Piyush Perceives


Politics in this geography is a simple, rote exercise. All participants understand what may be said, and to whom. Few vary. And those who sometimes do have newly printed resumes as a reward. Wagering against American narcolepsy has been one of the surest routes to the political poor-house. Cagey operatives understand that those in mid-dispossession much prefer the pablum of platitudes over the piquant bite of resistance.

And so to counter the This Way Comes program of the Left, conservatives elect a procession of republicans as rhetorical analgesics to ease the pain of their passing. The constituency requires–and receives–only one solemn pledge from these politicos: We will do nothing for you. And once thus assured, conservatives trudge to the polls for the 27th time to reelect malign promise-keepers such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. It is a process that has endured, because it has worked. The Left gets ethnic cleansing on a national scale, and the victims get a leadership that assures them it’s all for the best. Everybody wins.

Though something unexpected occurred with the Eric Cantor loss in Virginia. Here was a man operating diligently within established parameters. A jewish neocon who offered not even the faintest indication of concern for his district’s white conservative interests. What more could they want want? he must have asked himself as the prospect of defeat emerged. What more indeed, Mr. Cantor? I can’t explain it. Neither can Messrs. McConnell or Graham who both easily skated past feeble senate primary challenges. You offered your constituents the obligatory middle finger…and bizarrely they returned it. We can only hope this is a non-recurring anomaly.

But now another politician is somewhat ironically dipping a fingernail into these treacherous waters. A man in Louisiana named Piyush Jindal. I don’t know the pronunciation either. Let’s just call him “Bobby.” And this “Bobby” may be calling into question his Kakistocracy creds as he is slightly, subtely beginning to sound on one of our most consistent themes: State vs. Nation. Here’s a recent piece on his reflections.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital.

Jindal spoke at the annual conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, a group led by longtime Christian activist Ralph Reed. Organizers said more than 1,000 evangelical leaders attended the three-day gathering. Republican officials across the political spectrum concede that evangelical voters continue to play a critical role in GOP politics.

“I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States,” Jindal said, “where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.”

The governor said there was a “silent war” on religious liberty being fought in the U.S. — a country that he said was built on that liberty.

“I am tired of the left. They say they’re for tolerance, they say they respect diversity. The reality is this: They respect everybody unless you happen to disagree with them,” he said. “The left is trying to silence us and I’m tired of it, I won’t take it anymore.”

Earlier this week, Jindal signed an executive order to block the use of tests tied to Common Core education standards in his state, a position favored by tea party supporters and conservatives. He said he would continue to fight against the administration’s attempts to implement Common Core.

“The federal government has no role, no right and no place dictating standards in our local schools across these 50 states of the United States of America,” Jindal said.

Jindal used humor in criticizing the Obama administration on several fronts, referencing the Bergdahl prisoner exchange and the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

“Are we witnessing right now the most radically, extremely liberal, ideological president of our entire lifetime right here in the United States of America, or are we witnessing the most incompetent president of the United States of America in the history of our lifetimes? You know, it is a difficult question,” he said. “I’ve thought long and hard about it. Here’s the only answer I’ve come up with, and I’m going to quote Secretary Clinton: ‘What difference does it make?'”

The conference featured most of the well-known Republicans considering a 2016 presidential run, including Gov. Chris Christie, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Jindal is expected to announce after the November midterm elections whether or not he will launch a presidential bid.

Obviously this reedy rhetoric offers little on its face. Though our friend “Bobby” is using these events as political sonar to ping the electorate. He is reconnoitering a potential LZ. He must know that there is an enormous reservoir of anger, even if those holding it do not. He also understands the unprecedented Cantor results. And while he doesn’t–can’t–fully represent us, he just may have the perspicacity to see a wide-open political lane…and pull all the way into it.

* State at war
* Preservation for posterity
* Rejection of federal policy

I’m not optimistic, but I am slightly intrigued.


4 thoughts on “Piyush Perceives

  1. “I’m not optimistic, but I am slightly intrigued.” I’m not. Jindal is just another Israel-licker. Your piece is witty and rib-tickling as usual, however.

  2. I can’t see anyone from the present generation of Republicans diverging from the path of treason. They’d be lost anywhere else. Salvation is as likely to come from the left. Of the others named in the article, Christie stands out as a particularly loathsome specimen.

  3. Yeah ICR, he’s not there and probably never will be. Though history is replete with men who found themselves taking unusual positions en route to power.

    For now let’s consider him our own Ekram Powell, delivering his Rivers of Corpses address.

    Rob, Christie is abominable I agree.

    Chris Christie apologized to Sheldon Adelson in a meeting Saturday

    Apologizing to Sheldon Adelson: The leper’s bell of a lickspittle.

  4. Enter your comment here…How does Bobby feel about Whites becoming a minority in the country Whites founded and built and where they were a majority by 90% only 50 short years ago? He’s lived a rather “blessed” life so far, much like a Hollywood movie script of the “American Dream”. Obama has lived the dream as well. I live by the maxim “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true”.

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