Cause and Effect Commit Hate Crime Against Congressman


There is a congressional district in New York City that has been represented by the same black man since his grateful emancipation some 150 years ago. His birth name was long ago lost to time’s craven theft, though those who operate the plantation on the Potomac have come to call him simply Charles Rangel. Since the Roosevelt administration (that would be the Bull Moose Roosevelt) Mr. Rangel has retained the unflagging loyalty of his Harlem-based district through principled statesmanship, soaring oratory, and cunning political gambits…or more concisely, because he is black. And a very busy black man he has been through the Earth’s many epochs.

* Founded the Congressional Black caucus

* Participated in the 1965 Selma civil rights line dances

* Worked with partner Louis Farrakhan to cover up the murder of a white policeman by a black muslim.

* Key supporter of the earned income tax credit: negative taxation–with lots of representation.

* Sponsor of “empowerment zones.” These being ghettos “empowered” to spend huge sums of tax dollars.

* Founded the Charles Rangel International Affairs Program, the purpose of which is to make the foreign service as demographically representative as the NBA.

* Opposed the Iraq war on principle. The principle being that an insufficient number of whites were dying in it. “the poor, black and brown shouldn’t be the only Americans fighting and dying in Iraq”. Since congressmen are not afforded access to sophisticated contrivances like the Internet, combat deaths are helpfully provided via this link. whites=75% of deaths; blacks=9%. Conclusion: more dead whites needed.

* In 2006 the House of Representatives funded, with our money not theirs, the Charles Rangel Center for Public Service. Would you like to guess at the purpose of this institution? to bring more poor and minority students into politics.

* And then there were some moral infirmities.

So we have an unethical black-advocate congressman…and tomorrow is Monday. No novelty has yet been revealed. Though this is where it becomes humorous. That ole’ black Harlem, she ain’t what she used to be. It seems diversity is being diversified. And the newest Immigrant People are looking a bit askance at their antique black representative. I don’t think they are very entertained, Charley. The tragedy is told here.

The crowded fundraiser this month was a departure from Rep. Charles B. Rangel’s legendary birthday bashes of the past, which often were headlined by the likes of Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick and attended by New York’s black political royalty — former New York City mayor David Dinkins, the Rev. Al Sharpton and singer Harry Belafonte.

This year, many of the speakers were lesser-known Dominican activists and political strategists. The headliner was Dominican entertainer Frederick Martinez, also known as “El Pacha,” a popular Spanish-language radio and television host.

Those changes to the guest list tell almost the entire story of the political peril that threatens to end one of the iconic careers in American politics.

Over his 44 years in office, Rangel, “the congressman from Harlem,” became one of best-known political figures in American politics and a defining voice in the nation’s black politics.

The longest-serving member of the influential New York delegation, he was one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus and over time came to represent one of the standards of Democratic liberalism.

But the campaign for the Democratic nomination for his seat, to be decided in a primary Tuesday, has turned into a debate about whether Rangel has stayed too long in office and whether he still best represents constituents’ interests.

Through immigration and redistricting, what is now New York’s 13th Congressional District has experienced a seismic demographic shift from majority black to majority Hispanic.

Hoping to seize on those demographics as well as the perception of Rangel’s waning political power in the years since Congress formally censured him in 2010 for ethics violations, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat is mounting a spirited challenge to the 22-term incumbent — a rematch of the 2012 race in which Rangel topped Espaillat by just 1,000 votes.

“Dominicans have never had a congressman, and whenever that moment comes that they do, it will be a tremendous moment,”[Wait, Do-min-i-cans? Is this some tropical fruit? These people are AMERICANS, don’t they know? This almost sounds as if we’re not all the same Immigrant People.]

“But, if we’re thinking in a meritocracy, Congressman Rangel is working as hard now as some people are in their sixth and their eighth year” in Congress. [Meritocracy? I would expect Congressman Rangel of all people to know that term as a shibboleth of the racist right. “Meritocracies” are how white parents try to get their children into the universities sponsored by their tax dollars. And I don’t have to explain that that foul enterprise must be ended by any means necessary.]

It’s quite a shame to see such a distinguished public servant under threat of being ousted after only 75 terms in office. And this loss only made possible through rank racial bloc-voting–a practice he has spent a career denouncing.

But honestly, how could old Charley know what was coming? How could he even begin to fathom that demographics would shift so rapidly like sand beneath his dashiki? It’s simply beyond the faculties of mortal man to conceive…ummm, never mind.

Congressman Charles B. Rangel received an “A” on the 2014 National Immigration Congressional Scorecard, which is based on immigration related House votes that have been taken during 113th Congress. The preliminary score card ratings for all 435 House members were provided by leaders of the Hispanic Federation, the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA), the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, NCLR (National Council of La Raza) and Voto Latino. Each of these organizations is active in civic engagement campaigns that include citizenship drives, voter registration and mobilization, and immigration advocacy.

“I am greatly honored to be recognized for my support of 11 million hard working men and women who deserve a chance at becoming Americans,” said Rangel. “Our current immigration system denies some of the hardest working people in the nation the chance to help America maintain its greatness. They salute the Stars and Stripes and deserve the same opportunity to contribute to our nation as Americans.”

Added Rangel: “I will continue to fight for comprehensive immigration reform to ensure a better future for our immigrant families and for our country as a whole. I urge Republicans to stop crushing the dreams of immigrants in pursuit of success. Let Congress be reminded that we are a nation built on the sacrifice of immigrants.”

Rangel received a perfect score of 100%, voting against the Republican-sponsored H.R. 4138 ENFORCE Act of 2014 which undermines the President’s power in regards to immigration reform policy, as well as the H.R. 3973, Faithful Execution of the Law Act of 2014, which again attempts to undermine the president’s power in the aforementioned issue area. Rangel is also an original co-sponsor of H.R. 15 — the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act — which would have effectively endowed the President with more power and jurisdiction in ensuring immigration reform was enacted with fair and just procedures.

So Rangel toils witlessly to not only dispossess the people he despises, but those he has spent a lifetime representing, and finally himself. Why do I imagine Senator Schumer never graciously offered to walk through the electoral fundamentals with his oafish ostensible ally? So strange.

Black congressmen import Hispanics resulting in no more black congressmen. I’m sure there’s a deeper strategy at work. Though until that becomes apparent, Rangel’s opponent has just one thing to say…Muchas gracias hombre negro!


6 thoughts on “Cause and Effect Commit Hate Crime Against Congressman

      • Many white children are terrorized. The ethnic minority children are “cool”. And if you are Christian? You are already a victim, because now it is not acceptable to be Christian in country like that anymore.

    • And if you do not mind I will leave my opinion about that article.
      It is not “brainwashing”, that is media lies. What these young men have done is follow exactly what the Qu’ran tells them to do. (I have read the Qu’ran and there is nothing peace in it!) Just as the nigerian murderering a british man with axe last year was following what Islam tells them to do. But to protect themselves they say these people are extremists, and then European nationals who have never opened a qu’ran foolishly defend them. And anybody who sees through their lies is “racist or discriminatory.”
      This political correctness and say Islam is a “religion of peace” thing in media, is getting very annoying, and Europe is falling rapidly.

      This is what happens when you allow other people to enter, and live just as they live in their war torn lands. God help us.
      (Sorry my comments are all “rants”, as you can tell, I am very passionate about this topic.)

      • Agapoula, at least your horrific experience in Cardiff gave you a real education in matters of race, unlike the brainwashing you received in the British “education” system.

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