Two Sentence Punditry

1) Interesting how foreign children on our border become “Americans.” Whereas foreign children on the Israeli border become body parts.

2) Some tweets are good. And some are very bad.

3) Some people are physically attacked because of their race. Those are not “hate crimes.”

4) There are places in the world of unspeakable violence and destitution. We import their people to make us more safe and prosperous.

5) Democrats have despised you for generations. Republicans are eager to make up for lost time.

6) It is important for some children to be imbued with a solid sense of identity. And it is important for some others to not.

7) Convert, pay, or perish. Soon the offer to Britain’s royal family.

8) Murder is no excuse for deportation. Not when the dear has suffered discrimination.

9) Turkish family mistakenly believes Greek border is a limbo bar. US offers refugee status.

10) Bill Gates pleads for H-1B visas for Indian street extractors. Pulling the teeth Americans won’t pull.

As a bonus: what might happen if a (formerly) white country were to attempt hosting both the largest jewish and arab populations in Europe simultaneously?

It's anyone's guess

It’s anyone’s guess


8 thoughts on “Two Sentence Punditry

  1. Regarding number eight
    “Murder is no excuse for deportation. Not when the dear has suffered discrimination.”

    As mentioned in the article…

    The immigrant rapist will not be deported as he would endanger his native country’s women. Now surely the job of a country’s justice system is to protect the people of its society not those of another.

    Diversity means becoming a minority in your own country

      • 🙂 but despite this counterpoint being based in absolute truth I would say that they would merely take it “in arguendo” and promptly dismiss it on the firmly established legal precedent of “datz rayciss”.

        Stare Decisis in this regard is applied by the highest court in the land, the court of main stream media and liberal self righteousness with legal costs awarded against the victims and their families, of course.

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