Are You an Ally of Eastasia?

HR requests the favor of a response.
The link is to an article describing a mandatory non-confidential employee survey at Chase Bank that asks…

Are you:
1) A person with disabilities;
2) A person with children with disabilities;
3) A person with a spouse/domestic partner with disabilities;
4) A member of the LGBT community.
5) An ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT.

Come again? What a very odd question. An ally of the BLT community? Heretofore undeclared, I’m afraid. Though what’s the subtext here…the true question being asked? What if one is not a community ally? How might this impact employment prospects for those explicitly unaligned with ever-metastasizing “corporate values?” Would failing this loyalty check be a resume producing event? How many respondents have children hungry enough to risk learning the answer?

I have long believed that vast tracts of thought and speech once utterly uncontroversial to our grandfathers will one day fall under heavy criminal sanction. This will all be very disappointing to the First Amendment Ghost Shirters.

Though in the present we can see how the regime will slalom around that unfortunate, and quite temporary, impediment. You can say and think what you like; you simply can’t earn a living while doing so. If you prefer ceilings to stars, you will prefer to speak only within the sliver of acceptable opinion. And this is what we seven billion Americans call: Free Speech.

Though obviously BLTs are merely the tilled lower intestine of the corpus of corporate values. Those even more fulsomely expressed include diversity, immigration, monoculturalism, and vapid consumerism.

So are you dear valued employee an ally in the struggle to turn humanity into an indistinguishable brownish-yellow paste that will consume branded pap? If so, you may have a rewarding future with our team.

And while it would be foolish to wish for its advocates to clarify their war aims, I do periodically muse that someone with a microphone will eventually ask:

Allied with the BLT community against whom precisely?

Alas it is unfortunate they don’t more often explicitly identify their enemies. Perhaps being the recipient of so much ostensibly proscribed hate might even draw some glazed eyes away from an LED-rendered bouncy ball for a few seconds. Though I am a starry-eyed optimist.

Yet even worse than the possibility of an unwatched mercenary contest is the knowledge that an alliance with BLTs places one in disharmony with indigenous Peoples of Color across the world such as President Museveni and oppressed American Africans who vote in large majorities against gay marriage. These are the Axis to the homosexual allies.

PoCs vs. BLTs.

And if you would like to know the competing corporate value that will ultimately triumph–just ponder which will more propitiously make the paste.


16 thoughts on “Are You an Ally of Eastasia?

  1. The purpose of this is to humiliate people with increasingly ludicrous and grotesque things they’re supposed to be tolerant of. It’s full steam ahead to newer and more disgustingly deviant practices. By 2020, if you frown on coprophagia, you’ll be in trouble.

  2. The bank that asks its potential employees, “Are you good at banking?” gets my fiat paper crap.

    When this race of monsters took over Russia how they laughed to order the Rus to sow their seed on the snow. Yes they did.

    If they obeyed, they starved. If they opposed the Kosher Kakistocracy, they were minced mercilessly into the gulag archipelego as their wives and daughters were raped and destroyed and minced into the machine.

  3. Banking: When I was in college, I wanted to be in charge of the Federal Reserve Bank. No laughing; everybody has some crazy idea when they are 21. (Okay, laugh. I can take it.) I.e., how great it would be to develop and implement effective monetary policy to fix the economy? Pretty damn great! MV=PY, blah, blah, blah. How little I knew; how far I’ve come. It’s all good. 😉 It took 10 years to un-learn all the shit I was fed in college and grad school.

    More crap: I once believed that all of the world’s problems could be solved if everyone became a vegetarian. The “logic” went something like this: meat production is extremely inefficient. 18 pounds of grain = 1 pound of beef. (or some such proportion, can’t remember) So if everyone ate grain, the world could be fed 3x over without increasing food production whatsoever. Yep, I believed that one too.

    I think a person has all the answers at age 22 and it just goes downhill from there for a good 8-10 years and then you start to “recover” in your 30’s, if you’re reasonably intelligent. Some never recover at all, unfortunately, and go through their entire lives believing all the liberal crap taught at universities. The people that don’t recover are a good part of the problem in the US, I think. Stupid people who cling to liberal ideas in spite of life’s realities at age 35, 45, 55… At the far end of youth/the beginning of middle age, I cannot help but hate this group more and more every day.

    • What did you study in college? 🙂 .

      Many of the people I know who went to university are now liberals. I am not exactly sure how it happens, they go abroad to study and come back with feminist and leftist thinking. Like women who finish university, you expect them to marry after. But they say they want to go travelling first. Women who do not go are called “village women” but in a very mocking way.

      For example I was walking with my friend who is on her summer break from studying Law in UK. We were passing the butcher shop at 8 am, and there were many women in a line for their meat. And my friend mockingly said, “Look at the little village women running to buy meat for their husband’s dinner, that is their life.” I felt offended because this is a woman who lived in the village all her life, and now because she is studying Law abroad, she looks down on us as uneducated village women. And I feel sorry for her, because she is an intelligent woman that has suddenly become brainwashed by college.

      Even the men change. I know a man who went to Germany to study and now he is some kind of atheist feminist. Before I was engaged he asked me to go out for date with him, I said no because whenever we was speaking I disagreed with EVERYTHING he believed. He told me I am brainwashed by the patriarchy. He was in support of homosexuality, he said when he marries that his wife must not cook and clean if she does no want to. It was so crazy, how it changed him so fast.

      What is frightening is that these young men are completely normal when they come out of the military at age 19. Then they go off to universities and they change. The same happens to women, except that women want to travel the world too. Sometimes I wish I went to university so I could be more educated, but other times I am glad I did not go.

      The problem is that it is very difficult to get a job especially during recession if you do not have a degree.

      • Hi, sorry I have been busy this last week – not much time for comment. I studied economics and business. Hold two masters degrees; do not feel superior to anyone bc I have degrees and they don’t. (On the other hand, I do feel that I am very much superior to fools who cannot overcome the liberal indoctrination that they received at school. Yep, I do.)

        I wound up in economics because I really had no plan of what to do at all. Sort of fell into it because it’s a subject that people find difficult and it came pretty easily to me. (yes, stupid reason, but again, had no real plan anyway, so this is what happens – sort of floated around until I hit a random rock and landed.) Went to college in the first place because that’s what I was supposed to do at the time – never really had any plan of what to do with my life.

        I never even considered the fact that it would have been better to study something that leads directly to a career path. When I was 25, I really wanted to start over again and get a degree in actuarial science, but decided I was “too old” to start over. Can’t stay in school forever, right? 🙂 Finished first masters part time in 2000 and second in 2009.

        Across the board, colleges and universities instill liberal values in impressionable young people. I’m really not sure how it got this way. I.e, I’m not convinced it’s actually a grand plan or conspiracy. (Not that I’m convinced that it isn’t.) Most professors have never spent a day out in the real world, which allows them to hold lofty idealistic views of how things should be without ever having to deal with how things actually are. Example: Within six months of holding a job, I decided that feminism was a bs concept for ugly women. My views on everything have pretty much evolved 180 degrees from the day I received a bachelors degree.

        Re: university and a job: there are few jobs for any recent grads here in the US. These poor kids have mountains of debt accumulated in the pursuit of “education” and few prospects for finding decent employment. It is so sad. Many of the good jobs are taken by H1 Visas from India; I think of these H1’s as the new indentured servants.

  4. Question: “we receive more pleasure from the beans”; what does that mean exactly? Sarcastic reference to Mexicans? I’m actually not sure. Maybe it’s written here somewhere and I missed it. Anyway, I LOVE this site. Great call Keiser. 🙂

    • Rachel, I’ve enjoyed having you and Agapoula on the site.

      The Beans reference comes from the open borders econautist Tyler Cowan. He advised that in the future (actual) Americans would not be able to afford the meat and vegetable diets to which they had grown accustomed. Though this was all perfectly fine because he himself had already deployed his own taste facility to confirm the delights of alternative bean consumption.

      He penned: “I receive more pleasure from the beans.”

      We at the Kakistocracy agree.

    • As always, at your service Rachel. I am an admirer of eloquence in prose especially when applied to harsh invective and even harsher truth or does all that come under the umbrella of “hate speech”. It depends on one’s perspective I guess.

      I have been meaning to open the door on some economics discussion with you at some stage. I am a fan of Bitcoin. I think of it as an open source printing press. In some small way these P2P open source currencies may mean that we are all heads of our own Federal Reserves… you may get your wish afterall 🙂

      • I must too offer a nod to “the Administration” here. Nice to have this outlet. FYI Kakistocracy Savant has reinstated moderation, so endeth the grand experiment. We can assume the results are valid and that this offers a microcosm from which to view the bigger picture.
        Final assessment: one will be in the end forced to assert one’s will,
        they will not “do the right thing”,
        give them an inch and they will take a mile
        and all tolerance is viewed by them as an invitation.

      • Keiser, I have not read a lot about Bitcoin. Currency: as you know, the US dollar has value only because it is generally accepted as having value. Contrast this concept to the time that money was actually backed by precious metal of some sort, i.e. the gold standard. (I’m rusty on this stuff; I have never used what I learned directly, so this happens.) Can an open source currency ever become widely accepted as holding value? I’m not sure.

  5. You know, I shouldn’t completely disregard college. Without a doubt, general nutrition is certainly the most useful course I ever took. I.e., the differences between fats: saturated, mono-saturated, polyunsaturated. Also, that margarine is bad for you, as the body does not know what to do with an N-shaped bond, it’s actually worse than a saturated fat. ADE&K are the fat soluble vitamins; you can’t OD on the rest, they are flushed down the toilet. That was and is good information. Math is useful as well; too bad nobody learns it anymore.

    • I also think it is very helpful to learn about good nutrition. I think probably we must eat how our ancestors of our countries ate. Which of course did not include margarine. 🙂 .
      I use butter only for baking, everything else I use olive oil.

      I was interested in reading about the paleo style diet, and I have tried to eat more meat but I have just never liked it enough to eat it more than one time a week. Maybe people who live in places not on coasts adapted to eating to more meat, because they did not have access to fish? I eat fish about 4 times a week, and also a lot of goat dairy. I think people have got more fat because we have a lot of mcdonalds, and american foods, (last year they put a mcdonalds in my village. LOL.) The elder people were not happy about it.
      Traditionally our bread is sourdough made from something called “prozimi” which is wild yeast and not the commercial one. But now supermarkets have the american style white sliced bread and I think it is very unhealthy. And many people have diabetes and are very overweight, I think the change from traditional to modern diet is to blame.

      All of my friends at the gym are on low fat diets. They eat 0% fat yogurt and low fat margarine, and I eat the full fat goat kind, and it is like they are nervous just looking at full fat dairy. It is even more sad that I know two have these women have been trying to make a baby for 2 years and the doctor can not find anything wrong. I think it is their low fat diet, God bless them. 😦 .

      And yes math also is very useful. Unfortunately I find it impossible. LOL.

      • Where do you live?

        Diet: I don’t know too much about goat products and I do not consume much dairy at all. I eat fat free greek yogurt daily, that’s about it for dairy. Cheese (non-goat) is pretty bad for you and I stay away from it in general. I eat meat/lean protein daily – fish, lean turkey, chicken etc. (NOT BEANS. I don’t not get more pleasure from the beans – a little beans go a LONG way.) I eat greens daily, as well as black olives, and almonds – in the yogurt.

        After age 35, keeping in shape has required changes and more vigilance, especially since I’m vertically challenged. Some things I have found through trial and error: 1. Cane sugar is the devil; sugar’s big sister is artificial sweetener. I haven’t consumed either in over three years. No diet pop, no candy, no cake, etc. Honey and fruit sugar are okay in limited quantities. Artificial sweetener actually alters blood chemistry so you are compelled to eat more fats to bring it back into balance. The bad news: giving up sugar is extremely painful and makes a person tired and cranky. The good news: the pain passes quickly and you will be free within a week. 2. Wheat: I do eat some wheat and bread is a huge weakness that I have. A great friend of mine was telling me that american wheat is modified to increase yield and is much worse for you than european wheat. I do know that if I eat pasta made in the United States that I get a “bloat” that takes two or three days to go away. I haven’t found a suitable alternative yet; most gluten free products are vile. (Food should be a pleasurable experience; I’m not eating something I don’t like – had to do that as a child, not doing it now.) These simple carbs are necessary to do a good workout; cutting them out entirely is not an option. Still seeking a solution here. It’s hard to know what you’re getting: for example, italian pasta could actually be made with wheat imported from the US. 3. Everything I eat counts: I don’t eat shit like pretzels, potato chips, popcorn, ice cream, etc.

        Yes, I’m a fan of olive oil as well. You seem to have the right idea btw; I’m just sharing my own knowledge/experience with you.

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