and resilience that have redefined Jewish identity in profound ways, the global Jewish family remains interwoven with Israel. If you question this, scan the last week’s news for anti-Israel rallies in Antwerp, Los Angeles, Paris, Boston, and elsewhere that featured widespread anti-Semitic chants and violence against Jews.

    Quite remarkable to hear this from a “progressive American who leans left pretty hard.” What is the hard left progressive position on nationalism, rabbi? Do you know? If one ventured into the comment section of a “hard left” forum, would they provide the answer?

    So I’m a progressive US faith leader. I’m a Zionist in Berkeley, CA. I’m a Jew in the world, worried for my family. So here is my response to those criticizing Israel this week.

    I’m a progressive ethnocentric nationalist who can melt titanium with the chutzpah in my saliva.

    I ask: What do Israel’s enraged critics truly desire? How is it possible to hear indignant claims of human rights violations in the context of Syrians slaughtered by the hundreds of thousands, state-sanctioned terrorism around the globe, and young immigrants treated like chattel by the US and other? Israel is doing its best, sacrificing its own children to preserve the lives of Palestinians.

    “Look over there!” he says. And “sacrificing its own children,” he notes. As opposed to sacrificing my child, rabbi? I wonder which you might prefer be sacrificed in your venture. Then young immigrants “treated like chattel by the US?” It almost seems as though those are the words I just read. What does that word mean, we wonder? Central Americans blithely walk unbidden into our supposedly sovereign state and are promptly granted food, shelter, medical care, and lawyers. Chattel?

    I ask the enraged critics of Israel’s defensive responses to Hamas: Would you have us not respond to this monstrosity? Do you think it’s not worth losing the PR battle to retain our humanity and save as many lives as possible? What country would stand by when thousands of terrorist missiles assault its citizens? I, a Jew, have lost 20 of my sons in the last three days, because I will not lose my humanity and stage a careless ground war in Gaza that would cause mass casualties. Though I fight monsters, I will not become one.

    How many illegal aliens have assaulted our citizens, rabbi? You couldn’t care less to learn, could you? I a jew have lost 20 of my sons. You’re a prolific man. But are you referring to a racial-ethnic family? Then how many white sons have been lost to your policies, your immigration, and your wars? Yes, I understand, it’s supremacist to even ask.

    My response has changed these last few weeks, in which three Jewish teens were murdered by Arab terrorists and Palestinians celebrated by distributing sweets to children and an Arab teen was murdered by Jewish terrorists and the Jewish world condemned the hatred. I am done trying to apologetically explain Jewish morality. I am done apologizing for my own Jewish existence.

    I’ll wager you’re quite eager for us to keep apologizing for our existence, in contrast.

    Some will call this needless hyperbole. But, having watched in this last week anti-Semitic “die-ins” in Boston, violent assaults against Jews in Los Angeles and Antwerp, and an almost pogrom at a synagogue in Paris, I’m done mincing my own words.

    We will do what we must to protect our people. We have that right. We are not less deserving of life and quiet than anyone else.

    No more apologies.

    Good. No more mincing of words. We will do what we must to protect our people as well. We have that right. We are not less deserving of life and quiet than anyone else.

    You want no more apologies? Perfect, we’re through offering them.

    • Have you considered finding a worthy Palestinian charity and putting a hat tip jar on your sidebar? I personally want Palestinian women to have access to the best pre-natal care. They need to have lots of healthy babies. How about a charity in Israel that defends and sponsor illegal Africans? I want Israel submerged in the same demographic tsunami that these “progressive Zionists” have unleashed on us. I want Israel pushed into the sea. Partly, this is pure vindictiveness; if we can’t have a homeland, neither can they. But there is a practical side as well. My father once told me: “The jews have gotten much more obnoxious since they got their own country”. Each progressive rabbi knows, in his heart of hearts, that he has a ready made escape pod once the corpse is picked clean. Without it, they might, just might, realize the West is their best option and stop trying to destroy it. To paraphrase Sailer, they need to treat the West like the car they own, not the car they rent. If rabbi Schmuckovitz sees Israel go up in flames, maybe he might change his tune concerning 3rd world invaders (unless, of course, he relished the thought of his precious little princess getting a train run on her as part of an MS-13 initiation).

  2. What if it were jews expelled from Jerusalem rather than christians from Mosul? Would it be on a 38 hour a day newscycle? Would there be any headline other? How many somber white house addresses would Obama have made on the subject? How many cruise missile strikes and combat brigade deployments?

    A nominal christian country in America entered Iraq in 2003. Eleven years later their coreligionists are cleansed without a word of formal protest. Does it make anyone pause to reflect that perhaps christians were stripped from power in this country while they were busy being tolerant and waving flags?

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