Common Core

It often seems that the opposing poles of the political spectrum don’t even speak the same language. Virtue and vice are defined not by actions, but actors. Words mean just what the speaker wants them to mean–and certainly nothing more. And principles never succumb to stasis in mortality, but remain forever living and limber. How then do we even fulminate productively with our good-faith fellows of the left? Frankly I see no alternative but to establish working models from which future dialogue may be premised.

You will find this presentation simplistic initially. Though be assured my ambition here is such that the leftist palette of pejoratives may even be expanded beyond two words. And while this prospect is heady enough, we’ll soon learn how difficult it is to navigate modernity’s philosophical briar patch. First fundamentals according to the Left…

This is a dog.  We know this because it is in a doghouse.

This is a dog. We know this because it is in a doghouse.

This also is a dog.  Note the telltale doghouse.

This also is a dog. Note the telltale doghouse.

This is a bird.  No doghouse.

This is a bird. No doghouse.

This is an amphibian...or perhaps an aquatic reptile.

This is an amphibian…or perhaps an aquatic reptile.

Those were all rather obvious, though an agreed upon foundation is necessary. The principle being that what something is is a strict function of where something is. Thus something in a doghouse is a dog. And a person floating in the Tiber is a European fish. This definition provides concise clarity from which further dialogue may proceed. So with this in mind, I want to highlight a recent article in the Irish Examiner: Europeans will die out without migration.

Europeans will become extinct if anti-migration policies are pursued, a comprehensive study of the realities points out.

A detailed analysis of eight popular assumptions about migration shows that they have no basis in fact and that the opposite is frequently the truth.

Europe’s share of the world’s population has halved to just 7% since the mid-1950s, and the pace is likely to be even faster over the next few decades, leaving the continent without a say globally.

The number of babies born is exceeded by the number of deaths, and any growth last year in the EU was accounted for by migrants.

In just 15 years, half of Europeans will be over the age of 65 years and the numbers under 45 will drop by a quarter.

This means that countries will not be able to afford their health and pension systems unless there is an influx of new workers, according to the report published by the migration policy centre in the European University in Florence.

For Ireland, which has the highest birth rate in the EU, its workforce will be reduced by 10% over the next 10 years without the arrival of migrants.

The worst-affected countries would be Spain and Italy, whose workforce would be reduced by 30%, leaving Italy in particular with one of the oldest populations in the EU in a dire situation.

The evidence shows that migrants do not deprive local people of jobs, as they migrate to where there is work, and leave when it dries up.

“Migrants are not stupid. The research shows that they go to a country because there is work available,” said Philippe Fargues, director of the Migration Policy Centre.

A graph showed that the highest level of migration in the EU was in 2007/2008 when unemployment was at its lowest, and it has dropped since, in line with growing joblessness.

Claims that migrants undermine a country’s welfare system are also wrong as they tend to be young, healthy and hardworking and contribute more than they take from the system. In Ireland they break even.

Migrants appear to improve a country’s capacity to innovate, according to the study, as the greater the number of migrants in a country, the more patents for new products it tends to produce. In education, the performance of children of migrants depends on the resources they are provided with, the study finds.

In Ireland, Portugal and Britain, children from mixed-race couples perform much better than natives or migrant children.

Presenting the study, Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said that migration will define how Europe will evolve in the coming years.

“We have to set our policies based on facts and evidence, not on impressions and myths.

“Countering stereotypes on migration and recognising the contribution migrants bring to our societies demands strong political leadership.

“We have to act to counter xenophobic and racist influences on political agendas in EU countries. Europe cannot afford to ignore the benefits of immigration and to undermine Europe’s recovery from the crisis”.

Their work also debunks the idea that Europe does not need low-skilled migrant workers and should concentrate on highly skilled employees.

The study found that the needs differ in different countries.

Sobering. Europeans are people that live in Europe. That is the definition. And while we are right to fear the expiration of our-people-who-live-in-Europe, we may be somewhat assuaged by the prospects of multi-billion other human beings who can migrate here to prevent us from going extinct. Because what we fear most is there being a certain spot of dirt without some indistinguishable human feet standing upon it. If we were to perish, it would mean nothing provided dirty feet remain. As an example, if our people decamped to Mars we wouldn’t be Europeans anymore, but rather Martians. And our return would herald terror and hysteria.

Now to pause this bullshit for a moment to marvel at the fact that the above article actually passed some threshold of editorial review for dissemination to theoretically sentient adults. We’re going to die out unless we get replaced quickly! For the love of God, the Left doesn’t even anymore attempt an appeal to the faculties of man. It’s just dadaesque gibberish under a lacquer of statistical props and maladaptive moralizing. I don’t know how dumb or mentally disheveled one must be to pen such gobbledygook, though I suppose you’ve got to make a living with what you bring yourself to sell.

Though there’s another angle to this left-wing concern for our posterity I found interesting. DNA study clarifies relationship between polar bears and brown bears. Therein we find that nature has not fully accommodated itself to leftist doctrine. Interestingly, geneticists have discovered that brown bears on ice are not polar bears.

At the end of the last ice age, a population of polar bears was stranded by the receding ice on a few islands in southeastern Alaska. Male brown bears swam across to the islands from the Alaskan mainland and mated with female polar bears, eventually transforming the polar bear population into brown bears.

Evidence for this surprising scenario emerged from a new genetic study of polar bears and brown bears led by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The findings, published March 14 in PLOS Genetics, upend prevailing ideas about the evolutionary history of the two species, which are closely related and known to produce fertile hybrids.

Previous studies suggested that past hybridization had resulted in all polar bears having genes that came from brown bears. But the new study indicates that episodes of gene flow between the two species occurred only in isolated populations and did not affect the larger polar bear population, which remains free of brown bear genes.

At the center of the confusion is a population of brown bears that live on Alaska’s Admiralty, Baranof, and Chicagof Islands, known as the ABC Islands. These bears–clearly brown bears in appearance and behavior–have striking genetic similarities to polar bears.

“This population of brown bears stood out as being really weird genetically, and there’s been a long controversy about their relationship to polar bears. We can now explain it, and instead of the convoluted history some have proposed, it’s a very simple story,” said coauthor Beth Shapiro, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz.

Shapiro’s team found that polar bears are a remarkably homogeneous species with no evidence of brown bear ancestry, whereas the ABC Islands brown bears show clear evidence of polar bear ancestry.

“…the best supported was the scenario in which male brown bears wandered onto the islands and gradually transformed the population from polar bears into brown bears,” said first author James Cahill, a graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Santa Cruz.

“The combination of genetics and the known behavior of brown and polar bears hybridizing in the wild today tells us how the ABC Islands bears came to be: they are the descendants of many male brown bear immigrants and some female polar bears from long ago,” Stirling said.

“As the ice melts in the Arctic, what is going to happen to the polar bears? In the ABC Islands, the polar bears are gone. They’re brown bears now

Here we learn that polar bears are genetically homogenous. They are scientifically acknowledged to differ from brown bears in both appearance and behavior. And where exposed to migration from brown bears, they simply vanish. The polar bears are gone. They’re brown bears now. Interestingly, and contra the Irish Examiner, immigration did not prevent the extinction of Polar Bears on Alaska’s ABC Island…it directly caused it.

And so what lesson should the polar people take from this? The answer, of course, is absolutely none you bigots.


16 thoughts on “Common Core

  1. The population replacement program is not being caused by Jews, but by people who are just as evil as the Jews have wrongly been depicted. Obviously some of the evil people are also Jews, but not that much more than their percentage of the general population.

  2. …marvel at the fact that the above article actually passed some threshold of editorial review for dissemination to theoretically sentient adults,

    I think this message was precisely calibrated for the dumb and mentally disheveled audience for whom it was intended, the ones who will quote this and other articles like it to refute racist and bigoted recidivists who aren’t sufficiently enthusiastic about their dispossession. It may be disseminated through a brain-dead author and editorial staff, but someone somewhere has decided this is what the Irish Examiner’s readership needs to hear, now. It was a comprehensive study that included a detailed analysis, after all.

    The whole operation has been quite masterful, really. The majority of these idiots won’t get it until the knife is halfway through their necks, if then.

    • Give me the media and I will give you the throne.

      Modernity has offered quite a lurid display of man’s susceptibility to manipulation. That practically an entire civilization has been induced to fanatical embrace of openly self-destructive doctrines should serve as ample evidence.

      That’s why unless and until we have an outlet to transmit via mass media, we’ll continue our largely Sysphian rock rolling.

  3. The beauty of it, from the point of view of the nation-wreckers, is that their prophecy is self-fulfilling. The more “migrants” are allowed to infest white countries in response to their predictions of population decline, the more expensive and less desirable it will be for the indigenous inhabitants to have children.

    Who’d want their child coming home from school telling them she’d been arrested and held for three and a half hours in a police cell?

    • From Rob’s link:

      A teenage schoolgirl was arrested by police for racism

      Roll that around the tongue and let it settle on the palate. A teenaged girl was apprehended and forcibly taken into custody for something called “racism.”

      Is Britain or Sweden the more resolutely insane? Putting handcuffs on terrified young girls for an ‘ism suggests a soulless surge by the former.

  4. From that Irish Examiner Article…

    “In Ireland, Portugal and Britain, children from mixed-race couples perform much better than natives or migrant children”

    Seems like a rather spurious claim to make. Context and capacity? I wonder if this “study” would accept that in Ireland the products of mixed race relationships are a statically insignificant amount compared with the population as Ireland is still in spite of Mr Shatter’s best efforts very homogeneous. Given this how does the study claim and finding regarding them as being statistically veracious and not attributable to random “noise”.

    Remember children 2+2=5 and there is no such thing as a “control group” since we are all equal anyway. Oh yes and if it is in a dog house then it is definitely a dog. I am correct, my reasoning is bullet proof. It is wearing a dog collar and is therefore a dog. Thank you common core. I now can scream at my Mistress “Tu est un chienne” with impunity safe in the knowledge that I am correct as I lead her around with a leash tied to a leather studded neck band.

    • “In Ireland, Portugal and Britain, children from mixed-race couples perform much better than natives or migrant children”

      Perform better at what, water polo? I now almost just skim over these bald, context-free, counterintuitive assertions without even registering them. Noise is exactly the proper term.

    • Wait a minute – race doesn’t exist for these people, so what’s a “mixed-race couple”? I suspect they draw no distinction between a child whose parents are Nigerian and Irish and one whose parents are Latvian and Irish. But, as you say, there’s unlikely to be any reliable data on that, as the numbers are small and the time span too short.

  5. Apologies, cut and paste error corrected

    “Given this how does the study claimaccuracy regarding the findings and that they are statistically veracious and not attributable to random “noise”.

  6. “For Ireland, which has the highest birth rate in the EU, its workforce will be reduced by 10% over the next 10 years without the arrival of migrants.”

    Actually Ireland’s work force was reduced due to forced emigration as a result of poor job prospects due to the economy having been buckled by a criminal bailout of corrupt banks which were supposedly being regulated by our narcoleptic Government.

    Not to worry they will be replaced by Africans who will boost the economy by setting the bar lower and simultaneously increase Ireland’s diversity of viruses.

  7. Love the doghouse analogy. Used it the other day in respnse to a friend (with a 160 IQ, if you can believe it) who recently told me the Japanese were foolishly declining because they didn’t import “livelier, younger stock.” Unbelievable.

    The analogy works with baseball too. Rosters filled with illiterate cubans and dominicans with no detectable personalities (other than a vague machismo) roided to the gills, sending money back home like Mexican stoop-laborers. There’s a reason the World Cup is popular.

    • I hope it helped Scott. A man with a 160 IQ is typically capable of summoning some impressively baroque rationalizations.

      Periodically when I hear real life references to immaculate “Americans” I’ll ask if a cat in a doghouse is a cat or a dog.

      Of course if any of us were to defecate in a Peking bathroom, no one would think to call us “Chinese” upon exiting the facilities. But that would be the application of principle to a debate conveniently bereft of them.

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