Hard Choices

I don’t know if the image below is legitimate or a manipulation. Though we may be assured the sentiments that follow are the former.


We hate! hate! hate! Whites.
P.s. Please let us come live you.

The World.

Despite well-chronicled horrors, white racism remains wholly insufficient to dissuade the impulse for mass migration. If we could ask just one question…why?


8 thoughts on “Hard Choices

  1. What they’d like is to get rid of whites, but somehow hold on to the flow of wealth whites generate, as well as the technology and infrastructure they create and maintain. By some feat of magical thinking, many non-whites think they can do that. They’ll kill or dispossess every last white in South Africa and Zimbabwe if they get the chance, oblivious to the long-term consequences.

  2. This was obviously a quick cast-off post serving only to reiterate what requires no reiteration. They want a white standard of living with no whites. The only question is for how long we will persist in efforts to provide for both aspects of that desire.

    As for the eternal gnashing about white racism, their feet belie their tongues–thus revealing this complaint as the bullshit it is.

    • I read a a comment in the journal.ie on an article written by some opportunistic African bipedal blight. The culturally enriching immigrant in question lamented that she and her family were forced to leave Africa as a result of the threat to her daughter from “female genital mutilation”, she proceeded to then issues an invective against the racism she encountered in Ireland. With me so far, o.k. it gets better. She then stated that if she could change one thing in the world it would be racism.

      Many readers pointed out the issues with her logic…

      1. Female genital mutilation is a threat so severe that it prompted her to leave her home with family in tow and escape to safely as a “refugee”
      2. Racism is a problem in her new home, a developed Western European Nation, that has not yet resulted in a similar exodus
      3 Yet if she could change one thing it would be racism?

      How does one reconcile and explain such thinking. The mind boggles.

      • I think all of these invaders’ utterances to MSM are vetted to fit the Narrative. Most of them sound as if it’s the journalist who’s putting the quotations in their mouths. Of course none of them cares about “racism” – they’d walk through fire to get into white countries, and the first thing they do once hooked up to the benefits teat here is start bringing in every relative they can from from their native hellhole.

        Genital mutilation hasn’t generated any exodus from Nigeria, where I assume this scammer was from. I heard a priest who’d lived there for years saying that all anyone under threat from it has to do is move to a different part of the country. Every asylum seeker claiming to be escaping from it is a brazen liar.

  3. Kyrie Eleison.

    It is obvious there is much racism toward white people now. It is sad.
    While the black or Muslim card is pulled out at every “misjustice”, whites can not ever be victims of racism, because of “white guilt”.

    I hate racism in all forms, or rather I hate “hate” against another race, God made us all, we must love our neighbor.

    But just imagine if white people went to live in West Africa en masse, what prejudice they would suffer? Family members of mine recently were in Ghana for business, and said walking in the market place they had never felt so afraid for their life. There were comments such as “I can smell a white person”, and comments how disgusting white people smell, apparently.
    Can I blame them? No, the people were in their own land and felte threatened by outsider, which must be very natural.

    But when other race people come to our lands, it is perfect fine for them to hate us, because we must all bare burden of white guilt!

    It is absurd. I do not hate black people, I do not hate anybody of any race. I love them. But I hate the double standard, yes. Racist hate in all forms is ugly, whether it is a white hating black, or black hating white. But because of our white guilt, a minority hating a white is no longer considered racism. It is sad. Lord have mercy.

  4. Welcome to the site Agapoula. Glad to have you commenting.

    You said: I do not hate anybody of any race. I love them…Racist hate in all forms is ugly

    You’re going to have to get over that.

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