Your Favorite Position

A new commenter very politely inquired into my thoughts on certain issues routinely discussed in these pages. In hindsight I think my response is sufficiently gaseous to headline in case others would like to contribute nods or rebuttals.

You kindly responded to my previous comment, that I would have to change that I do not hate those of another race. I am an Orthodox Christian who believes we must love our neighbor.

I am not the one to speak intelligently on Christian doctrine, and so will refrain. Though without knowing the contours of heaven, I will tell you there are places on Earth reserved for those who do not hate. They are called museum exhibits.

As you have read the “About” section you will understand my position on hate. It is a normal, natural, and most importantly adaptive emotion. It is a proper and just response toward those who would and are doing you harm. It is a component (along with fear) of the flight or fight response. A response embedded in the survival instinct of all creatures since ancient antiquity. Those without it are not present to offer a contrasting perspective. It is critical to life. And I believe it still resides in all people, particularly those newcomers who will eagerly lavish it upon you.

Further, you should understand that conspicuous love and tolerance for those who wish to do you harm is a luxury. It is a form of preening as a display of vigor and virtue. And as a luxury, it is only available to those convinced they are invulnerable to its effects. Oftentimes this certainty is only tacit, and left completely unexamined by the conscious mind. Though it is quite like a man viewing a pride of hungry lions on the Serrengeti. Secured by rifle and vehicle he indulgently purrs, “What majestic creatures they are.” Though put him before them unarmed and on foot, then listen for a subtle change in the tenor of his remarks: “God Help Me!” And so I will surmise without being told, that you still feel sufficient emotional security to advertise an ecumenical viewpoint. I will tell you this is a mistake. And by the time your people have grasped the magnitude of that mistake, you will find yourself on foot in the grassy plains that used to be your civilization.

I do not understand how an American logically can be racist in a New Land such as America. Even White Americans are descending from Europeans, and Black Americans are descending from Africans. So you are all American, yes? How can one feel right to be racist when neither party is ethnically American. I understand whites to be European, and blacks to be African. (If I am wrong, forgive my ignorance.)

America is not a nation. It is a country comprised of multiple, increasing nations. We are “Americans” to the extent that a walrus and a wombat are residents of the same zoo.

Can one feel bitter, when they settled in the same “Land of the free”?

I understand the temptation, but you should resist the urge to lend credence to manufactured mythologies. America is a place where Europeans settled the land, drove out the Indians, imported slave labor (with a little help from their Ancient Friends), and founded a country that at one time represented their nation. Aside from intra-European, there has never been any “melting,” “uniting,” “E Pluribus Unum,” or other gauzy canards. America is a cautionary tale of diversity. And as the Indians were once colonized and dispossessed, so to now are we. Those who wish to reserve a spot in the future will conquer land, acquire resources, and enforce boundaries. Those who find this unpalatable will congratulate themselves forever in the afterlife.

So you said I will have to change that I am not racist. No offense brother, but I can not see a logical reason why, if God made all the races

God made all creatures, yet Earth abounds in the conflict of predator and prey. Does Christianity oblige you to be the latter?

In my belief, the real threat is Islam, and liberal ideologies. It seems to me, Christian of another race is more my brother or sister than a co ethnic Muslim who poses a grievous threat to civilization. Do you not agree? If not, why?

Liberal ideologies are certainly crippling to our immune system, though aside from that I disagree with your statement in entirety. America is bursting with your black and mestizo “brothers.” Yet they express enmity toward whites with unmistakable directness. The reception you would receive from these siblings upon strolling through their territories will be one you find hugely disappointing. Though rather than traveling so far to investigate my claims, you could visit Angola first hand as a for instance. It is estimated to be a 90% Christian country. Spend some time there. I would be very interested to hear your candid remarks on the population that ostensibly shares your civilization.

And while there are several components, you have misdiagnosed the cornerstone of that civilization. It is not religion, it is not ideology, it is not language.

It is a people.


17 thoughts on “Your Favorite Position

  1. Yet they express enmity toward whites with unmistakable directness.

    Or indirectness …

    If you could use a video for a header, this would be a good one.

    Clap along if you know what happiness is to you.

  2. It’s very important to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with a Christian protecting himself and his family and civilization, nor is there anything un-Christian about loving one’s own race more than others, any more than there is in loving one’s own family more than others. If you doubt this, here is what the “Catholic Encyclopedia” has to say about it:

    “The exercise of charity would soon become injudicious and inoperative unless there be in this, as in all the moral virtues, a well-defined order. The ordo caritatis, as theologians a term it, possibly from a wrong rendering into Latin of Cant., ii, 4 (ordinavit in me charitatem), takes into account these different factors:

    the persons who claim our love,
    the advantages which we desire to procure for them, and
    the necessity in which they are placed.

    The precedence is plain enough when these factors are viewed separately. Regarding the persons alone, the order is somewhat as follows: self, wife, children, parents, brothers and sisters, friends, domestics, neighbours, fellow-countrymen, and all others.”

    I’m sure that Orthodoxy has a similar position. As for me, I hate no one, and I wish Angolans and Mestizos well – in their respective countries. When they seek to dispossess me and mine, I feel justifiable anger (also allowed a Christian, Our Lord displayed it often), and exercise my Christian right of self-defense.

  3. Benevolence if it is a question of ethics is not how harshly or kindly a person treats their neighbours but rather has one wielded their power adroitly enough to put themselves at liberty to be kind… and are they then.

  4. By the way, Agapoula, I’d recommend having a look at “Anti-Gnostic’s” blog. He often comments here, he’s anti-Immigration, and he’s also a faithful servant of Christ (Orthodox version). He’s a lot better aquainted with Orthodoxy than I am.

    By the way, that’s a good point, Keiser. In order to be kind and benevolent, one first has to exist.

  5. Okay, I read through your response again. (I have so conflicted views and even seem contradictory in parts on this, forgive my rambling please.) 🙂 .

    1. One of your points is about hate is natural. “A response embedded in the survival instinct of all creatures since ancient antiquity.”
    I can not argue with this logic, however, I question whether it is really “hate”? Survival tactics/instincts, what is good to protect your people is not always hate. Sometimes one must be cruel to be kind. Branding it hate is questionable to me. There is nothing wrong with loving your neighbor from a distance. It makes perfect sense to me.
    A European example being the 1974 invasion. Turks/Muslims STILL occupy our island. There are people who have lost immediate family members to them, who have lost homes, who have been raped and tortured and live to tell the tale. Do I hate Turks/Muslims? No. Do I percieve them to be a threat? Yes. With Love. It is Love because I want the best for my people, and I know that bringing these different groups (who could harm my people), to one place is going to cause hate and bring unrest, and even death.

    To understand some of what there is to be bitter about, see this.

    Maybe my disagreement with your view is merely a matter of the semantics. You call it hate, I would say it tough love. There is love for one’s enemy even in defense.

    2. Regarding your response to “Land of the Free” comment. I understand about colonization and these matters. The importance of defending your nation against intruders. That makes sense.And I have no argument with that.

    But I have very limited understanding of American history and settlement. But I do think about Slavery. And I try to resist the urge the say “European Americans dug their own grave”. Because Africans were brought there as slaves yes? It is done, you have a multi cultural nation. What can be done now?

    Where as other countries who have not allowed large numbers of immigrants to come to their lands, and are now having to deal with this influx, and have right to be angry and defensive for their lands and suffering of they people.

    With that said, it is preposterous to say that because of history, and mistakes on behalf of ancestors, that it should qualify those of other races to have a free pass at racism toward whites, and white people accept it because they feel guilty for the color or their skin. And your society allows it, it seems.

    So, my conclusion on that is that, your country has become so diverse, and more and more immigrants are entering. Who is the real threat, the immigrants, or the non whites? Is the difference in crime statistics showing racial difference largely a result of nature? How much of it is nature and how much nurture?

    Now that there is much diversity in America, logically what can be done? I know nothing about politics, but I would say the most suitable thing would be to stop immigration. Regarding crime statistcs showing those of certain races commit more crimes, Laws must be enforced correctly. They commit crimes? Send them to jail. They are immigrants? Deport them. There must be no get out jail free card, or softness just because somebody is an ethnic minority. Prison, or deport. It must be made simple.

    3. “God made all creatures, yet Earth abounds in the conflict of predator and prey. Does Christianity oblige you to be the latter?”

    I will not be prey, and neither do I wish my people to be prey. But as I said previously, defense is not hate, there is no evil in defense. If I love my neighbor, who may be a Muslim and pose threat to my country if he lives here, which could potentially make for hate and unrest – then it is only logical that my neighbor stay to his Land.

    4. “America is bursting with your black and mestizo “brothers.” Yet they express enmity toward whites with unmistakable directness. The reception you would receive from these siblings upon strolling through their territories will be one you find hugely disappointing.”

    If it is so, then the mestizo and black person like that are not my brother in Christ. If they expressed enmity they are no longer a sibling, but a neighbor. The white person who expressed enmity is also not my sibling in Christ. They are a neighbor, but none the less, a threat. And precautions must be taken to protect our “nations”.

    So overall( I am sorry this comment its very rambling and incoherent.) But I understand your points. but I feel conflicted about them. I assumed you are a Christian and therefore included the reasons for my views in the original comment,

    Let’s just say I could be no politican because as a typical woman, despite understanding the logic, my emotion fights against it. 🙂 . Are we talking in generalities here, and we accept there are exceptions to the rule? There are surely people of other races who do not meet the stereotypes. And there are whites you would rather not have in your home land?

  6. I also thought I would leave this it. Because I am in agreement with it, and it is a more coherent summary of what I believe in. 🙂 .

    Nationalism is logic, I believe.

    • A great speech by a great man.

      Most hate is caused by different races being forced together.

      The race situation was under control in America by the 1950s. Then came forced integration, and then the 1965 immigration act, which has since added perhaps 70 million more non-whites to the population.

    • I read that. Thank you.

      Presbyterianism is heretic. Their views do not reflect Orthodox views.
      There is much anger over their decision.

  7. Yes, let’s certainly draw a bright line between Mainstream American “Christianity” and the real thing, which would have been unrecognizable to most American Christians as recently as 1965.

  8. My USA history may be a little shaky, but was it not European colonies, and then independent colonies – all Christian denominations – that brought slaves (first White then Negro)? There is much evidence that Jews in particular resisted ending slavery, and that the founding White stock had many misgivings about allowing Jews in at all after they were deported from Spain and went to New Amsterdam (New York)?

    Was it not the later creation of the USA as a nation for White people (unfortunately merely an implicit assumption in the Constitution) with a plan to send back to Africa all Negroes as free men and women, supplied with food and weapons as a permanent farewell? Did these same founders not warn that if Jewish central bankers from Europe were allowed to usurp the USA money with fiat currency then their White descendants would become enslaved to the Jewish banking mafia just as their own parents were under the jackboot in Europe to the Jews who had conquered the British Empire and other European nations via a Central Bank (the latest is the unlawful Federal Reserve System)?

    And all this by the mostly Christian founders, many of whom were also fleeing persecution from other Christian denominations?

    The most important lesson I personally take from this, was that the USA was the first attempt at creating Caucasia, but has since been usurped by Jews.

    Arise Caucasia, your time has come.

  9. Agapoula, I perused your blog. You seem like a very sweet girl, almost quaint in your femininity. And feminine beats feminist 14 days a week.

    If you are struggling to place what you read here within the radius of your Christian faith, commenters such as Toddy Cat and Anti-Gnostic (who is himself orthodox) can offer aid.

    My advice will serve you on this plane only. Though you’ll give it a fair hearing if you want your children to live.

    • Thank you The Administration. (But I will add, I am not not a girl, a woman now, I turned 23 years old some weeks ago. 😀 ).

      I will be grateful to read comments and opinions of others. Especially from Christian perspective.

      I plan to continue reading this blog. Despite I have some differences in opinion, I think the fundamentals are the same meaning I want the best for my future children of course.

  10. Agapoula,
    If you want to read a very good, strongly Christian take on immigration limitation, check out this piece by John Zmirak. He’s a Catholic, so you won’t agree with everything he says (I certainly don’t), but if you have any doubts that immigration restriction is the legitimate Christian position, this will put this to rest.

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