No Milk for Tears

I think the most personally animating phenomenon in the Kakistocracy’s hideous continuum is its hypocrisy: a quasar of gibbering shamelessness. Identical words, sentiments, and actions are alternatively revered or reviled depending only on group identification. Of course one should expect a surfeit of such naked self-service in dealing with others. It is man’s natural inclination to clarify the tribal kaleidoscope in a manner most suiting to his interests. The rationale of the non-western world can most succinctly be stated as: What’s good for us is what’s good.

And while the vast majority of enlightenment-style observers would normally find unpalatable such pseudo-philosophizing, it is plainly a strain of thought that is adaptive. This in vivid contrast to the maladaptive hypocrisy our civilization has embraced: What’s bad for us is what’s good. This plumage of the Dodo bird isn’t so much a philosophy as it is luxurious moral preening. A luxury–we steadfastly refuse to acknowledge–that has grown beyond our means to afford. For when survival is actually at stake, as obviously it always is, either the maladaptive preening will be cast into the dustbin–or the preener will. That one of the two must occur is certain.

It is with these notions as background that I read the mutterings of Rhodesia’s nonagenarian dictator-for-three-lives Bob Mugabe’s latest ruminations:

Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, has warned that in future “no white person will be allowed to own land” as he unveiled a new farming settlement scheme west of the capital, Harare.

“We fought these people,” he said. “We can’t be soft on them when it comes to land. We’ve not chased them away from this country – they’re there in the industries, in the cities.”
He also urged black landowners, including some of his ministers, to stop leasing back land they had been awarded to some of the 4,000 white farmers who were forced off without compensation from 2000 onwards.

There was a large contraction in the economy as the white farmers produced much of Zimbabwe’s food, which hit exports. “What annoys us even more is where our own indigenous farmers sub-lease to the very same white farmers we took our heritage from yesterday,” he said. “So, I’m saying to those among us who are guilty [of leasing land], some I’m told are my ministers who are refusing to remove those whites in their constituencies, we say ‘No’. Why do you need them?”

Last December Mr Mugabe told Zimbabweans to “strike fear in the heart of white men. They must tremble. The white man is not indigenous to Africa. Whites are part of an evil alliance.” About 300 white farmers remain on small portions of their original land holdings.

For the benefit of our many liberal readers: this is a head of state speaking. And I will open the floor to answer the question often pondered in moments of contemplation…if our countries are forfeited to the current frenzy of moral fashion, where will we go when we have nowhere left to be? What when it is Whites out of Zim today, out of Britain tomorrow? It’s a question we should consider in leisure before our children have to ask in haste.

Though what has been the US government’s response to this racist apartheid regime in Africa? We all know the established precedent. So surely the program of sanctions must be harsh indeed. If only more knew just how harsh.

The Office of Food for Peace (FFP) contributes in-kind vegetable oil, pulses, and cereals for WFP’s Seasonal Targeted Assistance Program (STA). In areas where markets are functioning, a FFP contribution to the STA will go towards cash transfers – allowing individuals to purchase cereals – complemented by regionally purchased pulses and oil. A full food basket of cereals, pulses and oil purchased regionally will be provided to individuals in areas without functioning marketsThe Office of Food for Peace (FFP) contributes in-kind vegetable oil, pulses, and cereals for WFP’s Seasonal Targeted Assistance Program (STA). In areas where markets are functioning, a FFP contribution to the STA will go towards cash transfers – allowing individuals to purchase cereals – complemented by regionally purchased pulses and oil. A full food basket of cereals, pulses and oil purchased regionally will be provided to individuals in areas without functioning markets.

FFP has awarded two new five-year development programs to World Vision and CNFA which will be operating in four provinces of Southern Zimbabwe. These programs seek to improve the nutritional status of children under five, expand and diversify agricultural production, increase household income, and help communities prepare for disasters through disaster risk reduction activities.

Total Contributions:
U.S. Dollars Metric Tons
Fiscal Year 2013 $48.1 million 28,036 MT
Fiscal Year 2012 $42.0 million 25,165 MT
Fiscal Year 2011 $50.8 million 34,080 MT
Fiscal Year 2010 $79.5 million 30,930 MT
Fiscal Year 2009 $165.0 million 188,710 MT

To summarize: Africans eradicate their white population and bar any foolish successors from owning land in the future. And the USG retaliates with millions in annual aid extracted from white taxpayers. That’s modern apartheid: principles apart from actions.

Well surely that’s an aberration. I mean the hypocrisy basin is finite after all, and a country of football fanatics can only be duped to the one-foot line and not an inch beyond. So there’s certainly no other similar situations, like say in Liberia.

the Liberian constitution makes it mandatory for citizens of Liberia to be black of African descent. I am one of many white children born in Liberia to non-African parents and denied nationality and citizenship rights due to the color of my skin and roots.

More African apartheid. This obviously won’t sit well at all with the USG. I almost weep for the Liberians at what must be a merciless American response. I fear gunboats, regime change, and military occupation may even be viable options for Obama in cleansing this racist stain. Or maybe not.

Results of USAID’s spending in Liberia

FY 2011. $106.4 M
Democracy and Governance$17.5 M
Economic Development$19.5 M
Education and Social Services$22.6 M
Environment$3.1 M
Health$31.0 M
Program Management$12.6 M

FY 2012. $124.6 M
Democracy and Governance$26.7 M
Economic Development$22.0 M
Education and Social Services$20.1 M
Environment$3.9 M
Health$35.5 M
Program Management$16.5 M

That’s truly disappointing from a principled perspective. It’s almost as if both Africa and the USG weren’t actually aligned against apartheid at all, but rather against whites specifically. That’s insane obviously, though the mirage is disquietingly realistic.

Let’s move on to the former home of evil apartheid, itself: South Africa. As we know, it is here that we can finally find an African country in affectionate harmony with US blueprints for anti-racism.

There’s this anti-racism.

Since 1994, more than 70000 (and counting)white South Africans have been murdered of which more than 4000 were commercial farmers. Exact figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. These numbers are thus conservatively estimated.

As the white population of South Africa was 4 434 697 according to the official state census in 1996, and more than 400 000 white South Africans have left the country, it could be estimated that nearly 2% of white South Africans have been murdered in the 18 years of democracy. Compare that to the 7518 black people that were murdered by the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population.

And this anti-racism.

Through a controversial program known as Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), the government has instituted a race-based employment regime specifically targeting whites.

“It makes me both sad and very angry to witness these scenes of whites living in third-world squalor while we have all the skills to employ them, but the system prevents us from doing so,” he added.

This is all perhaps a bridge too far for a US government that was so staunchly opposed to a racial-spoils government in this very same country. Shall we see just how far indeed?

In support of the Government of South Africa’s aim for greater participation and inclusion of black-owned businesses in the economy, USAID assists these organizations in accessing domestic and international market opportunities. To foster sustainable relationships between large and small businesses, USAID supports the South African Supplier Diversity Council, a corporate-led organization that champions diversity in supply chains and increases capacity and business opportunities for black-owned small and medium-sized enterprises geared toward becoming long-term, qualified and competitive national and international suppliers.

South Africa’s small businesses and historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs face challenges to access credit. To address this need, USAID supports credit guarantees with local banking institutions and development of new financial products to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. USAID has several credit guarantee agreements in place, with a total portfolio exceeding $100 million.

So here we learn that State-mandated employment discrimination against whites is acceptable in only two narrow circumstances: when they are a majority, and when they a minority.

Obviously there isn’t the faintest principle of anti-racism at work either in Africa or its colonies in the west. And this should always be kept foremost in mind when in the presence of lachrymose liberals who wouldn’t conceive of ever moistening a cheek on your behalf. Racism is not only nature’s default, it is often state policy. And those who lose control of their states to others will see the streets washed in their tears.


4 thoughts on “No Milk for Tears

  1. Extrapolating into the future, at some point there will be an ad campaign for white males to sterilize themselves for the good of the human race. Or, if you are “gay” then maybe not. This world gov-sponsored program will be similar to the most successful ad campaign of all time, the crying American Indian and pollution. Various non-euros will testify in front of images of concentration camps to the horrors of white male privilege and micro aggression. I’d say the odds are better than 50/50.

  2. Your photos are pretty funny by the way.

    Continuing, the trick would be how elite white males would make themselves taboo. I would imagine through bloodlines attached to some kind of founding event, like the Mayflower. Some sort of human rights crisis that can be safely projected onto the eternally envious.

  3. Wow – is it possible to imagine a race stupider than whites? “We’re doing our best to make ourselves extinct in our own countries, but here, let us give you guys in Africa a helping hand to do the same – when it comes to white genocide, we can always find the money to help!”

  4. Whites are not stupid Rob, but our national “eyes and ears”- the organs of the State and the media – are controlled by enemy Jews who are committed to exterminating the White race. Mass immigration of Blacks and Muslims into White homelands is USA foreign policy in Europe and in the USA itself since the Jewish victory over us since WW2.

    This is an interesting blog I just found:

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