Saddam Chuckles


Apparently reanimated Saddam has been squirreling away even more acronyms. Obama now sending in just a few tiny little troops back into Iraq.

Though I actually doubt that that the USG is going back into Iraqi invasion mode, what with tens of thousands of Central American toddlers needing warm milk and plane rides to Massachusetts.

Most likely US air cover and naval bombardment, Shia militias, and Iranian infantry will be more than sufficient to thwart a few hundred ISIS fighters in technicals. Though the latter’s fearlessness and fanaticism have shown remarkable results. I fear about seven of those humanitarians armed only with a butane lighter and a bag of beef jerky could conquer Sweden in a week–if they weren’t begged to assume control upon crossing the border.

Though while they remain in Iraq, US combat involvement will likely be limited to man against camel spider, with the latter incinerated by photo-op drone strikes in the new Sunni caliphate. Whereupon victory will be declared before withdrawing from the now tripartite “Iraq.” I presume this limited engagement not because of any lack of malevolence on the part of our leaders, but the iron-clad certainty of their desperation to retain power. And another full land invasion to clear out Sunni areas and the peshmerga’s Kirkuk might actually stoke some revolutionary sentiments in perpetually stupefied Football-America. Thus Iraq will become what it always should have: three states partitioned between Sunni, Shia, and Kurd.

There’s a lesson in this that the media we don’t control will studiously avoid.

Though if by small chance Iran falters and the Shias flee…Baghdad will fall. And what comes next will be as interesting as Saddam’s DMVs.


3 thoughts on “Saddam Chuckles

  1. Listening to a debate between a jewish neocon and a media Obama shill offers an illustrative example of how narrative control establishes frames and subsequent movement.

    A mainstream listener would come away with the impression that the only legitimate options are full military invasion in the Levant or full conservative incarceration in America.

  2. Demographics don’t always tell the whole story. But they tell enough of it to know the plot. And that plot will be the story of the next generation. I just read that the population of the Middle East will increase by more than tenfold in the 100 years 1950-2050. In context of this biological climate change, imagine how war, food shortages, infrastructure collapse, and outside interventions will impact migration pressure from that region. Then add Africa and Asia.

    Whether we choose to surrender or survive, racism is the future.

    Liberalism is a corpse that hasn’t yet hit the ground.

    • So what’s the logical thing to do when you’ve got wasps multiplying like mad in your neighbourhood? Why, naturally, you go and shove a stick in their nests, then let them come and build new ones in your living room.

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