Readers here understand that growth is imperative. An America of 150 million was compelled to become one of 300 million…because a static number of people can only consume finitely. In contrast, infinite growth in population equals infinite growth of consumption. And consumers are far too distracted to quarrel.

Soon all the states of the world will be united in America. And then war will cease as we become one diverse nation. For it is its rich diversity that makes the Middle East so tranquil. Sunni, Kurd, Alawite, Shia, and Jew–the day is not long in coming when we will all live in equal proximity and harmony. Though certain dark elements are resistant to growth.

There has been a resurgence in anti-growthism because at this time America has not yet learned to be scientifically notational. A transformation must take place. America is not going to be the monolithic nine figure society it was before. And we on this blog will be resented for our leading role. But without that leading role in transforming the country into a polyglot googolplex anthill that can be seen from Andromeda–America will not survive.

And so I began to wonder which municipalities were to benefit from this succulent growth? Where are the most migranty of The Immigrant People settling? What cities are growing in general, and are there any patterns we should be certain to ignore? To begin, here are the geography’s fastest growing MSAs.

Columbus, Ga.-Ala.
Population growth: 7.35%
Total population: 316,554 (154th highest)
Per capita income: $39,216 (172nd highest)
Unemployment rate: 7.8% (88th highest)
Demographics: 46%/46%/8%

Raleigh, N.C.
Population growth: 7.43%
Total population: 1,214,516 (47th highest)
Per capita income: $42,709 (102nd highest)
Unemployment rate: 5.6% (93rd lowest)
Demographics: 53%/29%/18%

Myrtle Beach-Conway-North Myrtle Beach, S.C.-N.C.
Population growth: 7.49%
Total population: 404,951 (129th highest)
Per capita income: $31,678 (26th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 7.3% (123rd highest)
Demographics: 81%/13%/6%

Crestview-Fort Walton Beach-Destin, Fla.
Population growth: 7.53%
Total population: 253,618 (185th highest)
Per capita income: $43,078 (94th highest)
Unemployment rate: 4.3% (26th lowest)
Demographics: 81%/9%/10%

Auburn-Opelika, Ala.
Population growth: 7.58%
Total population: 150,933 (112th lowest)
Per capita income: $30,236 (13th lowest)
Unemployment rate: 5.0% (tied-53rd lowest)
Demographics: 78%/17%/5%

Bismarck, N.D.
Population growth: 7.82%
Total population: 123,751 (66th lowest)
Per capita income: $46,262 (52nd highest)
Unemployment rate: 2.4% (the lowest)
Demographics: 92%/1%/7%

Odessa, Texas
Population growth: 8.93%
Total population: 149,378 (107th lowest)
Per capita income: $42,698 (103rd highest)
Unemployment rate: 3.7% (11th lowest)
Demographics: 43%/6%/51%

Austin-Round Rock, Texas
Population growth: 9.72%
Total population: 1,883,051 (35th highest)
Per capita income: $42,902 (98th highest)
Unemployment rate: 5.0% (tied-53rd lowest)
Demographics: 62%/8%/30%

Midland, Texas
Population growth: 10.67%
Total population: 156,780 (125th lowest)
Per capita income: $83,049 (the highest)
Unemployment rate: 3.1% (3rd lowest)
Demographics: 63%/8%/29%

The Villages, Fla.
Population growth: 14.60%
Total population: 107,056 (40th lowest)
Per capita income: $35,032 (97th lowest)
Unemployment rate: N/A
Demographics: 98%/1%/1%

And where are the Emmys going? Below is a graphic of the top net international migrations into ummm…”American” cities. Note these astronomical figures are not for a decade, but for one year.


Before commencing with this rote little exercise, I hypothesized that Growth would be depicted in two primary dynamics: foremost obviously being the human tsunami entering the megalopolis catch basins. And secondarily, eternal white flight from black predation and outsourcing employment losses. That flight culminating in the form of temporary bivouac towns for a few generations before being once again ethnically cleansed to repeat the process somewhere else. So I am little surprised in what is shown.

These results indicate increasingly foreign major cities, an expanding military base in Georgia, oil in North Dakota, Mexicans in Texas, and white refugees and retirees elsewhere. Raleigh is the only organic growth “less white, more black than average” municipality on the fast growth list. And when the front figure there falls below 50%, we’ll note how long that trend remains intact. Oh, and what are the races that correspond to those three percentage figures? Interesting how you don’t even need to ask.

And this is likely the future while land and peace permit. Sprawling foreign coastal cities along with the shambling remains of undead black and outsourced towns in one orbit, and fleetingly resplendent white malls in another. I suppose it will all continue while America still has space to hide…though what an admirable evasion of whoremaster man to force his children into the seeking.


14 thoughts on “Growth!

  1. I am not American, so forgive me for seeming a little not informed in my comment on this.

    You kindly responded to my previous comment, that I would have to change that I do not hate those of another race. I am an Orthodox Christian who believes we must love our neighbor. With that said, do I think mass immigration is detrimental? Yes, absolutely.

    Please do not take offense at this, but there is something I do not understand about American. I do not understand how an American logically can be racist in a New Land such as America. Even White Americans are descending from Europeans, and Black Americans are descending from Africans. So you are all American, yes? How can one feel right to be racist when neither party is ethnically American. I understand whites to be European, and blacks to be African. (If I am wrong, forgive my ignorance.)

    Yes I understand crime statistics, and HBD, but even in differences, can we hate? Can one feel bitter, when they settled in the same “Land of the free”?.

    Immigration statistics on the other hand, I can understand why feel hurt about them. We have native Greeks and Cypriots unemployed and hungry and living in poverty, feeding their families only lentils and counting each cent. The same is happening is much of Europe. Churches have been destroyed and Mosques build in their place. Our land has been invaded. There are many who have lost everything, because of invasion, and immigration.

    Naturally, the European goverments would want to protect their own people, yes? No. They do not. Instead there is mass immigration and Christians afraid to wear crucifix necklace, or walk in certain areas.

    So you said I will have to change that I am not racist. No offense brother, but I can not see a logical reason why, if God made all the races. In my belief, the real threat is Islam, and liberal ideologies. It seems to me, Christian of another race is more my brother or sister than a co ethnic Muslim who poses a grievous threat to civilization. Do you not agree? If not, why? I am interested in other’s opinions.

    πŸ™‚ . Thank you for the place to express my thoughts, however rambling they.

    • Ostensibly you draw a line between peoples based on lines on a map. In fact you should do this the other way around i.e. draw lines on maps based on peoples and their dispositions and temperaments. Egalitarian communes breed dissonance, this is unquestionable and appears to be a result of human nature. To say we are all “Americans” neglects that some are homo sapiens and some are homo “other”. Do we need to dig any deeper?

    • I certainly understand your worry about Islam. It has no place in what used to be called Christendom. Concerning race I think a case could be made that one should honor one’s ancestors which would mean traditions, custom, mores, etc. In a word, culture. By culture I mean what’s left over after you forget what you tried to learn. So culture is an instinct, but a learned instinct. And our learned instinct in the West produced something very unique. But, as we have seen from Iraq to Detroit to India, things westerners take for granted, like civic virtue, do not translate to non-europeans, even after decades of much expenditure of financial and human capital.

  2. Also, the photo in your header of the Muslim man wielding a bloody axe, brings tears to my eyes.
    It is stomach wrenching.

  3. I LOVE this site. Although I am generally too lazy and tired to comment, I read here daily. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  4. Awhile back, you had an article about capitalism/raising the minimum wage. I had so much to say about that topic; I’ve studied economics and have a bachelors and masters in the field. (Yes, what a waste of time…but that’s another story.) I never did comment, so I am putting in my two cents now.

    Today: I see the flow of immigrants over our borders as the exact same issue as the flow of goods and inputs was in the mid-late 90’s when I was studying this subject. “Free Trade” was all the rage, NAFTA. The uninhibited flow of ANY of the inputs (labor, capital, goods) has the same effect on us, which long term is the equalization of the standard of living between the third world shitholes (sorry, my vocabulary isn’t nearly as sophisticated or extensive as yours) that send inputs and the U.S. Free trade of goods was never a good idea and open borders for people is no different. The outcome will be exactly the same – lower employment and standard of living for Americans.

    • I am doing well lovely Rachel! πŸ™‚
      Good to see you here.

      Kakistocracy is in my top five blogs that hold a mirror to the wonderful globalist society we live in where an 70 IQ [evolutionarily differentiated African] is apparently the same species a European Homo Sapien but a dog is not the same as wolf.

      Your move girl πŸ™‚

    • Even viewed from a purely economic standpoint, mass immigration makes no sense as a national policy, though individual employers and corporations may make huge profits from the influx of cheap labour. For it to benefit the economy as a whole, immigrants would be strictly vetted to make sure they were the ones who promised the maximum contribution. And they’d only be allowed stay while the economy benefits from their presence. If an immigrant in the workforce meant an equally qualified indigenous worker on welfare, the immigrant would be packing his bags immediately. Also, of course, no dependents – why burden the country’s infrastructure with so much dead weight?

      In fact, it would still be possible to attract foreign labour on these conditions. But the purpose of immigration, for 99 percent of its advocates, is not to meet any economic need, but to replace the indigenous population.

    • Thanks Rachel. Regarding free trade, it’s startling how prescient Ross Perot was with his “giant sucking sound” (Lindsey Graham glances furtively).

      Though I don’t recall even he developing the notion that human beings would be sucked in as jobs were sucked out.

      Such prolific sucking in this country.

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